Where are fake pictures of Caroline Kennedy in her bikini holding piles of money?

Promises 2008/12/26 16:24:05
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The left was quick to post fake pictures of Sarah Palin in an attempt to savage her. We know that they are hate mongers. I guess the conservatives just don't believe in that type of hate politics.
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  • chaoskitty123 2009/09/17 07:46:35
    None of the above
    Republicans probably have more respect for a woman (hear's the crickets chirping lol)

    I don't know but I looked out of curiousity and found nothing.
  • guinnessman 2008/12/28 15:44:17
    She's a Dem so she must be protected by the leftist media
    I thought the attacks on Palin were the worst I've seen on any candidate...Just goes to show that the dems were really afraid of her ruining their apple cart...therefor they did a preemptive strike...interesting that they'll do that to an American citizen and not the enemies wanting to destroy America...
  • Promises guinnes... 2008/12/29 15:52:02
    If the Republican don't get as mean as the Dems, they may never win.
  • Promises 2008/12/26 16:26:01
    She is bulemick and would scare people
    Based on her family history, they should show her smuggling booze, while hold the family machine gun. people based family history smuggling booze hold family machine gun

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