Which Body System Could You Live Without?

Мередит Энн 2008/11/30 06:03:42
Circulatory System
Respiratory System
Nervous System / Endocrine System
Lymphatic System
Digestive System
Excretory System
Integumentary System
Skeletal System
Muscular System
Reproductive System
All of the above
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Ok, I don't really know how I thought this one up, but I did somehow, and now I feel I should ask it.

So I'm curious, if you could get rid of any bodily function [or system to which it belongs], which would it be?
[And please don't get all literal, I know you can die by not having most of these]

(and since theres 11 systems and only a max. of 10 options, I lumped two together)
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