Which speaker is worst Boehner or Pelosi?

tea for you 2011/07/28 12:41:48
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  • Ken 2011/07/28 13:51:59 (edited)
    Pelosi by far. 400 bills that are destroying America, we need fewer bills, not more. America would be much better off if we were getting rid of 400 bills each Congress, not adding 400.

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  • Cliff 2011/07/28 16:07:49
  • mrscas 2011/07/28 16:02:58
    Pelosi...worst and craziest EVER. In all of history....hands down...without a doubt certifiable.
  • John 2011/07/28 16:00:21 (edited)
    For better or worse, Pelosi, during the 110th Congress proposed and passed 309 pieces of legislation and 254 in the 111th Congress. In almost 7 months, John Boehner has proposed and had passed 12 pieces of legislation with a greater majority than Pelosi had. To project it out to a full term, that's less than 50 for the entire term. Pelosi knew how to control the liberal caucus. John Boehner can't control the Freshmen. He needs to control his conference, not follow it. Otherwise, it will make him one of the weakest speakers in history.
  • ETWolve... John 2011/07/28 17:02:30
    You are assuming that the number of bills passed is the hallmark of success.

    I would argue that any Speaker who tells her House members that they have to PASS a bill before they get to find out what is in the bill is an automatic failure as a speaker.

    I would rather have FEWER bills passed than a whole lot of BAD bills being passed with nobody knowing what is in them.

    Boehner is the better Speaker because he doesn't permit a vote on bills nobody has read.

    Sometimes less IS more.
  • Jimbo ETWolve... 2011/07/28 17:12:22
    If congress does read a bill, they have not done their jobs. They read it, her slip of the tongue was it has to go into effect to see the results. The GOP did too, pointing out things on pages past 2000.
  • ETWolve... Jimbo 2011/07/28 17:16:21
    If Congress reads a bill, they have not done their jobs?


    You believe that members of Congress should vote on bills they haven't read?

    Then that is why you support Pelosi. It makes perfect sense.
  • John ETWolve... 2011/07/28 18:24:48
    I said for better or worse. I didn't say I agreed with her policies. But, just on the merits of who exerted more power and passion over their respective caucuses, there is no question than it was Pelosi. I'm well aware of the Health Care Bill, but you're argument just based on one example changes nothing. I like Boehner, his life story, and I feel for him, but, he's almost in a no win situation with the right wing of his party, when they still can't seem to realize that it's time to stop politicking and start governing. You have Democratic Senate and White House. Mick Jagger said it best, "You can't always get what you want", when you control one-third of the governing body. The faster they get it, the better the chance they can get at least half or part of what they want. Otherwise, all their bills will just get stuck in the Senate. Just like all the bills did when Last year when the Senate Republicans filibustered everything that came out of the House.
  • ETWolve... John 2011/07/28 18:34:41
    It is not the job of the Speaker to exert power and passion over his or her caucus. That is the job of the whips and party leaders (minority leader and majority leader). While Pelosi was Speaker, Steny Hoyer was the Majority Leader. It wa HIS job to "exert passion and power over his caucus".

    The Speaker's job is to make sure that the House runs according to the rules, make sure legislation is properly considered and voted on, and make sure that the members behave in an appropriate manner for elected officials.

    Sorry, but you are incorrect about what constitutes the job of the Speaker. Boehner is evidencing that he understands the job of the Speaker. Pelosi did not.
  • John ETWolve... 2011/07/28 21:30:02
    It doesn't matter who whips up the vote, or the fact that Cantor is in the pocket of the tea party. The fact is that the performance of the House stops at the speaker's office. He's the Speaker, the 3rd in line to he presidency. The buck stops with him, not with the majority leader, or the majority whip. History defines him as the speaker, not the people around him.
  • ETWolve... John 2011/07/28 21:58:08

    You have completely missed the point.

    You are measuring performance by how many bills are passed and how much control she has over her party. I am measuring performance by how many GOOD bills are passed and how many bad bills are rejected. By your standard, Pelosi was a great Speaker. By mine, she was one of the worst. And by your standard, Boehner is ineffective, whereas by mine Boehner is one of the most effective Speakers we have had in decades, making sure that only good bills that have been properly debated and have gone through an open and honest vetting process are voted on.

    Why you had to insult Cantor I have no idea. He was only part of the discussion in as much as I was saying that "party leadership" is not the Speaker's responsibility, it is the Majority Leader's responsibility. Why you had to take that statement and turn it into an insult contest, I have no idea.

    You seem to have trouble sticking to the issue at hand and you get distracted by partisanship very easily.
  • mrk5panzer 2011/07/28 15:38:49
    Pelosi, "hands down" She still looks up before she leaves the building to see if any houses are falling from the sky.
  • unclepat 2011/07/28 15:28:52
    Too easy. It's BONER all the way. It least Pelosi managed to get things done within her own party. Orange crush can't say the same thing though!
  • WankerBait 2011/07/28 15:23:46

    boehner cry boehner
  • Teancum79 2011/07/28 15:17:27
    Obama care and who knows how many trillions in paybacks? Pelosi by far, but I'm no fan of spineless either.
  • Dagon 2011/07/28 15:03:08
  • wtf12345 2011/07/28 14:51:09
    Pelosi is worse. "We have to pass the bill to see what is in it".
  • Rocky 2011/07/28 14:51:09
    No contest! Pelosi! Nung!!!!
  • turnright 2011/07/28 14:46:04 (edited)
    You have got to be kidding with this question. Pelosi a multimillionare thanks to "her husband military contracts connections" using TWO airforce jets to commute her and her family all over the world, spending 100k a year of tax money in booze for her a her staff, increasing our debt from 8 trillion to 14 trillion IN 4 YEARS. This hag should either be in jail or in a mental institution.
    staff increasing debt 8 14 hag jail mental institution
  • mrscas turnright 2011/07/28 16:04:03
    I vote she be locked down in a mental institution.
  • Bob DiN 2011/07/28 14:35:00
    Bob DiN
    Pelosi by a mile. She's the worst Speaker in the history of the country.
  • mark 2011/07/28 14:27:59
    Pelosi, duh.
  • Theresa 2011/07/28 14:25:36
    Pelosi was the worst speaker in terms of damaging the US economy and freedoms. Boehner has been ineffectual as speaker but he has stopped the damaging that was happening.
  • mwg0735 2011/07/28 14:24:59
  • JimShou 2011/07/28 14:17:26
    Pelosi..... worse there is and has ever bee
  • IMAOZI 2011/07/28 14:16:48
    Boehner without a doubt! boehner doubt give boehner a bone
  • mark IMAOZI 2011/07/28 14:29:49
    Naw, he's prettier than Pelosi.
  • All American 2011/07/28 14:16:19
    All American
    Pelosi, that nasty-a**, street walker looking. looney left wing nut job disgusts me.
  • dallasjoe 2011/07/28 14:02:18
    Boehner he is a GOP and they are SCUM
  • paul 2011/07/28 14:01:21
  • Americans Unite for Freedom 2011/07/28 13:55:40
    Americans Unite for Freedom
  • perks-a real PATRIOT 2011/07/28 13:53:53
    perks-a real PATRIOT
    Hahaha, that's a good one. Is pelosi on the same planet as we are???
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2011/07/28 13:53:39
  • tony 2011/07/28 13:53:36
  • Ken 2011/07/28 13:51:59 (edited)
    Pelosi by far. 400 bills that are destroying America, we need fewer bills, not more. America would be much better off if we were getting rid of 400 bills each Congress, not adding 400.
  • Jake - 4Q2 2011/07/28 13:50:29
    Jake - 4Q2
  • txmoni7 2011/07/28 13:49:21
    By far PELOSI - must I remind you of her famous words! WE HAVE TO PASS THE BILL INORDER TO KNOW WHAT'S IN THE BILL! That bill alone was, is and will always remain to be a nightmare for us! OBAMACARE
  • SK-pro ... txmoni7 2011/07/28 19:20:33
    SK-pro impeachment
    Unfortunately those words are forever etched in our medulla oblongata!
  • txmoni7 SK-pro ... 2011/07/28 19:22:45
    the certainly are
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2011/07/28 13:30:54
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    They are both stubborn mules.
  • Jimbo 2011/07/28 13:28:45
    Pelosi averaged 300 bills per session becoming law with a GOP executive half the 4 years she was speaker. Boehner is on a course to have less than 50 during this congress. Reid a weakling did not bring up over 400 Pelosi passed bills for a vote. It is no contest.

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