When Hypocritcal Harry Reid Attack... Sue Lowden has him scared!

Harry the Hypocrite.

Hypocrite- Noun

person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs,
principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess,esp. a
person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp.
one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public

not my style to attack a person on their religious beliefs, so I am
taking that part off the table. And in the new America one can no
longer use "morality" as a measurement of a person since Liberalism has
taught us that all morality is subjective.

This leaves me
"principles, virtue, and one personally stated beliefs" to measure the
man we in Nevada are forced to call Senator.

I don't usually
allow the other side of the aisle to pick the candidate I am going to
root for and this time around it is no different. I picked Sue Lowden
months ago as my favorite in the race for Nevada's Senate seat in
Washington, and Harry Reid just validated that I was, as usual, correct
in my pick.

Today Harry attacked GOP hopeful Sue Lowden,
but in typical Reid fashion, he hit below the belt. (Harry was a boxer
you know) Instead of attacking Sue Lowden directly, he took a swipe at
her family. Now as I recall, family is off limits. Well Harry, if you
really want to set up the rules, then the least I can do is play by

Harry Reid attacked Paul Lowden, Sue's husband for
receiving a bonus last year, when some within the company lost their
jobs. Well Harry I guess from where you sit it must be a comfortable
position every few years when, in the dark of night, you vote yourself
an increase in pay, regardless of how many Nevadans may have lost their
job in recent months. In the last three years under Harry Reid's Senate
leadership the unemployment rate in Nevada has tripled. The percentage
of underemployed has skyrocketed to nearly 20% of the Nevada workforce,
but Harry took his raise. In fact he not only took it, he in essence
demanded t when he voted for it. Now if Harry Reid had any virtue of
principles he might have acted as Paul Lowden has since 1996, by
refusing to take an increase in pay.

While you and I have
either lost our jobs or been working our hind ends off to keep what
tenuous grips we may have on them, Harry's voting record has forced us
to surrender millions in earned income to the high taxes he continues
to support.

The contrast in the life we lead and one Harry
Reid lives is stark. While Harry lives at the Ritz in Washington, the
Ritz in Lake Las Vegas announced it is closing in March placing more
Nevadans out of work. While Harry enjoys a nice home here in Nevada
many of ours have been foreclosed on. While Harry enjoys a job, many of
us don't have one anymore and many of those lost can be laid at the
feet of our own Senior Senator. Our children and grandchildren have
been collared with so much debt while Harry has enjoyed the jet setter
life at our expense. To top it off, Reid has the audacity to raise
questions about how a private citizen, who along with his wife, has
created thousands of jobs in Nevada, spends their personal finances?
The audacity of a dope!

Let's be honest folks, the other people
running for the GOP are not bothering Reid one bit and that can be
clearly derived from whom he is attacking. It's a battle between Sue
Lowden and Harry Reid and Reid just told you as much. To attack a
family member of your opponent is about as low as one can go. Sue
scares Harry for a number of reasons but highest on his list is
probably the bond the Lowden's have with the community. They donate
large sums of their income to charity and they have done something
Harry could only hope to claim credit for, created jobs. And from what
I have seen, their kids are smart well rounded individuals who are
proud of the family name.

The same can not be said for
Harry Reid's own son, Rory Reid. Have you seen the signs for Rory's
Gubernatorial campaign? "Vote Rory". Rory who? Well Rory Reid of
course...Not running on the name "Reid" in Nevada is akin to a Kennedy
in Boston, a Reagan in California or dare I say it, a Bush in Texas of
Florida not using their family name. Hell even Arnold made sure people
knew he was connected, if only by marriage, to the Kennedy dynasty. If
family is so important to the Reid clan don't you think pride in the
old man and his accomplishments as a US Senator might enter into the
Governor's race?

Oh wait, in order to run on your dad's
record of success he would almost be required to have one. A tripling
of unemployment, the loss of thousands of jobs, running the Federal
Government into so much Red Ink that it would take ever drop of
Communist Red Ink in China just to write the number down, might not be
the person whose name you want to be associated with. Who would want to
be associated with the man who didn't even stand up for his home
state's biggest form of income, gaming, when the President not once but
twice attacked the largest city in your state.

I have heard of name dropping but never of actually dropping one's own name in order to try to win an election.

really must say, Hypocrite fits Harry Reid like a well tailored suit,
And it should since this week he dropped $15 billion dollars for it to
fit right. This on top of the $700 billion he spent early last years
and the additional $770 billion he wants to drop to take over America's
Health Care industry. Yep, Hypocrite fit Reid just right.

about voting yourself one final raise before you leave Washington,
Harry. Something tells me you might need it to get by on from January
of 2011 forward as you join your constituents on the unemployment line.
Hey Rory, there is something "Dad" helped to create!

But what would I know; I'm just an Average American.


PS: I usually post part of an Original Article I have written on my Hub, but in this case I want to make sure nobody misses what Harry the Hypocrite has done.

Read more: http://hubpages.com/hub/When-Hypocritical-Harry-Re...

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Top Opinion

  • Romanov~PWCM~JLA 2010/02/25 18:24:40
    This is the last gasp of a dying man, he is going down and he knows it. He is going to try every dirty trick in the book to hang on. I don't think he has a chance, as long as we can keep the TEA party from running their own candidate for Senate(fake TEA party member).

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  • Robert Holloway 2010/03/11 22:40:18
    Robert Holloway
    The problem with Sue Lowden is that she is dishonest. Her stealing the delegate election at the 2008 state convention is not just rumor, it is a fact. For more information see the following link: http://www.fairnevadaelection...
  • Average... Robert ... 2010/03/12 07:26:42
    Average American by Cory Merry
    I really wish you would look further into that. It is from what I have researched, not as simple as that. I have been looking into it for months. Humans make mistakes. It is the record one must be judged on.
  • Michaelene 2010/03/01 07:15:04
    He's so trashy!
    Honestly, I like that he took the low road, because more Americans are waking up to the audacity of dopes like Reid Pelosi and Obama.
  • bob 2010/03/01 06:03:28
    Throw the bums out!
  • texasred 2010/02/28 00:11:43
    And he lied at the Healthcare Summit when he said he had not previously considered Reconciliation. I hope he loses by 99.9%. He deserves it.
  • AmmoLou 2010/02/27 16:02:59
    The name Reid here in northern Nevada is just another way of saying toliet
  • Average... AmmoLou 2010/03/02 07:00:54
    Average American by Cory Merry
  • USER DEACTIVATED 2010/02/27 02:19:33
    Good luck in Nevada. I'll pray that you get Reid out. He is a very dangerous man.
  • Fed Up in NC 2010/02/26 23:05:38
    Fed Up in NC
    He is desperate and going to continue to fight dirty. I would anticipate that he come out with some "scandal" or "allegation" against Mrs. Lowden just days or weeks before the election. He is a lying, manipulating, power monger I would not put anything past him. He's backed into a corner.
    lowden days weeks election lying manipulating power monger backed corner
  • rightside 2010/02/26 20:05:08
    Harry is a despicable human being. He talks out of every orifice of his body, except his heart. Which is not there.
  • Carl 2010/02/26 19:01:21
    Great response to Harry Reid.
  • JO4USA 2010/02/26 17:00:16
    Harry's his own horror film.
  • puppydog3 2010/02/26 16:31:06 (edited)
    Progressive hipocrites such as dim Harry have no moral standards--everything is relative -- so they do whatever it takes to win, i.e., lie lie lie ....

    hipocrites dim harry moral standards--everything relative win lie lie lie
  • Annette 2010/02/26 13:07:35
    Not only is hitting below the belt one of his tricks, so is bribery of other senators. What a waste of human flesh.
  • BIGK27 2010/02/26 03:01:07
  • hook 2010/02/25 20:04:59
  • Average... hook 2010/02/25 20:10:59
    Average American by Cory Merry
    Funny as hell...
  • julie sossaman 2010/02/25 19:17:41
    julie sossaman
    well i hope she wins for you guys, but the one question im asking all of the people running, is can you go to washington and remember what and who you are there for, and can you not be corrupt.
  • Average... julie s... 2010/02/25 19:55:20
    Average American by Cory Merry
    I have great faith in Sue... She seems a solid person in touch with reality. She has a great family, very supportive. That is a key I think.
  • julie s... Average... 2010/02/25 21:41:34
    julie sossaman
    good we need bright people, smart people, and people that realy love this country,

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