Where can I buy a Obama Dart Board?

T 2009/07/29 18:53:36
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I would like to buy an Obama Dartboard where the bulls-eye is the center of his face. Has anyone seen one of these? It will save my kids from drawing pics of him and attaching them to our current board. If he is portrayed as the devil it would be even better - anybody seen one?
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  • Laura Levine 2011/11/16 23:58:01
    Yes - you can get it at
    Laura Levine
  • Laura Levine 2011/11/16 23:47:59
    Yes - you can get it at
    Laura Levine
  • BobMoon 2010/10/14 01:38:45
    Yes - you can get it at
    You can get a FREE Printable Obama Dartboard @ the address below.

  • grizzly 2009/07/30 22:43:44
    Nope. Can't help you.
  • T grizzly 2009/07/30 23:07:04
    Wrong Pic but that's exactly what I want with Obama's ugly mug on it.
  • grizzly T 2009/07/30 23:09:25
    Don't say I never gave you anything !
  • T grizzly 2009/07/30 23:11:39
    Thanks but couldn't you find it without "Fox News" I do not watch ANY news channels due to the fact they are all corrupt followers of obama and he's paid them off to say what he wants. None are ever accurate....

    Thank you anyway!!!!!
  • grizzly T 2009/07/30 23:17:54
  • Al C. 2009/07/29 22:24:55
    Al C.
    I'm looking for Obama toilet paper because I hear he's an asswipe!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mrs. maggot 2009/07/29 19:42:23
    Mrs. maggot
    Hillary Clinton's garage sale!
  • T Mrs. ma... 2009/07/29 23:11:32
    Oh Lord - it might be dangerous to buy something from one of them........I'm sure the tax she places on those items are high......
  • hook 2009/07/29 19:28:02
    i must have one!!
  • Will 2009/07/29 19:03:40
    I believe you will have to make one, as unlike past presidents, Obama is apparently verboten when it comes to "anti" items. You will never see a Michelle Obama nutcracker or an Obama light switch cover where the switch is his nose, etc. You see, they've determined that if you don't worship him with all your might; then you're a racist. At least, that's what they call me when I say, "I don't care for him."
  • Sting Idol 2009/07/29 19:01:01
    Yes - you can get it at
    Sting Idol
    The 4th Of Never...it's off the corner of No Way
  • klaraBObara 2009/07/29 18:56:54
    lol. that's horrible.

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