Which U.S. President : Suspended Habeas Corpus for the length of his term? Imprisoned more than 13,000 political prisoners? Imprisoned most of one states' legislature? Ordered the largest mass execution in American history?

Catch224u 2012/06/01 23:56:30
George Washington
Alexander Hamilton
Teddy Roosevelt
George W. Bush
Abraham Lincoln
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  • Catch224u 2012/06/04 00:38:45
    Abraham Lincoln
    Maybe now with the use of the internet, after 150 years, the true, corrupt and selfish causes of the Civil War can come to light.
  • Charge 2012/06/02 01:26:42
    Abraham Lincoln
    The First attack on the Constitution.
  • Catch224u Charge 2012/06/04 00:45:49
    America changed in 1861. People today talk of getting back to the constitution. That hasn't been since 1860.
  • Charge Catch224u 2012/06/04 15:09:32
    You are right.
  • mal 2012/06/02 00:54:39
    Abraham Lincoln
    it had to be abe.
  • Ron the Realist 2012/06/02 00:01:18
    Abraham Lincoln
    Ron the Realist
    Abe did

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