What's he thinking when he puffs his bottom lip out?

krayzrick 2013/11/27 14:11:00
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Obama big bottom lip
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  • Larry 2013/11/27 22:00:14
    He' thinking...
    His communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis
  • Scott 2013/11/27 18:17:25
    He' thinking...
    Jeez, I hate America. I wish George and Valerie would just let me shoot them all.
  • Elephant Lord 2013/11/27 17:18:31
    I think...
    Elephant Lord
    ribbit! frog croaking
  • Zoo Boo 2013/11/27 16:24:10
    Maybe he's...
    Zoo Boo
    Maybe he's thinking the same thing when you puff your top lip out! https://edc2.healthtap.com/ht...
  • krayzrick Zoo Boo 2013/11/29 02:08:27
    I doubt it. When I puff mine out, I'm thinking he disappears...
  • mikeyavelli 2013/11/27 15:33:16
    Maybe he's...
    Looks like he's holding one in. He used that to get sympathy from his mother.
    America is still buying his childish tricks to evoke empathy. What a lying fraud!
  • Justagirl 2013/11/27 15:03:56
    Maybe he's...
    He does toot his own horn, so maybe he's working on his embouchure.
  • peggy 2013/11/27 14:55:03
    He' thinking...
    Looking at my face I now realize what a waste of skin I am.
  • ConLibFraud 2013/11/27 14:27:19
    He' thinking...
    Thoughts of what his little boy toy looked like the nite before at Man's Country.
  • 9 inches 2013/11/27 14:21:16
  • les_gvt 2013/11/27 14:12:56
    He' thinking...
  • krayzrick 2013/11/27 14:11:39
    He' thinking...
    ...about snuff.

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