What would you do if you were lost in a large forest with no compasse and no means of communication?

Amber 2009/05/16 13:24:38
I would...
What I would do is...
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  • Ice queen 2009/06/06 00:11:39
    I would...
    Ice queen
    i would prolly hithike and get SUMMMMM.......:) lol inside joke
  • Amber Ice queen 2009/06/09 23:08:24
    Ha ha lol :o)
  • Daisy 2009/05/20 04:15:28
    What I would do is...
    Keep Moving, in one direction. There's plenty of morning dew, I'm sure I'd make it I'm a big girl, and as long as I drink when I can I can go without eating long enough to walk my big ass out lol
  • Icedragon1969 2009/05/17 20:58:02
    I would...
    Picture the regional map in my head. There are roads everywhere these days. Next you look at sun angles and such as that to determine directions and you start walking toward where you feel they are. Don't walk fast, don't hurry, just a steady pace. Leave marks behind you so that your trail can be found if there is a search.

    As for eating and drinking...well, there's bugs and earthworms if nothing else, and if you're that far lost, the -running- water is likely about as safe as the water out of my well in my backyard, so all that's covered.
  • Amber Icedrag... 2009/05/17 22:03:35
    Actually, the water nowadays is worthless. Filled with pollution.
  • DRLJR 2009/05/16 21:02:25
    I would...
    I would relax, take a look at my surroundings and plan what I needed to do. Then pick the appropriate direction and start walking.
  • Amber DRLJR 2009/05/16 22:18:42
    That might work... but how would you know which direction is the appropriate one?
  • DRLJR Amber 2009/05/17 05:28:35
    It would depend upon the terrain. Almost any east or west direction would be the best direction. And a lot would be guess work.
  • Amber DRLJR 2009/05/17 18:16:39
    Yeah, true.
  • Kammy 2009/05/16 14:12:52
    What I would do is...
    What i would is start a fire and try to make alot of smoke make a shelter find food and clean water unless its rain then i would find a bowl and collect water and then scream help as loud as i can!
  • Amber Kammy 2009/05/16 20:49:02
    Sounds good, Kammy!
  • The Myth 2009/05/16 13:42:47
    What I would do is...
    The Myth
    First off, I wouldn't be lost [army training, SIR!], and second it is a lot easier to find your bearings than you think. At night look for the North star/Southern cross to get your bearings. During the day put a stick in the ground, mark the tip of the shadow with a small object, wait several hours, then remark it. The line marks your east to west. Then simply draw your other line and you have a basic compass. You can even use your watch if you have one!
  • Mel The Myth 2009/05/16 13:56:05
  • The San... The Myth 2009/05/16 14:02:44
    The Sane One
    Assuming, of course, it is an analog watch and not a digital one.
  • The Myth The San... 2009/05/16 14:13:44
    The Myth
    LOL, yes. I used to keep a magnetized needle tucked away in case I lost/broke my compass. Then again, that only works in certain areas of the world...etc. Now a small GPS and waterproof map.....we have it made. Unless the satellites get whacked that is.
  • Amber The Myth 2009/05/16 20:50:22
    But, first, how could you see the stars if it was increasingly cloudy? And, not everyone knows about the stick thing!
  • The Myth Amber 2009/05/17 00:35:57
    The Myth
    You can use a magnetized needle in a puddle of water also. The question never mentioned weather conditions. Most mountain ranges run north and south and have spurs that radiate outward...etc. If you get lost in the woods, it's your own fault in todays modern world. You have no excuses, even if your kidnapped and dumped in the desert! Joking of course. My watch has a digital compass for crying out loud!
  • Fumika 2009/05/16 13:32:53
    I would...
    Learn how to speak squirrel so they could lead me in the right direction :D
    Or grow wings so I could fly into the sky :D
    Eating shrooms could help me with these things lol
    squirrel lead direction grow wings fly sky eating shrooms lol
  • Amber Fumika 2009/05/16 20:51:17
    Good luck with that.
  • doo 2009/05/16 13:31:36
    I would...
    walk around.

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