The problem is that this is a hot year full of nuclear activity. And quite frankly i believe that the U.S. is doing a poor job in dealing with it. This New START treaty, which unfortunately will probably pass, will cripple our nuclear activity both offensively and defensively. And yet Russia is exit this treaty at any time. Considering that Russia has rarely over honored a treaty, other than when military actions was a consequence, i don't think this treaty is effective in the least bit. And right now Russia is dealing arms with Iran, who is quite the enemy of America, as well as our ally Israel. The Obama administration is trying to appease and gain the trust of Russia, but in doing so we are leaving ourselves vulnerable and weak. And the scary thing is that Russia has shown its strong desire for the New START treaty. I find that rather disturbing considering Russia's lack of cooperation in the past. What would happen if we go to war with Russia? It depends somewhat on the reason for the war. Right now we don't have anything to go to war about. We are trying to handling any problems politically. And right now the only reason we would go to war with Russia would probably have to do with an issue with Iran, involving Russia. So there is my rant.