What's worse; Obamacare or the economy?

Kane Fernau 2013/11/21 14:30:57
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  • keeper 2013/11/21 23:06:57
  • Richard 2013/11/21 15:47:32
    The economy is in a bad state but Obamacare may well tip that over into outright catastrophe as it sucks much needed money out of the economy with its rising costs - both in personal contributions but in federal costs to run and maintain. Obamacare is itself an economic disaster compounding five years of relentless and irresponsible spending.
  • Alexander 2013/11/21 14:55:52
    The economy is bad. The affordable care act is designed to make the economy worse. So expect more destruction of the economy by the lying Barry Soetoro aka Obama.
  • RH 2013/11/21 14:43:52
    one is making the other worse... I'll let you figure out which one is affecting the other.
  • RH RH 2013/11/21 15:18:07
    Oh wait... they are no longer calling it Obamacare....

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