Which of the Following Presidential Candidates Do You Currently Support?

Politics 2012/04/04 00:28:22
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  • wolf sloan 2012/04/10 19:05:03
    Mitt Romney
    wolf sloan
    by default
  • Roy 2012/04/09 23:33:40
  • nverumind 2012/04/09 18:25:21
    Rick Santorum
    NO!! damnit ~ i meant to hit Ron Paul!!
  • Firedye 2012/04/09 02:07:31
    Ron Paul
    What I really like most is that he wants to make America more of an isolationist country. We need to stop getting involved in so many foreign affairs and as far as history goes, America does okay when we are alone.
  • bmacklowe 2012/04/06 13:32:21 (edited)
    Newt Gingrich
    I love how Democrats are posting on here saying stuff about how bad Republicans are. It's hilarious! I am voting for Newt Gingrich in the primary in NY on April 24. I know that Mitt Romney is the front-runner, and if he's the nominee I will support him over President Obama in the fall. However, I think that Newt has the experience and the intelligence to be a good president. If Romney doesn't make the magic number of 1144 delegates he will lose the nomination, hopefully to Newt! Newt Gingrich Newt2012
  • JohnT 2012/04/06 04:41:53
    Ron Paul
    Really like Ron Paul, very intelligent man, too bad he does not have the money and power that Mitt Rummey has.
  • kitkat42 2012/04/05 06:55:23
    Ron Paul
    The only decent person on the list.
  • clasact 2012/04/05 01:19:18
    Mitt Romney
    poor choice of answers I dont suport any of them ,I would have hoped the GOP would have come up with someone better who stood a chance of winning
  • tnspringer 2012/04/04 20:09:05
    Ron Paul
    I think any of the 4 listed would be better than Obama. Mitt may be ok but I like Ron and Rick more.
  • James Rowntree 2012/04/04 18:19:01
    Mitt Romney
    James Rowntree
    Not really... I wanted the NOA option.

    Most likely Mitt Romney will get the GOP nomination...

    And most likely that Hussein Obama will win in November...

    These clowns are the best America has? Very sad.

    By 2016 it will be too late to save America.

    And by 2020 ?
  • Gray Pilgrim 2012/04/04 17:19:04
    Ron Paul
    Gray Pilgrim
    The anti-liberal Obama fears most
  • Joe Six pack 2012/04/04 16:30:52
    Ron Paul
    Joe Six pack
    Obama 2012
  • JimQuinlan 2012/04/04 14:57:18
    Rick Santorum
    All of these are less dangerous to freedom, security, and economy than Obama, so, it's all good. NOBama!
  • Nanjing03 2012/04/04 13:15:56
    Rick Santorum
    I know that Santorum is as good as out of the race. His campaign did not get off the ground until the other political retreads with name recognition were long out of the starting gate, and since then every dot, comma, period and hiccup coming out of Santorum was scrutinized and overanalyzed by the media. Going into the unionized Midwest finished him.

    Regardless, I will openly support, campaign for, and vote for the Republican that fate hands us. America is not ready for four more years of Obama-Biden-Clinton-Holder, et-al.
  • chollaman 2012/04/04 11:36:15
    Newt Gingrich
    Im voting for Obama. The republicans are full of sh--lies, distorting the truth, and just plain out of touch.
  • Freedrseselj 2012/04/04 08:46:01
    Ron Paul
    I always thought Mitt Romney is a good candidate too, but that was until he made his ugly comment regarding Russia. In reality, Russia is a peaceful country, and there is no reason to be in a war situation with it, while there is every reason to have the most peaceful relationship with it.
  • Tennessee3501 2012/04/04 05:09:54
    Mitt Romney
    Mitt Romney for President. He is what we need in 2012. Good for the economy and jobs, and will not engage in left wing appeasement of our enemies!
  • Deb Thiessen 2012/04/04 04:26:09
    Ron Paul
    Deb Thiessen
    NONE. I am Canadian. If I was American, I would not be voting Republican.
  • kathy Deb Thi... 2012/04/04 17:29:46
    Thank God your in Canada!
  • Deb Thi... kathy 2012/04/15 17:15:09
    Deb Thiessen
    Sadly we have a horrid Prime Minister right now who is dismantling the good in Canada piece by piece. :(
  • kathy Deb Thi... 2012/04/15 23:03:29
    Sadly we have a horrid President right now who is dismantling the goodness that is America piece by piece, that is why in November I will be voting Republican, no matter who the nominee may be!
  • Jackie kathy 2013/10/19 02:55:10
    Yeah, I really hate more jobs, less spending waste, & those millions of sick people being able to get help, too.
  • Jackie Deb Thi... 2013/10/19 02:52:47
    This sounds like a current banner for Boehner, Cantor, Cruz, & Ryan.
  • cheryl 2012/04/04 04:11:58
    Ron Paul
    Actually none of these clowns.
  • Chris 2012/04/04 03:43:43
    Mitt Romney
    Mitt Romney is the only electable candidate. He's way ahead. He's also the only candidate who is moderate enough to bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans. He's much more intelligent than Santorum. Every time Santorum speaks I slap my forehead because he's so stupid and wrong I'm actually concerned for him. I'd be shocked if I heard Santorum utter anything intelligent.
  • scottyboy Chris 2012/04/04 12:07:56
    Couldn't have said it better myself! Still, Obama has my vote.
  • tnspringer scottyboy 2012/04/04 20:03:39
    please don't vote in november. i don't understand how anyone could vote for him. do you hate the United States of America that much?
  • wysiwis 2012/04/04 02:53:53
    Rick Santorum
    But I have to admit, I could easily vote for Dr. Paul.
  • rand 2012/04/04 02:46:07
    Ron Paul
    Though I disagree with some of his positions, he is the only candidate with integrity, one who walks his talk.
  • JoshuaGNorman 2012/04/04 02:36:35
    Rick Santorum
    Santorum is the only one who can beat Obama is a general election.
  • scottyboy JoshuaG... 2012/04/04 12:10:34
    Okay...so put down the pot pipe and get real. Santorum can't be s---t!
  • Jeri 2012/04/04 02:27:33
    Newt Gingrich
    Im still hoping the country is going to wake up to the fact the Marxists have taken over the Democratic Party and the Republicans are being more and more influenced by the Deadly infection they are spreading all over this great country. Newt does realize the danger and has the solution I just hope whoever gets the nomination will take on Newt and Ron Pauls ideas and go after the Federal Reserve and open up our abundance of resources to bring our dollar back and make us strong again.
  • cheryl Jeri 2012/04/04 04:17:04
    Hate to tell you this but, no repub will do this. They don't care about middle class or the poor. didn't anyone learn from the way bush ruined this country? A repub will make it worse than Bush did. That what you want?
  • Jeri cheryl 2012/04/04 22:46:29
    Looks like you only hear what you want to and its all coming from the Progressive (Communists) rhetoric. The proof is in the pudding and the truth can be found if you do the research.
  • cheryl Jeri 2012/04/05 15:20:52
    Sorry to tell you but the research says I'm right. Where did you get the Marxist thing? That certainly describes the repubs and tea party. Also I so listen to both sides. I've been watching the clown acts for months and I've never seen such bold faced lies in my life. The repub mantra is keep telling them lies and they will eventually believe them. You people are mindless little puppets who can't think for yourselves.
  • Jeri cheryl 2012/04/05 20:04:58
    I need you to do some research on what a Republic is our country was formed in a Democratic Republic very different from the rest of the World. Then maybe you should do some research on the Tea Party which actully happened and why it took place by a freedom loving group many years ago. Then maybe actually study our constitution and bill of rights.
  • scottyboy Jeri 2012/04/04 12:11:05
    Is this Sarah Palin?
  • Jeri scottyboy 2012/04/04 22:47:33
    Oh you love Sarah too Great !!!
  • Jim Roberts 2012/04/04 02:24:22
    Newt Gingrich
    Jim Roberts
    Ok, you forced me to make a selection. But now, for the truth! I wouldn't vote for any one of these damned Republicans. First of all, I am white and poor. Republicans would rather crunch a poor man or woman beneath their feet than help them in anyway. The two religious nuts are just that "nuts". Rick Santorum needs a psychiatric eval, he's really got it bad. The other reason I wouldn't vote for one of them is I am very liberal and quite gay. These people want to take away civil and human rights that I and many others like me should have., Hell no! I wouldn't vote for anyone of them. My vote will be for President Obama. Thank you!
  • gjones754 Jim Rob... 2012/04/04 03:02:09
    Bull crap...keep drinking the liberal koolaid...I wouldn't vote for the current administration ever. The kindest most generous people on earth are the republicans...look at all the "rich" democrats that only talk trash...I don't see them helping anyone...who will I vote for...anyone but Obama...He and his ilk showed their true colors when they made fun of the Special Olympics. I am an Independent that has voted both sides...I would NEVER vote for the guy in the white house now...get rid of him!

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