While the cats away and the secret service is at play,Obama signs another executive order. please read the post.

mal 2012/04/22 14:48:17
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  • Bob DiN 2012/04/24 00:02:35
    Bob DiN
    More Marxism!
  • JanHopkins 2012/04/22 16:04:12
    I guess I better clean and inspect my fireplace again.
  • Stan Kapusta 2012/04/22 15:32:46
    Stan Kapusta
    In Ohio some people have flammable faucets. This "Fracking" needs to be done in unpopulated areas. The EPA is the worst department to oversee this. Another big letter goverment agency that does more harm than good. Another case of big government. Americans are going to lose either way.
  • RED DAWN 2012/04/22 15:28:05
    It looks like this Secrete Service scandal was well timed.
  • Mike 2012/04/22 15:16:03
    For the first couple of months Romney will busy repealing all of Obo's dumb policies that are trying to destroy us
  • Nina Mike 2012/04/22 15:28:36
    News flash... Romney is just another puppet that will follow the same orders as Bush and Odumbo did. Romney will be wrighting new to finish the job and turn us into a complete prison planet and or New World Order!
  • mal Mike 2012/04/22 15:36:35
    pray to god for this.
  • millermedia 2012/04/22 15:00:34
    We must get this guy out of office before we gives our country away to China.
  • Nina millerm... 2012/04/22 15:30:07
    China already owns us. If you do some research you will see they are buying up whole towns in America and State parks.
  • Fire&Ice 2012/04/22 14:57:40
    Romney's pen will run out of ink on 1/21/13 as he signs the mountain of E.O.'s that reverse everything 0bozo.
  • Nina Fire&Ice 2012/04/22 15:33:12
    Romney is another puppet and will reverse Nothing. Ron Paul is Americas last and Only hope at this point, compare his record against Ron Pauls and see who has the most integrity.
  • Fire&Ice Nina 2012/04/22 15:46:33
    RP, 620 times at bat =1 hit for a single.

  • U-Dog Fire&Ice 2012/04/22 22:23:12
    In a country that would vote for Obuma and not even reelect one of their own founding fathers, is that really a reflection of Paul's faults or just the idiot sheople doing the electing?
  • Fire&Ice U-Dog 2012/04/22 23:07:34
    None of the founders are up for re-election.
  • Nina Fire&Ice 2012/04/23 00:20:54
    Are you seriously putting Ron Paul in Obamas catagory?!!! Wow do you need an education!

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