Whimp in office.. and amazingly inspite of the spending by team Oscumbo.. his fundraising is lagging.. as his likeablity rating is going down

iamnothere 2012/08/21 12:15:56
Newsweek: The Whiff Factor
By Michael Hirsh
August 20, 2012

Once upon a time Newsweek magazine had, arguably, the best political coverage in the business (full disclosure: I'm a former staffer). Stocked with star reporters, columnists and writers, it blanketed the presidential races, often set the tone for other journalists and produced a closely read election book every four years. So when Newsweek turned out a cover like "Fighting the 'Wimp Factor'" in 1987, raising questions about whether George H.W. Bush was tough enough to be president, stuff happened: pundits went into overdrive, campaign flunkies got angry, and the magazine had impact. But when Newsweek tried to do a "Wimp Factor" cover again a few weeks ago - this time about Mitt Romney--no one seemed to care very much.

And this week, when enfant terrible historian Niall Ferguson published another over-the-top screed headlined, "Obama's Gotta Go," much talk ensued, but it wasn't about the political race. Mainly it was a lot of lamentation about how far off the mark Ferguson was, and about how far a once-great magazine, Newsweek, has fallen under the overrated and apparently overwhelmed Tina Brown, who thinks nothing of handing over a formerly coveted cover to anyone with a rant in hand.

Others have dealt amply with all the factual misrepresentations in the article; note, in particular, James Fallows in The Atlantic and Dylan Byers in Politico. I would just like to point out how much Ferguson has gotten wrong since he appointed himself keeper of America's imperial flame and began desperately playing for public attention. In his books The Cash Nexus (2001) and then Colossus (2004), he urged Americans to fulfill their obvious destiny as the next "liberal" empire spreading democracy and Anglo-Saxon legalism across the globe. "The greatest disappointment facing the world in the twenty-first century," Ferguson wrote in The Cash Nexus, is that "the leaders of the one state with the economic resources to make the world a better place lack the guts to do it." When George W. Bush invaded Iraq, Ferguson eagerly supported the war as evidence that Washington had finally shown some guts and was acting like the empire it ought to be; he also advocated a long-term occupation. But then, in later books and articles, Ferguson began to argue that the United States was succumbing to financial overstretch, having gotten deeply in debt to the rest of the world, especially China. All without any sense of irony.

Yet Ferguson has also been wrong in sounding alarms about the latter point. In 2009, Ferguson argued that more debt issuance would lead to higher interest rates and fiscal disaster; he was wrong. Again in 2011, Ferguson argued that inflation was coming back, leading the charge for those much-feared bond market vigilantes. He was wrong again.

Barry Diller, the money man keeping Newsweek afloat, has hinted recently that its days as a print publication are numbered. It's sad to say this, but perhaps he's got it right. Conjoined to Brown's Daily Beast, Newsweek is a wounded animal, and maybe it ought to be put out of its misery. That way, maybe, those who remember the magazine at all will remember the years when it was great. And we can all get back to real journalism.

Obama Has Significantly Less Money on Hand Than Romney
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By Alex Roarty
Updated: August 20, 2012 | 7:02 p.m.
August 20, 2012 | 6:50 p.m.

President Obama has significantly less money on hand than Mitt Romney as he heads into the presidential race’s home stretch, according to documents filed on Monday with the Federal Election Commission. It’s the latest evidence that the president will have to overcome a possibly enormous financial disadvantage to win reelection.

Obama for America, the Obama Victory Fund, and the Democratic National Committee had a combined $124 million on hand to close July, the FEC reports show. The total was roughly $60 million less than the $186 million haul the Romney campaign announced earlier in August, raised with the assistance of the Republican National Committee.

The president’s campaign has spent heavily on ads over the summer in an effort to define the former Massachusetts governor. That effort has been at least somewhat successful, but along with an intensive ground operation in the swing states, it has depleted the campaign’s finances.

Romney, meanwhile, has been restricted from spending much of his cash until after the GOP convention. But he’s been aided by a flotilla of Republican outside groups, such as American Crossroads, that have spent tens of millions on ads pummeling the president since Romney emerged from the GOP primary.

The financial might of those independent organizations have stirred panic among some Democrats, who worry that their spending could steamroll the vulnerable president.
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  • sglmom 2012/08/26 06:34:54
    Even the ones who paid to play
    (and got payback with Administrative Appointments)
    are starting to see the folly of flushing their income down the drain ..
    of outrageous .. uncontrolled spending
    (and know him for what he is .. the face of the true abomination that is behind the curtain .. )
  • Charles R. Anderson 2012/08/22 01:07:53
    Charles R. Anderson
    Four years too late enough Americans are coming to understand that Obama is very bad for our freedoms. Because he has attacked our right to earn a living, to associate with others of our own choice in the private sector in pursuit of values of our own choice, to cooperate voluntarily with others either for profit or for charity purposes, he has done great damage to our economy and prevented a recovery from the Great Socialist Recession, while degrading the quality of our lives. All Obama thinks about is growing government, increasing the number and power of central planners, forcing us all to toe the line and give up our individuality, and micromanaging our lives.

    The American People prosper when they live in accordance with the American Principle that government is legitimate only when it protects the equal, sovereign rights of the individual. We are perfect capable of choosing our own values and managing our own lives in a rich and robust private sector. The protective government we need is the minimalist government of our Constitution without an overly broadly interpreted Commerce Clause, Necessary and Proper Taxation Clause, or heaven forbid a General Welfare interpretation that supports special interests and denies our true General Welfare of individual rights.
  • SW Charles... 2012/08/24 13:53:52 (edited)
    How in HELL has Obama "attacked your right to earn a living?" We know for a fact that more private sector jobs were created on his watch in 3 years than in 8 years of the last guy, so who respects the "right to earn a living" more?

    Again I hear this all the time... Criticizing Obama because of what he "Thinks about..." YOU CAN'T READ MINDS you have no clue what Obama "thinks about." I've never once criticized George Bush for what I imagined he was "thinking about," --we didn't have to, we had airplanes coming home filled with coffins and we were losing thousands of jobs each month. but pubs do this constantly. It's a ridiculous fantasy-based argument.

    What exaclty rights do you not have now after 4 years of Obama that you had before?
  • iamnothere SW 2012/08/25 12:05:06
    guessing if you work you work for someone.. if you were a business owner your comment would never have been made..

    your comment is also so leftist in tone because of one word "right" When you think about it.. who gave you the right???? the word should be OPPORTUNITY Those on the left seem to think there is some messiah (obama) that confers the right to succeed as he and his ilk pile more and more and more taxes (you may have heard the word obamacare bandied about 21 new taxes) or that the messiah has blocked a huge amount of energy production leading to that unfunded tax increase.. that sucks money out of your wallet.

  • firebird 2012/08/21 23:46:29 (edited)
    """President Obama has significantly less money on hand than Mitt Romney as he heads into the presidential race’s home stretch, according to documents filed on Monday with the Federal Election Commission.""""

    HOOORAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Hallelujah!!! ~~~Clapping~~~

    Good news is great for the eyes and ears ! EVERYONE PLEASE Keep up the positive thinging and prayers.
  • Andrew 2012/08/21 22:28:46
  • Bill ~PWCM~JLA 2012/08/21 16:20:49
    Bill ~PWCM~JLA
    Obama handles his campaign spending the same way he handles the American economy
  • Scott 2012/08/21 14:52:37
    Likability? You know, I never understood that. Who likes an arrogant, self involved ass like Obama?

    And, while I like the tone of the Newsweek article, I still don't trust Newsweek. They've been in the tank for Obama since he started campaigning - what was that? In the late 60's?

    More likely, they will draw and quarter the author for nit picky things. The news will be 'all the lies' the author told. The liberal dweebs will be satisfied and they will try to make it look like some kind of conservative conspiracy.
  • iamnothere Scott 2012/08/22 02:04:52
    there are a giant number of numb bums who love him the only thing one can do is confront them.. face to face one on one and ask why.. and educate them.. then ask them why
  • SW Scott 2012/08/24 14:00:30
    "arrogant self involved ass?" That sounds exactly like Romney and NOTHING like Obama. "I like fireing people" --sounds like an ass to me.

    If you actually listened to Obama himself not through the filter of constant right-wing propaganda that brainwashes you to hate him it's pretty obvious he's at the very least much more 'likeable" than the stiff, out of touch etch-a-sketch in mom-jeans that is Romney.

    News media sounds liberal sometimes because reality doesn't follow the right wing GOP narrative. In other words, reality has a liberal slant. the truth isn't "fair" or "balanced."
  • Scott SW 2012/08/24 14:10:51
    You've had too much kool-aid SW.
  • iamnothere SW 2012/08/25 12:06:39
    SEEMS YOU FAILED economics class 101 and 102
  • Bob DiN 2012/08/21 13:06:01
    Bob DiN
    Obama is so incompetent and such a liar even the Limo Liberals and the Hollywierds are fedup with him.
  • SW Bob DiN 2012/08/24 14:02:54
    Not at all. His base is bigger and more loyal than ever. Only in the fantasy world of "Obama Hater Land" do "limo liberals" even exist and as far as "holyweirds" At least WE don't elect hollywood actors into major positions of power! It's Conservatives who do that. WE would never elect Kindergarden Cop to be the executive of one of the biggest economies in the world! But that's pubs for you. Absolutely retarded.
  • Bob DiN SW 2012/08/24 14:48:38
    Bob DiN
    Than why is GE CEO and Obama Job Cazr Jeff Imelt voting for Romney. Rumor has it Bill Clinton is also. I have no trust in Obama after seeing him in action for 31/2 years. I'm an Independent and Romney gets my vote.
  • krayzrick 2012/08/21 12:35:17
    They have ALL been taking us to the same place, but if I had to put my money on someone to turn it around, it sure wouldn't be O'hasbeen....
    Romney   Ryan

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