Where is Liberty?

EmpathyReigns 2012/08/12 22:18:11
Liberty lost
She right here
Still standing for Freedom
Not sure anymore
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Is she hiding, from us all? I love America! But I worry for my children and their genertions! What will come of thier, Liberty and pursuit of happiness?
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  • ConLibFraud 2012/08/12 23:40:42
    Liberty lost
    The wimpy sheeple need to grow a pair and follow Iceland's lead ...

  • Mr. T 2012/08/12 22:48:18
    Still standing for Freedom
    Mr. T
    Once the "Government" gets done with their complete power grab, and they will, our freedoms will be doled out as they see fit so don't count on much.
  • say what? 2012/08/12 22:32:34
    Not sure anymore
    say what?
    Our apathy, silence and inaction gave permission for the government to oppress us and they did. Our apathy, silence and inaction continues to give the government permission to continue oppressing us and they will. As long as our apathy, silence and inaction continues, our permission continues. Give the government an inch and they will take a mile.
  • Mr. T say what? 2012/08/12 22:50:38
    Mr. T
    Exactly why we are seeing so many subject posts on here recently about the government is preparing for potential uprisings. And the very reason the FEMA Camps were built.

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