What's your zodiac sign, and does it fit your personality?

Jcatgrl 2008/11/22 15:20:11
My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
My zodiac sign doesn't fit me at all
Zodiac signs are stupid!
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Lots of people know their zodiac sign, but not all of them say it fits them. If you don't know it, you can find out here: http://www.astrology-online.com/persn.htm

So, what is it, and does it fit your personality?
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  • aaliyjah 2009/12/17 09:25:51
    None of the above
    i am a cusp Aries/Taurus April 19 - April 23

    Two signs are better than one :) https://www.cuspatrology.com/...

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  • aaliyjah 2009/12/17 09:25:51
    None of the above
    i am a cusp Aries/Taurus April 19 - April 23

    Two signs are better than one :) https://www.cuspatrology.com/...
  • elle 2009/09/09 00:54:04
    My zodiac sign doesn't fit me at all
    I am the complete opposite of a Capricorn and I am seriously compatible with my lover who is a Gemini. It says we shouldn't work but we do. People who take Zodiac signs are full of *!
  • nettietheyeti 2009/06/14 14:25:28
    My zodiac sign doesn't fit me at all
    I am supposed to be a Taurus, but I definitely do not fit the description of one. The only traits that I do fit is stubborn and a loose cannon. The other traits are almost completely opposite to my personality.

    Out of the traits Robert.Girl.4.Eternity listed above. I fit
    Which means I fit 5/14 of them. And some of those are "maybe" fits.
  • christopher 2009/04/27 15:30:38
    Hi sweetie!
    can't believe you asked this, as I wanted to ask the exact same question!! As for my "Sign"? I'm on the cusp-Feb 19.
    And I use to be Aquarius, now I'm labled Picses. I felt more of the first, but find alittle in both that fits me, I guess.
  • [Stevens.Wifey] 2009/04/26 01:55:53
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
    The Bull
    April 21 to May 21

    Taurus Traits

    Patient and reliable
    Warmhearted and loving
    Persistent and determined
    Placid and security loving

    On the dark side....

    Jealous and possessive
    Resentful and inflexible
    Self-indulgent and greedy
  • Josie 2009/01/12 22:10:34
    my zodiac says im diplomaitic and urbane but what is that?
  • spunkysmum ~ Tall In the S... 2008/12/20 03:45:44
    spunkysmum ~  Tall In the Saddle, White Hat on Straight ~
    There are a few things that ring a bell, but the overall picture doesn't reflect me.
  • poiple shmoiple 2008/11/24 21:58:15
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
    poiple shmoiple
    definately. i am an aquarius, which says ur creative. im definitely creative, like when i poop they are in the shapes of mermaids.
  • XBrittanyX 2008/11/22 23:38:44
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
    The Archer
    November 23 to December 21
    Sagittarius Traits

    Optimistic and freedom-loving
    Jovial and good-humored
    Honest and straightforward
    Intellectual and philosophical

    On the dark side....

    Blindly optimistic and careless
    Irresponsible and superficial
    Tactless and restless
  • ELROY 2008/11/22 23:02:03
  • Jcatgrl ELROY 2008/11/23 14:02:42
    Specificably? Boy, you religious nut-cases sure can't spell. It's "Specifically".
  • ELROY Jcatgrl 2008/11/23 14:06:32
  • Jcatgrl ELROY 2008/11/23 14:32:49
    Yes my "mommie" knows I'm on the internet. What does that have to do with me calling myself Christian?
  • Red 2008/11/22 22:42:31
    None of the above
    Mostly true.
    The Scales
    September 24 to October 23
    Libra Traits
    Diplomaitic and urbane
    Romantic and charming
    Easygoing and sociable
    Idealistic and peaceable

    On the dark side....
    Indecisive and changeable
    Gullible and easily infuenced
    Flirtatious and self-indulgent
  • Jcatgrl Red 2008/11/23 14:01:06
    Finally! Another Libra! I was getting so lonely...
  • ELROY Jcatgrl 2008/11/23 14:08:28
  • Jcatgrl ELROY 2008/11/23 14:14:06
    Hm, well, you can just go along believing what you believe, and I'll keep believing what I believe. And what I believe is that astrology is not evil, especially when taken in the spirit of light fun and jesting. Nobody forced you to answer this, so you can just go along and spout your beliefs at some other poll. By the way, how exactly is astrology "evil" ?
  • ELROY Jcatgrl 2008/11/23 14:23:14
  • Jcatgrl ELROY 2008/11/23 14:31:06
    Well, this poll is not about horoscopes and predicting the future, it's asking if the personality traits associated with a person's zodiac sign are accurate. I don't care about predicting the future, you know, just come what may, I'll try to make my way.
  • Self - Deactivation. 2008/11/22 19:09:29
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
    Self - Deactivation.
    ascorpio-- on the down side, i can be very obstinent but on the up side,i am very determined, have inner strength, and i am passionate about my beliefs
  • Min Carter 2008/11/22 17:27:56 (edited)
    None of the above
    Min Carter
    I have most of the qualities listed but not all.

    The Fishes

    Febuary 20 to March 20

    Pisces Traits
    Imaginative and sensitive
    Compassionate and kind
    Selfless and unworldly
    Intuitive and sympathetic

    On the dark side....
    Escapist and idealistic
    Secretive and vague
    Weak-willed and easily led

  • ,vampiire.* 2008/11/22 17:06:43
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
    I'm a Leo.

    Honestly, I have all of the main qualities of this Zodiac. Meaning, I am bossy, I like to be a leader, I'm very creative, and I am extremely temperamental. (:
  • Twilightdreamz13 2008/11/22 16:39:36 (edited)
    None of the above
    I'm a scorpio and I have some of the qualities of the zodiac sign.

    Alleged Negative Qualities of a Scorpio: self-destructive, ruthless, overbearing, suspicious, jealous, possessive, dangerous, quick-tempered, obstinate, moody, sadistic, insulting, secretive, intolerant, cunning, vindictive and terribly insecure.

    Alleged Positive and Neutral Qualities of a Scorpio: passionate, powerful, penetrating, intense, determined, compelling, purposeful, keenly perceptive, brave, deep, complex, analytical, inquisitive, sensual, mysterious, resourceful, ambitious, magnetic, hypnotic, creative, intriguing, profound, loyal, supportive, protective, generous, humble, quiet, and encompassing.

    They are also self-critical, investigative, passionately caring, tenacious, dynamic, probing, emotional, concerned, compassionate, and shock-proof.

    They have intense concentration and they understand failings. Scorpios are known to have large sex drives and a powerful, magnetic eroticism. Likes Mystery, secrets, privacy, loyalty, passion, strength, being acknowledged, integrity, willpower, strategy. Dislikes deceit, apathy, being questioned, excessive compliments, easily tempered, insincerity, embarrassment, passivity.

    Holy crap. I searched that on Google and I can't believe how true those things are. Creepy.
    tempered insincerity embarrassment passivity holy crap searched google true creepy
  • JColliu 2008/11/22 15:51:50
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
    Capricorn....yep says it all
  • Elisha 2008/11/22 15:34:33
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
    hahaha Pisces do I need to say more lol.
  • OZ151 2008/11/22 15:32:47 (edited)
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
    The Ram
    March 21 to April 20
    Aries Traits

    Adventurous and energetic
    Pioneering and courageous
    Enthusiastic and confident
    Dynamic and quick-witted

    On the dark side...

    Selfish and quick-tempered
    Impulsive and impatient
    Foolhardy and daredevil
    confident dynamic quick-witted dark selfish quick-tempered impulsive impatient foolhardy daredevil

    You're initiating, bold and impatient, your fiery nature making you irresistible and exciting. While you can be impulsive and combative, you're the absolute leader of the pack -- in team sports, business or just your group of friends and family!
  • sal 2008/11/22 15:29:59
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
  • c e l i s u l l i v a n. 2008/11/22 15:23:18
    My zodiac sign fits me perfectly!
    c e l i s u l l i v a n.
    Especially the 'nervous and tense' part. (:

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