What's behind dissing of the president? Check out the article below because the author hits the nail on the head and I couldn't have said it better!

Keeping It Real 2012/06/16 20:07:49
SodaHead Progressives
I definitely think the article substance is right on point
I don't think the article substance is right on point
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What's behind dissing of the president?

By Dean Obeidallah, Special to CNN

updated 12:20 PM EDT, Sat June 16, 2012

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  • Dean Obeidallah: A reporter from right-wing site heckled Obama as he talked about immigration
  • He says heckling from Irish-born reporter part of right's campaign to delegitimize Obama
  • He says incidents include Wilson's "you lie," Trump seeking Obama's grades
  • Obeidallah: Expect to see more disrespecting of the president as "the other" during campaign

Editor's note: Dean Obeidallah,
a former attorney, is a political comedian and frequent commentator on
various TV networks including CNN. He is the editor of the politics blog
"The Dean's Report" and co-director of the upcoming documentary, "The Muslims Are Coming!" Follow him on Twitter: @deanofcomedy

(CNN) -- A reporter from a right-wing media outlet
heckled President Obama -- not once, but twice -- on Friday as he was
unveiling a new immigration policy. If this shocks you, you haven't been
paying attention. This is simply the latest page from the right's
playbook to delegitimize Barack Obama's presidency.

Some may dismiss it as an
isolated incident, but it's not. It goes much deeper. Believe me, I
know hecklers -- I'm a stand-up comedian. If someone heckles me once, it
can be a mistake: too many drinks, overcome by emotion, etc. But when
you heckle twice, you have an agenda.

Neil Munro, the Irish born reporter
who heckled President Obama, was not just from some random publication.
He works for The Daily Caller, a right-wing website whose
editor-in-chief is the bow-tie wearing Tucker Carlson. (You may recall
Carlson as the guy who famously sparred with — and was taken down by --
Jon Stewart on CNN years ago.)

Dean Obeidallah
Dean Obeidallah

Munro's first heckle
occurred while President Obama was in midsentence, with Munro yelling
out: "Why do you favor foreigners over Americans?" Obama responded:
"Excuse me, sir, but it's not time for questions." Munro countered: "Are
you going to take questions?"

To which the president answered: "Not while I'm speaking."

Later, Munro again
interrupted the president in midstatement. Obama kept his cool; he
simply finished his statement. If I had been president, I would have
deported Munro back to his country of origin.

A quick perusal of Munro's Twitter feed
reveals he does not hide his contempt for President Obama. His tweets
range from claims that Obama is using NASCAR and country music to
attract "white non-college voters," to slams of Michelle Obama, to
allegations that Obama is racially discriminating against blacks in his
White House hiring practices.

But this is all not about
Munro -- he is just a small cog in the right's campaign to diminish the
legitimacy of Obama's presidency. I'm not talking about people
disagreeing with policies. I mean specifically the campaign to paint
Barack Obama as less than American -- as an "other"--as someone whose
presidency is not entitled to the same respect as that of the presidents
who came before him.

This crusade began in the
days before Barack Obama was even sworn in as president. Back then,
Rush Limbaugh, the radio host and self-described "entertainer," announced on his show that he hoped Obama would fail as president. Obama had not even made his first decision as president.

The campaign has
continued with the right's birther movement contending that Obama was
not born in the United States and hence should not be president. Some,
like evangelical leader Franklin Graham, have suggested that Obama is a Muslim (he is a Christian), which to many on the right would mean he's not a "real" American.

We have seen Republican Rep. Joe Wilson yell out at
President Obama, "You lie" while Obama addressed a joint session of
Congress in 2009. Can anyone remember the last time a U.S. president was
called a liar in a joint session of Congress? I can't.

Then there was Republican Rep. Joe Walsh, who last July called on President Obama to "quit lying"
in regards to the debt ceiling debate. Can anyone remember something
like this with previous presidents? I can't either. And, of course,
there's Donald Trump, not only periodically renewing the "birther"
fabrication, but also demanding to see President Obama's college grades, implying he doesn't think Obama is intellectually qualified to be president.

So you see, Munro is
just doing his tiny part. And no doubt some on the right will exalt him
for his "courage." His boss, Tucker Carlson, defended him by saying that no one was upset when then-ABC reporter Sam Donaldson heckled President Reagan. But Fox News' Chris Wallace recalled today
that when he was a White House correspondent with Donaldson during the
Reagan administration, no one ever heckled the president.

So, yet another lie. But
the truth doesn't matter to the far right. It's not about policy or
what is good for the United States of America. It's about delegitimizing
President Obama for political gain.

In the coming months, as
we get closer to Election Day, you may see many more of these kinds of
attacks. While they may disgust you, they should never surprise you.
It's all in the playbook.


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  • Soylent Green is people!!! 2012/06/18 07:28:01
    I don't think the article substance is right on point
    Soylent Green is people!!!
    I say this author has an agenda, it was not objective by any means. I truly believe that the Obama administration is as corrupt or probably more corrupt then the Bush administration!!! He's not a compassionate idealist. He is a true believer in socialist dogma, but the press simply will not vet him as they would a republican, and even how much the press is already putting Mitt Romney through and Bush before him!!! The press is protecting their guy...the press has had a communist bent since before Edward R Murrow!!! Anyone who is willing to see the truth can plainly see this. It is not rocket science, but you have to love truth above all else. Truth above any political party.

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  • #Justic... Keeping... 2012/06/16 22:21:48
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    His response is comical since President Obama can trace his lineage (from his mother's side) back to the Emerald Isle.

  • Keeping... #Justic... 2012/06/16 22:32:21
    Keeping It Real
  • #Justic... Keeping... 2012/06/16 22:38:07
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    I love it my own self. Of course I sing the song with a little more gusto since I've got a wee touch of Irish running through me veins LOL!
  • sockpuppet Keeping... 2012/06/16 23:39:42
    You're angry because I played the 'racist' card before you could get to it. :O) Surprised you haven't blocked me like this other guy did.
  • Keeping... sockpuppet 2012/06/16 23:51:10
    Keeping It Real
    Listen I'm going to give you some sound advice and that would be, come up from your mamma basement, take a well overdo shower and brush your teeth, all three of them. Maybe then you'll feel better and stop hating on others! come up from the basement take a shower brush your teeth
  • bob h. sockpuppet 2012/06/16 23:21:07
    bob h.
    Some of my best friends......
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/17 01:26:24
    It's a good thing we know you are joking. I am Irish too, and I don't feel that way at all.
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/17 03:30:38
    Just letting some of you see how ridiculous the knee-jerk 'racist' charge is. The assumption of many here is that Obama is genetically beyond reproach. Laughter and merriment at the expense of The (mostly) Humorless Left. :O)
  • Keeping... sockpuppet 2012/06/17 03:49:38
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/18 14:56:13
    We are glad you could have a chuckle at our expense. You are now a chucklehead.

    So you are saying all this is purely coincidence, and it has nothing to do with the fact it is happening during the term of our first minority president. It must be our imagination that white members of Congress act as if this president deserves no respect, that he can be shouted down and heckled during speeches, that his genetic makeup is somehow reproachable.

    Have another giggle.
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/18 16:28:45
    So you're saying that the catastrophic policies of our current administration are not enough for at least half the country to want him replaced by someone more fiscally responsible?

    You never got past the color of his skin to examine any of his actual achievements. You're hung up on race-- not me.

    I know you're earnest about this thing, so I don't think you're a phony. However, there it is... institutionalized projection. That's not meant as an insult, this time-- it's exactly as I see it. I think we're at an impasse.
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/18 17:59:49
    The topic of this thread is about the constant dissing of this president in ways we have never seen before with any other president. By coincidence, he is also our first minority president. Probably no connection at all, right?
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/18 18:10:43
    I don't see any connection. Why do you suppose the world scorned Joseph Kony? Had to be racism, right?

    Given the Left's extreme criticisms of GWBush a few years back, I don't think it's a good idea to start shouting others down for voicing their dissent.
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/19 04:27:32
    Kony is a despot regardless of his race. He is an African, so he is likely to be black. That is not even a plausible try.

    Bush was never interrupted during speeches to Congress. He was not shouted down during speeches or interrupted by interviewers. It would not have been acceptable to treat a president with such disrespect, but with this president it seems to be OK. Why is that?
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/19 04:58:21
    No... If you want to maintain a double standard, you'll need to work for it. If one man is beyond reproach because of his race, so is the other. If both men are open to criticism, stop writing it off as racism and get with the conversation.

    Bush was met with disrespect every time he opened his mouth. Worse, by FAR than Obama's ever been, anywhere, by anyone.

    Think the 'smirking chimp' images that the Left littered the country with during GWB would fly today? I'm betting they wouldn't.

    Clearly, these are only for use against Republicans.
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/19 16:07:40
    Bush was never interrupted during a State of the Union message. He was never heckled during a Rose Garden announcement. He was treated with the respect his office deserved, even though he personally did not deserve it.

    Now, for some reason, it is considered OK to interrupt and heckle the President of the United States during official functions. I have sent videos to former colleagues living in Europe, and they were appalled. They all asked the same question: How can they disrespect the office of President like that?

    How should I answer them?
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/19 16:22:27
    Poppycock. Bush took all of that and more. Invective is the one thing Liberals do well, but discretion is NOT.
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/19 17:01:25
    Poppycock? This is what I should tell them? They will think I have lost my mind, but I will tell them whom they may call on, since they too can access this site.

    When did a member of Congress shout “you lie” at Bush during a State of the Union address? When was Bush heckled during a Rose Garden announcement? He did have a pair of shoes thrown at his head, but that was in Iraq, where he had earned only contempt. I guess that was his peace prize.
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/19 18:09:38
    A guy like you has "colleagues" somehow... and they're in Europe. And they can read. This just gets better and better.

    OK. If it's so important to your self-esteem, tell them it's not racism. They don't understand the level of incompetence we're dealing with here, because all they see is the color of a man's skin. They don't remember all the disrespect our Liberals have heaped upon Conservatives of every stripe for decades here because they were too busy coddling their own bleeding heart saboteurs.

    I think that should cover it. If they need further edification, tell them to address one of our grownups directly. Not that we care what they think in the first place. :O)
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/19 18:51:48 (edited)
    I care. I worked with them in my career as a journalist. I covered many of the events you claim to know so much about, which is why I know you are completely full of it. We ended up covering events in other countries as well as our own, and some of them chose to remain there as expatriates for at least a while.

    I am sorry you don't think they know anything. Some of them covered the events you are such an expert on, and I'm sure they would love to see your take on it. Or maybe not.
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/19 19:17:39
    You believe that racism is what motivates people to criticize Obama. That tells me everything I need to know about your intellect and motivations. Says a lot about the field you worked in, as well.

    Happy witch-hunting.
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/19 20:24:18 (edited)
    Funny, I haven't mentioned the word “racism” on this thread. You, on the other hand, must be obsessed with it.

    You know nothing about the field I worked in, so do not presume to judge.
  • Keeping... Jeremiah 2012/06/18 18:35:50
    Keeping It Real
    You can't reason with idots!
  • Jeremiah Keeping... 2012/06/19 04:28:46
    I see that, but we must keep trying. Maybe one of them will see reason.
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/19 12:23:57
    You're not reasoning. You're just restating the same specious claim that the president's detractors are racists. If you can't be honest about it, I won't waste any more time with you. Celebrate that and make a joke about it... you know in your heart that you're unable to make a case. :O)
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/19 16:09:26 (edited)
    By all means, waste no more time. I have been humoring you so far, because I could see how biased and uninformed you are.

    Have a nice day.
  • Sissy sockpuppet 2012/06/17 12:15:24
    Yeah right, we DID think that a lot of racism was in the past until we got a minority President and saw the hate, contempt, and vitriol heaped on him 24/7 by vindictive right wing fruitcakes.
    Obama Hate placards
    Obama Hate placards
  • sockpuppet Sissy 2012/06/17 13:57:07
    His policies are easily more than enough reason to replace him. Race has nothing to do with 99.99% of it. :O)
  • Sissy sockpuppet 2012/06/17 16:50:15
    It has most everything to do with it. Otherwise the hate and contempt wouldn't have been heaped on him from the beginning.

    You can dislike a President's policies and legislation, I certainly detetsted every single thing GW did, but it never got personal. I hear he is a pretty darn nice guy with a lovely wife and two great kids. He was just in way over his head, incompetent and not very bright.
  • sockpuppet Sissy 2012/06/17 17:03:41
    You're just looking to find racism, so you'll find it everywhere. Too bad, because this sort of behavior has made legitimate charges of racism appear to be phony. Ever read the story of the little boy who cried "wolf"?
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/18 14:58:06
    We don't have to look very far to see it nowadays. It is like a slap in the face.
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/18 16:33:12
    I think you're dealing with our lunatic fringe. No reason to tar half the country with that brush-- it's as unreasonable as racism itself.
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/18 18:02:27
    I am not trying to tar half of the country with the brush of racism. Only the conservative segment.
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/18 18:11:48
    About half the country.
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/19 04:30:01
    As long as it is not half the voters.
  • sockpuppet Jeremiah 2012/06/19 12:25:19
    ? Yeah... the top half. There. I can say weird things too, and I'm still not distracted from the point of this poll.
  • Jeremiah sockpuppet 2012/06/19 16:10:31
    Go away.
  • jeane Sissy 2012/06/17 17:27:44
    Obama just dumped 800000 new job seekers into a market with few opportunities already. and with AMERICANS hurting to get back to work

    Thank you MR. Obama SIR!
  • Jeremiah jeane 2012/06/18 14:58:37
    You must be on the wrong thread.
  • jeane Jeremiah 2012/06/19 00:32:23
    Don't you want another reason as to why the KING keeps getting "dissed" by his subjects?

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