Which is worse: Drugs or alcohol

Mandy 2009/02/17 07:13:00
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People think that drugs are bad, but alcohol has the same effect.
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  • Psychotic Embryo 2009/09/24 02:18:42
    Drugs are worse
    Psychotic Embryo
    drugs. i took nodoze once and didn't come down for like four hours
  • Linnaeus 2009/05/31 13:47:23
    None of the above
    That's like saying, "which is worse: insects or flys".
  • sky blue pink - American 2009/05/31 13:26:37
    Both are equily bad
    sky blue pink - American
    Mom died an alcoholic. I'm a recovered drug addict.
  • ubiquitous_tergiversation 2009/02/17 09:20:15
    None of the above
    What kind of question is this? Alcohol IS a drug.
  • David ubiquit... 2009/02/17 12:39:09
    I'll drink to that!
  • TheRevo 2009/02/17 08:13:59
    None of the above
    Alcohol is a drug. Don't let it's legal status fool you, it is more addictive and more damaging to the mind and body than illegal drugs such as hemp, MDMA, psilocybin, and LSD. It's almost certainly better for you than methamphetamine, but then again so is baseball bat to the head.
  • Bill 2009/02/17 07:51:33
    Both are equily bad
    Deaths due to alcohol, including fetal deaths have doubled.

    McCain and his wife have made money on his wife's beer company. I wonder how they can sleep well each time they read about any deaths due to alcohol.
  • Mandy 2009/02/17 07:15:09
    Both are equily bad
    I don't get why people think that drugs are bad, but drink all the time.
  • Moose 2009/02/17 07:14:26
    Nither are bad
    They can be, if the user is unable to control themselves.
  • Mandy Moose 2009/02/17 07:16:17
    1st comment! (I made this survey)

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