When you say to someone "I'll keep you in my prayers", do you actually do it, or is it just something you say to make them feel better

frankie 2009/01/09 23:07:22
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If you say to someone "I'll pray for you", do you actually do it, or are you just saying it because it's the nice thing to say?
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  • SHdoesn'tluvracistswinkwink 2009/05/22 06:00:54
    None of the above
    If I keep a person in my thoughts, wouldn't I be doing the same thing if "God" is all knowing?
  • ♥♥NEW MOON♥♥ 2009/03/27 17:25:51
    ♥♥NEW MOON♥♥
    I never break a promise(sometimes)
  • Michaelene 2009/01/22 05:25:50
    It is not something that I say lightly so yes, I pray for someone when I say I will.
  • jess - free to be me 2009/01/13 06:24:20
    jess - free to be me
    praying is the easiest and Best thing you can do for anyone....
  • Kar 2009/01/12 02:29:16
    phil 2:4 - "keeping an eye, not in personal interest upon just your own matters, but also in personal interest upon those of the others"

    We can do it by praying for others... it shows that we care and hav a personal interest on them....
  • les mots sont je t'aime et ... 2009/01/10 11:02:33
    les mots sont je t'aime et je dois croire en vous
    i pray for anybody who i love and that is everybody... i pray when people are sick i pray when they have done something wrong EVERYTHING i pray everyday/night
  • Cathy *In God we trust* 2009/01/10 06:48:52
    Cathy *In God we trust*
    I will lift them up to the Lord at that time when I say
    I will and I will continue to do so when God lays that
    person on my heart. There was a post about a little
    boy named Cody on here back a while and I haven't
    been able to get him off my mind, so my prayers have
    given him a lot of attention and I continue to pray he
    is doing better, and his family. :)
  • Its Ms.MiMi,b!tch 2009/01/10 06:17:44
    Its Ms.MiMi,b!tch
    i do it right then and there..i believe God is always listening so,he hears me..
  • BAGITBABE 2009/01/10 04:00:04
    If I say I'm going to do something, rarely do I not do it unless there's a good reason. I may not be actually on my knees praying for them, but I'm praying all the time anyway for something or somebody. Even people on the street I don't even know.
  • Self - Deactivation. 2009/01/10 00:21:49
    Self - Deactivation.
    if i say i will, then i do
  • K@tiie+<3= Happiness 2009/01/09 23:21:03
    None of the above
    K@tiie+<3= Happiness
    Well..... i do it and i say to myself, " I will pray for u..."
    but then.... i end up forgetting..... at times all though i do say so myself, I really do pray a lot.

    For an 18 year old boy, Rodger, I will pray for u:

    " Lord, please help this man to get better of cancer, a horrible disease. Lord, help us to be strong and brave, doing whats right all the time. Let us be better people and let this man have a long successful life, may peace rest on thee."

    I prayed.... and now Rodger, u shall be well. :)

    lord strong brave people successful life peace rest prayed rodger
  • Arel 2009/01/09 23:13:22
    If I tell someone I will keep them in my prayers I pray for them.
  • Val 2009/01/09 23:10:23
    Always offer up a prayer. May be brief, but I do it.
  • WhoWhatWhere 2009/01/09 23:08:45

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