Whether he wins or not.America is waking up,and that's what counts.

holly go lightly 2012/03/11 20:37:19
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The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

If they continue to malign and ignore the libertarian wing of the
Republican Party, GOP elders will be slamming the door on their future.

MARCH 6, 2012

gop elders slamming door future christopher preble march 6 2012

is an inherent logic to Paul's foreign policy that should appeal to
small-government conservatives. For one thing, conservatives' doubts about Washington's ability to
accomplish particular ends, no matter how well-intentioned, should multiply when
the government project involves violence in foreign lands. Americans who doubt the
U.S. government's ability to reform health care should be doubly skeptical
about its efforts to reform Afghanistan.

concerned about government power should also appreciate, as Paul does, that war
has almost always led to the expansion of the state's size and power at home. And
he is hardly alone. "War is a friend of the state," Nobel laureate Milton
Friedman explained.
"In time of war, government will take powers and do things that it would not
ordinarily do." We have seen this in the creation of new government agencies and
the erosion of civil liberties after the 9/11 attacks.

Paul's warnings against stationing large numbers of U.S. troops in foreign
lands reveal an understanding about how the world works that transcends
libertarianism. Conservatives who comprehend that people aren't inclined to pay
for goods if Uncle Sam foots the bill should understand why wealthy allies in Europe
and Asia will free-ride, taking U.S. protection as an opportunity to scrimp on
defense and splurge on other things.

Ignoring this dynamic, Paul's Republican opponents are calling for
spending even more money that the United States doesn't have. They think that the $5.7 trillion now
for military budgets over the next decade isn't nearly enough. Mitt
Romney promises
to spend at least 4 percent of GDP on the Pentagon's base budget, plus whatever
more is needed for any wars that he may want to fight. If Romney is serious
about fulfilling his pledge (which, given his track record, is far from
assured), he would spend an additional $2.5 trillion on the military over the
next decade. His military budget in 2022 would top $1 trillion -- 61 percent
more than current projections. And Romney has not explained which taxes he would
increase or what other spending he would cut to cover that increase, which suggests
that he would kick the problem to future generations in the form of more debt.
No wonder young people like Paul.

Military spending is not the main cause of America's fiscal crisis, and
cutting military spending won't solve it. But Republicans who argue that "the
common defense" is one of the few legitimate functions of government and that
therefore the Defense Department budget should be the last one
cut after every other department must come to grips with the fact that most of
what Americans spend on their military goes to defending foreigners.

This arrangement suits people in Washington, Republican and
Democrat alike, but many people outside the Beltway hunger for a, yes,
humbler foreign policy. Short of that, they would like to see a less
militarized one. As AlterNet's Adele
recently explained, Paul's anti-war rhetoric "satisfies this
deep spiritual yearning" among progressives to "hear someone say that we
shouldn't be bombing other people around the world." On the other end of the
ideological spectrum, even as she explicitly rejected Paul's foreign-policy
views, Sarah
warned after the Iowa caucuses that "the GOP had better not marginalize Ron Paul and his supporters … because
Ron Paul and his supporters understand that a lot of Americans are war-weary
and we are broke."

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Top Opinion

  • ConLibFraud 2012/03/11 20:49:02
    Yes we are finaly getting where we need to start.
    I don't agree we are getting where we need to start. There are way too many dumbed down sheeple, both left and right that are supporting politicians who have orders from their NWO masters to destroy America.

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  • Arizona1950 2012/03/13 05:33:59
    Yes we are finaly getting where we need to start.
    He might not win the GOP nomination but Paul's message is winning and this administration is learning what it means when We the People start to speak up. From the upheavals going on regarding Obama, his eligibility to be President and him being questioned about his unconstiutional position of circumventing Congress whenever and wherever he can regarding his nation building, they are hearing us now ... :-)

    Thanks RP ... for waking up America.
  • holly g... Arizona... 2012/03/14 02:46:09
    holly go lightly
    Thank you Zona :)
  • BlueRepublican 2012/03/13 04:40:48
    Yes we are finaly getting where we need to start.
    The only consistent Constitutionall conservative.
    The Defender of Liberty for all.
    The Father of the Tea Party Movement
    The Thomas Jefferson of our Day
    Ron Paul wins because he is The People's Champion.
  • holly g... BlueRep... 2012/03/14 02:46:56
    holly go lightly
    Yes he is and it feels so good to have one does it not?
  • BlueRep... holly g... 2012/03/14 13:08:06
    Yup. He gets my vote. Paul/Napolitano 2012!!!!
  • holly g... BlueRep... 2012/03/14 18:13:12
    holly go lightly
    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!1 ron paul   Andrew napolotano  ticket
  • BlueRep... holly g... 2012/03/14 18:23:04
    Raving the pic, holly U did it again, LOL!!!
  • holly g... BlueRep... 2012/03/14 18:43:39
    holly go lightly
  • JonDeniro 2012/03/12 15:01:04
    Yes we are finaly getting where we need to start.
    People are finally waking up...one by one, and far slower than I would like, but it is happening.
  • holly g... JonDeniro 2012/03/12 16:46:44
    holly go lightly
    I see it.Look at all the blue dems. paul is pulling.woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Steve J~PWCM~JLA 2012/03/12 03:33:01
    None of the above
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA

    Nuff said.
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/12 04:17:11
    holly go lightly
    I don't see the connection.
  • Steve J... holly g... 2012/03/12 13:59:05
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    it is what RP wants.
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/12 16:54:23
    holly go lightly
    here is a link on it .According to the daily paul it didn't do what we have been lead to believe.
    I must admit I have not read much on re-enacting it.But I will.
  • Steve J... holly g... 2012/03/12 16:56:06
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    Well, it didn't work out well the last time. It made the Great Depression deeper and longer. We are FAR more Globalized today, so it would be even more catastrophic this time.
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/12 17:08:56
    holly go lightly
    I have always thought that too but I'll have to do some reading on it.
  • Steve J... holly g... 2012/03/12 17:12:35
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    Sadly, it was passed and promoted by the extreme Libertarian right of the Republicans. They did get some of the extreme left to go along too.

    You see, politics is a circle. The farther right you go, ultimately turns out to be the real far left. It meets at the bottom.
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/12 17:22:26
    holly go lightly
    Nothing new there is there?I plan to read up on Smoot Hawley today.
  • Steve J... holly g... 2012/03/12 18:05:26
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    No, politicians with no real background in the marketplace and with Economics, continually try to do the same dumb things.
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/15 00:42:15
    holly go lightly
    There is a lot written on this,I think that means a lot of reading .It is interesting.
  • Steve J... holly g... 2012/03/15 01:30:27
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    UM, SH was one of the three things that extended and made it worse.

    So, 2/3rds of trade evaporated. Now that means we have more money to buy inefficiently produced products at a higher price.

    Lowering the prosperity for all. Is that OK? Now Imports then were 6%. What are they now? I know, this is a POP quiz..

    What would happen if there was a 2/3rds drop today?

    OK, two question POP quiz.
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/15 01:45:48 (edited)
    holly go lightly
    UM?As I said there is a lot of reading because there has been a lot written.
  • Steve J... holly g... 2012/03/15 01:52:47
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    Yes there has. I've been studying it for longer than I would like to say. But over 30 years. BTW, Uncle Ben, is one of the foremost experts on the Depression.

    ben bernanke
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/15 02:11:17
    holly go lightly
    Well I have not which is why I'm not prepared to discuss at length.
  • Steve J... holly g... 2012/03/15 02:31:20
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    IDK is good. A long lost ART.
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/15 02:35:43
    holly go lightly
    Thanks for noticing :)
  • Steve J... holly g... 2012/03/15 02:43:07
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    Now, if you could show me how to do 5, maybe 10 thumbs up!
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/15 16:50:43
  • Steve J... holly g... 2012/03/15 18:13:21
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    LOL, I think there is a picture for everything here.
  • holly g... Steve J... 2012/03/15 18:17:18
    holly go lightly
    LOL I was pretty sure I would find something.
  • FalconFlight 2012/03/12 03:19:11
    Yes we are finaly getting where we need to start.
    We'll we do now have Senator Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Mark Rubio joining Senator DeMint as a core Constitutional Conservative caucus in the Senate, but much more needs to be done like contributing to Senator DeMint's PAC. We MUST get rid of those stinking RINO's like the slimey Minority Leader and his butt boy....McConnell of Kentucky and Cornyn of Texas. On the Presidential race we have witnessed much more discussion of Constitutional matters. Funny the one who Least speaks of the Constitution is the one that the GOP Loyalists insist it must be...right along with their fellow Vampires of the Progressive party. Yes, Mitt the Nit. All his Nits think we need an UberNit as the answer to the committed Vampire in office, yes Papa Doc Barack....ABSURD.
  • holly g... FalconF... 2012/03/12 03:32:25
    holly go lightly
    Speaking of RINOs,we didn't get as much as folks think we did with the TEA party in 2010.I don't like this guy much because he is a jerk,but he is telling the truth.
  • holly g... holly g... 2012/03/12 03:36:41
    holly go lightly
    I doubt 0 will veto anything concerning this.
  • FalconF... holly g... 2012/03/12 04:11:54
    That'a why RINO's like the Speaker of House is a feckless coward that needs to be removed by the GOP Caucus.
  • holly g... FalconF... 2012/03/12 04:18:11
    holly go lightly
    There seem to be lots of em.
  • FalconF... holly g... 2012/03/12 04:25:22
    Depressing but true. There is hope if enough of the Chattel would like to become human beings and do their duty.
  • holly g... FalconF... 2012/03/12 04:28:06
    holly go lightly
    If they only knew.
  • FalconF... holly g... 2012/03/13 01:51:28
    Holly, of course the VOTUS (Vampire in Chief) Did Not veto the NDAA did he, and Mitt the Nit when asked affirmed that 'of course, I would sign the bill into law.'
  • holly g... FalconF... 2012/03/13 02:07:11
    holly go lightly
    VOTUS,I love that.
    I see no hope for Mitt the Nit to even begin thinking straight let alone lead a nation.An entirely hopeless situation for everyone involved.
  • FalconF... holly g... 2012/03/13 02:11:23
    Well, I've finally come to grips...I think... with the concept that there really is no left but us. No one left to leave it to them to fix (as if that was responsible in the first place.) I do what I can; primary voting (BIG ONE), contribute 25 bucks here and there to my candidates of choice and leverage my meager contributions to a few organizations that I believe actually are fighting the fight everyday.

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