Which of These Companies Would You Want to Work For?

News 2011/03/22 15:00:00
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While you have to scrounge for the last pouch of instant coffee in the filthy kitchen at your office, imagine getting an on-site haircut while munching on free organic grub, doing your laundry while you’re on the clock, visiting an in-office doctor, hitting the volleyball court, getting your bike repaired or chilling out with a massage.

Those are some of the perks offered by search giant Google at its Mountain View, Calif., campus and it might be one of the reasons nearly 25 percent of respondents to a survey from employment consulting firm Universum said they wanted to work at the company that has redefined search in the modern age.

Google got nearly twice as many votes as another famously groovy place to work, iPad maker Apple Inc., which just edged out the Walt Disney Company in a survey that asked 10,306 young professionals to pick five ideal employers out of a list of 150.

In a tip of the hat to the enduring pull of civic engagement (or the fact that the federal government hasn’t laid off as many employees as the private sector over the past four years), the top five was rounded out by the U.S. Department of State and Amazon.com, with a number of other government agencies also ranking high. Also making the top 10 were the FBI (#6), Microsoft (#7), the CIA (#8), NASA (#9) and Teach for America. The top write-in candidate was Facebook Inc., followed by the Department of Homeland Security and the United Nations.

In general, young professionals said they want to work at companies that they like as consumers and which are financially secure and offer strong job stability.

In addition to the Peace Corps (#11), National Institutes of Health (#14), Centers for Disease Control (#16) and U.S. Department of Energy (#19), Nike (#12), Johnson & Johnson (#13), Sony (#17) and Whole Foods Market (#20) made the top 20.

Which of these companies would you want to work for?
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  • ILovePotter 2011/03/26 19:34:51
    I'd rather work for ...
    Warner Brothers warner brothers Warner Brothers
  • Diamond Girl 2011/03/23 18:13:08
  • Quietman ~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/23 17:50:38
    I'd rather work for ...
    Quietman   ~PWCM~JLA
  • Tigger Too 2011/03/23 17:01:18
    I'd rather work for ...
    Tigger Too
    I'd like to be an executive at one of the big Wall Street banks, perhaps Goldman Sachs. I could lie, cheat and steal. I could run my bank into the ground, and then be bailed out with taxpayer money. I could get flush again and then go back to playing three-card monte with their cash by dabbling in the derivatives and housing markets and the like. You know, the things that caused the economic collapse in the first place. And after all that skullduggery, not only would I avoid being sent to a federal prison on theft, fraud and racketeering charges {the RICO act, anybody?}, I'd receive a multi-million dollar bonus for my efforts. Man, talk about riding the gravy train! Yeah, that would be my dream job. Of course, this work is not for the faint of heart. You must be a conniving bastard with not an ounce of honesty, dignity or humanity in your corrupt bones. Only the spawn of Satan need apply.
  • relic 2011/03/23 16:42:12
    Where did you find anyone who wants to work for the U.S. Dept. of State?
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2011/03/23 16:40:20
  • Bronti 2011/03/23 16:37:23
    I'd rather work for ...
    patagonia clothing

    There's only a 3% turnover at this company. They are probably the MOST environmentally conscience company in the world. They're also very good to their employees offering; flex time to go surfing, play volleyball, workout and offer new mom's and dad's 2 months paid maternity leave and a childcare facility on the work site.

    I've worked with (not for) this company in the past, and must say, the employee's are the most happy and relaxed I've ever seen.
  • Blancmange19 2011/03/23 16:36:11
    I'd rather work for ...
    Boston Red Sox boston red sox fenway park
  • Pyromaniac 2011/03/23 16:35:24
    I'd rather work for ...
  • bruce banner 2011/03/23 16:22:22
    I'd rather work for ...
    bruce banner
    the n f l
  • abrowlspecialbrowl 2011/03/23 16:05:58
    Walt Disney Co.
    im a disneymaniac soooo yeah.
  • Centurion~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/23 15:47:46
    I'd rather work for ...

    The most prosperous times of my life was with a decent economy and I was self-employed as a building contractor. Illegal aliens take a big bite out of that.

    I'm past that age now but I still maintain proficiency with tools.

    I'm also self employed as a bagpiper.
  • M 2011/03/23 15:36:40
    I'd rather work for ...
    The UN, Save the Children, Amnesty, UNICEF. . .
  • bricklyn 2011/03/23 15:20:39
    I'd rather work for ...
    An animal shelter.
  • The_Machine 2011/03/23 15:11:28
    U.S. Dept. of State
    I've always dreamed of bein secret service.
  • intolerantrwj 2011/03/23 15:02:15
    I'd rather work for ...
    ..... myself
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2011/03/23 14:59:52
  • dhellew2 2011/03/23 14:59:15
    Of course government workers would vote for themselves. They pay no taxes, get free retirement, have the highest pay and benefits, and I've never actually seen one work.

    Stand in line at the post office with one lane open, 4 closed, while no less that 4-employees stand there watching you get frustrated. Wait a year or more to get a building permit etc,
  • 7th PLANET "Alien Stud Muffin" 2011/03/23 14:54:40
    I'd rather work for ...
    7th PLANET "Alien Stud Muffin"
    Hell I'd just like to work for SOMEBODY. . . . .ANYBODY!!!

    work will work for food
  • Steel Town 2011/03/23 14:49:42
  • HeatherPilcher 2011/03/23 14:38:53
    I'd rather work for ...
    I am not choosy about a job. I just want to have one
  • Redneck 2011/03/23 14:33:00
    I'd rather work for ...
    the company I work for right now. It really does help to believe in the product that you sell. A good company to work for/with is a big plus.
  • Timmy 2011/03/23 14:25:34
    I'd rather work for ...
    State Farm.
  • 7th PLA... Timmy 2011/03/23 14:56:42
    7th PLANET "Alien Stud Muffin"
    Do you mean the STATE Farm or State Farm? LOL
  • Franklin 2011/03/23 14:13:01
    I'd rather work for ...
    ...I will never work FOR a company , I work for MONEY ! And only for money …
  • Ray 2011/03/23 14:10:05
    Despite the cloistered atmosphere the creative atmosphere has to be awesome!
  • Franklin Ray 2011/03/23 14:13:34
    ...says the guy that has never done any work for them LOL
  • Nikolas Ravena 2011/03/23 14:02:39
    I'd rather work for ...
    Nikolas Ravena
    I would rather work for Sony or Capcom
  • Franklin Nikolas... 2011/03/23 14:15:46
    Lot of people saying Sony , to bad they are more of a producer than an actual production company / and capcom is a clearing house for products developed in small “houses” all over the world.
  • morphor Franklin 2011/03/23 19:10:32
    I think he means more specifically PlayStation and Capcom isn't a 'clearing house' they are in game development. With such titles as Mega Man, Dead Rising and Street Fighter.
  • Franklin morphor 2011/03/23 19:27:58
    ...nope I mean what I said two of those where developed outside capcom! capcom has not developed anything "in house" in about 15 years / Street Fighter was developed by capcom original as an arcade connsole later versions have been developed at "Toxic" and "Rampage" and other game developers FOR capcom
  • Nancy 2011/03/23 13:57:36
    I'd rather work for ...
    marijuana dispensaries.
  • Just Jenn for Now 2011/03/23 13:49:08
    I'd rather work for ...
    Just Jenn for Now




    (Even though Pixar is owned by Disney though, which I wouldn't mind working for Disney at all either.)
  • Cliff 2011/03/23 13:29:12
  • Freedom4 Cliff 2011/03/23 13:40:28
    Where do you live, I am happy to find pportunities for you.
  • Cliff Freedom4 2011/03/23 13:42:16
  • Lesleya 2011/03/23 13:20:03
    I think it would be interesting to be behind the scenes.
  • Pyromaniac Lesleya 2011/03/23 16:39:39
    Behind the scenes you seek...
    scenes seek
  • bob 2011/03/23 12:49:46
    U.S. Dept. of State
    The Feds have it made.
  • Patric 2011/03/23 12:41:05
    I'd rather work for ...
    The company that I AM working for right now... duh,,,,,

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