What would you do if you won 40,000,000 dollars?

Pats Fan 2009/05/20 14:05:58
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well 20,000,000 dollars after uncle sam takes his share of your winnings.
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  • Rico (oYo) ramesh 2009/05/22 16:31:56
    Rico (oYo)
    Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.
  • stefnjones 2009/05/21 12:39:55
    i'd do this
  • Maine Guy 2009/05/21 12:37:30 (edited)
    i'd do this
    Maine Guy
    Make a movie and become the next Roger Corman! movie
  • pd420 2009/05/21 12:08:15
    i'd do this
    All debt of everyone I love would be eliminated, I would have a new house, new car, and I would get my dog because I could afford a dog walker for when I am working. I'd probably also quit my job and start an animal sanctuary.
  • Uncle Joe 2009/05/21 11:46:21
    i'd do this
    Uncle Joe
    I'd put a solar panel on every school in the state that is less than 10 years old. I'd work out the financing first, but this would basically ensure cheap electricity for the public schools and a legacy of residual income for my heirs.Colleges would not be immune as they are also public schools.
  • Daddy-O 2009/05/21 09:58:01
    i'd do this
    Buy a bunch of land in Arizona or Montana and build my own town.
  • Mike 2009/05/21 09:03:08
  • Op4 2009/05/21 08:14:47 (edited)
    i'd do this
    After putting some towards family, friends and things like the WWP, I'd buy an island and run an air and sea charter service out of my beachfront bar. wwp buy island run air sea charter service beachfront bar
  • Nikola Judah 2009/05/21 07:19:57 (edited)
    i'd do this
    Nikola Judah
    Give my tithes (10%) in the form of anonymous help to people who are struggling and trying to do right.

    I'd pay off my student loans, which is less than $8k.

    Get my mom something/ anything she wanted.

    I'd stash 17 million someplace that wouldn't continually be inched off by the government.

    I'd fund admirable community projects.

    Look into starting a school in Mexico.

    I'd start a small film business.

    Buy a dependable vehicle.

    Give my five closest friends $5k.

    Go to Antarctica.

    Save the rest.
  • Debbie 2009/05/21 07:00:54 (edited)
    None of the above
    I wouldn't know where to start - oh, get a financial planner and an attorney. One more thing, go into hiding!
  • ruthie 2009/05/21 05:32:13
    None of the above
    I would dream about what I could have.
  • Not-A-RINO 2009/05/21 05:17:42
    i'd do this
    I would place the money in multiple tax-free interest bearing accounts. Even if I could realize a 4% return that would pay me $1.6 million/year. My new job would be to find deserving souls who need help, but are not asking for it. I would send them a check towards their need anonymously.

    I would send checks for $50k to the following charities:
    1. St. Jude's Childrens Cancer Center
    2. Salvation Army
    3. USO

    I would also like to look for everyday people who are outstanding in what they do. Depending on the person, I would offer a scholarship or a vacation on me.

    Every year, I would spend all of the money I get off of the interest earned to pay for my living expenses and to help as many people as I could without any of them taking my kindness for granted. Then when all my days are done, I would have the bank account money split between my sons.
  • Crazy C 2009/05/21 04:39:26
    i'd do this
    Crazy C
    Pay off my students loans.

    Open a retirement account for my parents.

    Pay off my sister's and Bother's mortages.

    Open college funds for their children.

    Open a Bank CD and retirement account for me.

    I figure that would be about 2.5 million.

    The rest will go to educational scholarships for minorities, trust worthy organizations that offer food and shelter to the poor internationally, and rehabilitation centers for drug and alchohol abusers.

    offer food shelter poor internationally rehabilitation centers drug alchohol abusers
  • i'd do this
    Pay off all my bills........take an Alaskan cruise.....got to Paris....travel the world...........
  • 絶望 Rabid Raccoon 2009/05/21 04:06:14
    i'd do this
    絶望 Rabid Raccoon
    spend some of it to get the fma peoples to hurry up and make the new fma series (brotherhood) in english and buy the dvd box set. then with the 2,000,000 left id decorate my room in anime, buy a large tv, buy all the video games i ever wanted, and "do what rich people do... bathe in fish!!!! eat my weight in chocolate buttons!!! learn to play the concertina!!!!" -valentine Mirrormask
  • Mr.Swaggerful 2009/05/21 03:52:12
    i'd do this
  • turtled... Mr.Swag... 2009/05/30 16:45:31
    Yeah, I bet!
  • Mr.Swag... turtled... 2009/05/30 17:01:00
    shut up mother you know my swag.
  • imazombie!!<3 2009/05/21 03:30:54
    donate it
    donate it cuz the homeless need it more then i do
  • twothunders 2009/05/21 03:26:07
    i'd do this
    screw the rave parties....me and my SH's are going to have a real party!
  • Nate SD 2009/05/21 03:22:17
    i'd do this
    Nate SD
    Save all of it to ensure all of my immediate family could be financially secure for the foreseeable future. I would not move, quit my job, or buy an island (or anything stupid like that).
  • alisha 2009/05/21 03:15:06
    i'd do this
    go someplace quiet :) and invite my friends.
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2009/05/21 03:14:58
    i'd do this
    ♥Nicole A♥
    1. Pay off my debt.
    2. Move out of California to a nice place somewhere in America with clean air and build a huge custom made house in the middle of 40 acres in the mountains.
    3. Have full time therapists for my autistic children.
    4. My husband could retire and get the surgery he needs.
    5. Travel the world.
    6.Start my own charity and orginazation for autism in honor of my kids.
    7. Hire some maids!
    8. Get some surgery for myself.
    9. Save the rest.
  • Jonathan 2009/05/21 03:13:17
    None of the above
    I would finish high school which is only 2 more weeks, and then i would help out my friends and family, then i would buy out a good business then hire people to run it for me and buy a big beautiful home and just sit back and enjoy life.
  • fish 2009/05/21 03:10:37 (edited)
    i'd do this
    Smoke it.

  • Diverbelo 2009/05/21 02:55:48 (edited)
    i'd do this
    I would set up a fund to pay long term welfare people not to reproduce. And also to fund sterilization in third world countries. Oh, and buy a new Corvette.
  • Pats Fan Diverbelo 2009/05/21 13:59:12
    Pats Fan
    i like the way you think.
  • Jan 2009/05/21 02:47:47 (edited)
    i'd do this
    After I paid off all my debts and the debts of my friends and family, I would start my own programs to help build homes for the disadvantaged/homes for battered women and children, and donate food to the churches that distribute it to the poor. I would never let the government have one cent of this money to run any of these types of programs for me - they cannot be trusted. I would do it all myself with the help of trusted friends and family.

    I know people will call me a "socialist" but I think that a perfect example of a country running properly for its citizens is Sweden. The average income for a family in America is $30,000 USD. In Sweden it is 98,000 USD. When the wealth is distributed more evenly, everyone has a chance to have a home, a car, food, money for an education and free health care.

    It's embarrassing to me that in the United States, the majority of the wealth belongs to 1/10 of one percent of the population (YES 1/10 OF ONE PERCENT). Come on people, let's take it back - you know they stole it from us! Let's try to make America GREAT again and redistribute some of that wealth.

    ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, if I didn't do that, I would buy one of the small islands off Hawaii and live happily the rest of my life listening to the waves! LOL

    buy islands hawaii live happily rest life listening waves lol
  • Crazy C Jan 2009/05/21 04:42:56
    Crazy C
    Oh, in this site they will call you more than a "socialist" for thinking about fixing poverty.... it's "unamerican" to some people.

    (**good answer)
  • Chelsea 2009/05/21 02:45:49 (edited)
    None of the above
  • eauclairewisconsinboy 2009/05/21 02:37:26
    i'd do this
  • Jayme 2009/05/21 02:35:44
    i'd do this
    i would;
    -buy all of the slaughter houses and the BURN THEM TO THE FUCKING GROUND
    -get a 1967 shelby mustang GT-500
    -go to all of the green day conserts in the country
    -and then donate the rest to ASPCE and PETA shelby mustang gt-500 green conserts country donate rest aspce peta
  • Mrs. Daydreamer :) 2009/05/21 02:27:35
    i'd do this
    Mrs. Daydreamer :)
    pay off my house, my mom's house, my best friend Pam's house, buy by boyfriends mom a house of her own and buy one for me and my boyfriend in Maryland. that would take care of about 1 million.....LOL!! Pay off my car and buy all above new ones. of course invest 10 mill. give 5 mill to homeless shelters put some in the bank to spend then i don't know what i'd do with the rest. I know though, that i wouldn't have any trouble finding things to do with it. LOL!!
  • Holliegirl11 2009/05/21 02:15:39
    i'd do this
    take the lump sum and get out of the usa. I'd go to some island. Hell even build my own with no extredition
  • Hannah 2009/05/21 02:12:02
    i'd do this
    FIRST put it in the bank then start spending it on many different things starting with clothes! When I'm older I would start a counseling/helping program for people who chose not to have abortions. Umm.. I would probably talk about it with my dad since I'm under 18. But yeah.. It's kind of unimaginable..

    program people chose abortions umm talk dad 18 yeah unimaginable program people chose abortions umm talk dad 18 yeah unimaginable program people chose abortions umm talk dad 18 yeah unimaginable program people chose abortions umm talk dad 18 yeah unimaginable program people chose abortions umm talk dad 18 yeah unimaginable program people chose abortions umm talk dad 18 yeah unimaginable
  • Diane Kilgore 2009/05/21 02:10:08
    None of the above
    Diane Kilgore
    I would help the battered women and provide help for recovering drug addicts, build homeless shelters all over the USA. I would donate to Kids cancer fund and many more. I would buy a nice house and the car I wanted. Help out every1 in my family and put the rest in an account that has alot of interest and live off just interest.
  • luckyfugal 2009/05/21 02:09:02
    i'd do this

    and this
    and this.

    oh so much to do with 40,000,000/20,000,000
  • luckyfugal luckyfugal 2009/05/21 02:11:57 (edited)
    OHHHHH! and buy a house in Ireland ofcorse ohhhhh buy hous ein ireland ofcorse
  • Hannah luckyfugal 2009/05/21 02:14:24
    haha, who doesn't love a southern boy?
  • luckyfugal Hannah 2009/05/21 02:32:37
    i could name a few....but i think its against SH policy. lol ...oh and im from the west. high desert,utah. but very close i like the south though. sh policy lol west high desertutah close south sh policy lol west high desertutah close south

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