"White House Down" more liberal trope horror

darthtbone 2013/03/28 21:43:47
Remember when "The Day After Tomorrow" came out? Remember how Al Gore ripped a scene right out of it to show what was going to happen in the future (read, right about now)? Well Roland Emmerich is at it again with "White House Down."

"White House Down" is celluloid depiction of everything that liberals are currently cowering in fear of. The film is basically "Die Hard 6: TEA Bang!"

The premise is that an "enemy within" mounts a full assault on America and its beloved black President with "assault weapons." The director has modeled the bad guys after the "extreme right wing."

For those of you who are of age, so inclined and have a driver I propose the following drinking game:

-If you see someone in a "Paul Revere" hat, take a drink.
-If there is a mention of gun control that never was, take a drink.
-If a bad guy makes a racist remark, take a drink.
-If the TEA Party is mentioned, take a drink.
-If anti-big government remarks are made, take a drink.

Discuss amongst yourselves.
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