Which of the Following Presidential Candidates Do You Currently Support?

Politics 2012/03/27 22:48:31
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We know you want to make your opinion count -- especially during the time of a serious election. So, every week, SodaHead will host a handful of up-to-date polls having to do with the upcoming 2012 election.

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  • Bob limey 2012/03/28 00:11:46
    No, Obama is the only joke in this Presidential election race.
  • Lady Wh... limey 2012/03/28 12:35:56
    Lady Whitewolf
  • Jilly 2012/03/27 22:53:40
    Mitt Romney
    We need sound financial experience in the White House.
  • yohan Jilly 2012/03/27 23:01:16
    not if the person mostly favor the well-to-do. we need even handed leadership. our current
    leader pretends to favor the poor and middle-class,but only the wealthy are getting the
    benefits. we need honest,not a hypocrite
  • thewatcher Jilly 2012/03/27 23:15:21
    that rules out Mitt then. According to the national review - sept 8, 2011 - Forty-seven is a number that could disrupt Mitt Romney’s campaign. During his tenure as governor from 2003 to 2007, Massachusetts ranked 47th among states for job creation.
  • burnz777 Jilly 2012/03/27 23:21:39
    did you not see where Ron Paul is the only candidate that turned down the tax payer provided secret service? or that Ron Paul does not accept his pension?
  • Jilly burnz777 2012/03/27 23:53:51
    There really is no point arguing. Everyone has their mind made up. If you inherited millions from your father, would you give it all away? Mitt did. He donated his entire inheritance to his father's university so that worthy students could go to college. I admire a man who went to college and worked hard for a living after graduation. He is wealthy because he used his abilities and made wise investments. He achieved the American dream. Wow. So, he's not qualified to be president.
  • burnz777 Jilly 2012/03/28 00:02:05
    But he is willing to spend as many american lives in wars as he needs to......if all his money kept my brothers and sisters alive and well equipped, not fighting endless wars where we are left out to dry for doing their dirty work, protect the people with the money. The dollar is weak how do afford the war obama/romney will pursue in iran?

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