What Will Happen If Government Shutsdown? It May Be On The Way.

micheleT BN-O 2011/02/12 18:34:51
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Battle Over Budget Cuts Raises Specter of Federal Government Shutdown

By L.A. Holmes

Published February 11, 2011

Feb. 11, 2011: Rep. Tim Scott, R-S.C., warns that a government shutdown is 'on the table' if Republicans and Democrats can't agree on spending cuts.

A government shutdown is on the table if Congress fails to reach an agreement on spending cuts, a freshman GOP congressman told Fox News on Friday, making him one of the few Republicans to publicly raise the possibility.

“I think nothing's off the table at this point,” Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina said, warning that uncontrolled spending will inevitably lead to an impasse -- and ultimately a shutdown.

“Can the American government sustain the level of spending that we have today?” Scott asked. “There's no question that a shutdown is coming, whether we do it today or whether we do it in 20 years.”

Senate Democrats and House Republicans are currently at loggerheads over the size of a long-term spending bill designed to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. House Republicans unveiled $100 billion in cuts Friday to that bill, which is expected to come up for votes in both chambers next week in the form of a seven-month measure known as a continuing resolution. The language of the 359-page House bill was posted late Friday.

Scott’s warnings come despite assertions from House leadership and other Republicans that they do not want these ongoing budget negotiations to result in a government shutdown.

GOP Propose $100 Billion in Spending Cuts

House Republicans seeking deeper cuts.

“I don't know anybody who's talking about that as something they desire,” Republican Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson, a member of the House Budget and Appropriations committees, told Fox News.

But those assertions fall short of a guarantee from House Republicans that the leadership would not permit the government to shut down, which has many Democrats on edge.

“Leading Republicans are still threatening to shut down the government if they don't get everything they want – which includes taking cops off the street and cutting financial aid for college instead of cutting waste and excess, like $20 billion in government giveaways to oil companies that are currently raking in record profits,” Jon Summers, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., wrote in a statement released late Friday.

Republican leaders pledged to cut $100 billion from President Obama’s fiscal year 2011 budget, which was never passed. The federal government has been operating on short-term spending bills since last October, and the $100 billion in proposed cuts come despite the fact that half the budget year is gone.

New Jersey Rep. Robert Andrews led a group of Democrats in a news conference Friday decrying such cuts.

"America won't grow if America won't learn, and America won't learn with 30 percent cuts to education," Andrews said.

"We need to cut, we need to grow, but let's do it responsibly,” Rep. Tim Bishop, D-N.Y., added.

Republicans acknowledge that they may not get every cut they’ve outlined but hold some cuts are necessary to restore fiscal discipline.

“That's the risk you run," said Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the fiscally conservative Republican Study Committee. "But that's how we do things in America. This is the process that's in place, so let's play it out. Right now what I'm saying is, things are headed in the right direction.”

The federal government is currently funded through a continuing resolution that expires March 4. If Congress fails to either approve the longer-term spending bill or pass another stopgap by the expiration date, most government operations will cease until more funding is approved—Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner released new projections last week that the federal government would run out of money between April 5 and May 3 were that to happen

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  • KCole44 2011/04/07 17:39:35
    What I want to know is will Congress continue to receive a paycheck if there is a government shutdown? If so, WHY???? They’re the only ones not doing their jobs!!!!

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  • Karen Brewer 2011/07/14 16:06:45
    Karen Brewer
    By all means shut down the Social Security/Disability/Welfare programs. It will certainly keep the funeral business hoping!! They expect Disabled people to go to work! With what jobs? There aren't enough jobs out there for the physically able now! I think Congress,Senate, and the president should sacrifice their pay checks. If they think taking lively hoods away from the disabled and poor is okay why can't they also live with no income?
  • KCole44 2011/04/07 17:39:35
    What I want to know is will Congress continue to receive a paycheck if there is a government shutdown? If so, WHY???? They’re the only ones not doing their jobs!!!!
  • jill rogers 2011/04/06 22:37:59
    jill rogers
    will we still get our social security disability checks on the 3 on each month
  • Judy 2011/04/05 20:09:36
    What will happen to all the people on social security, and disabilty. Will we still get are checks or will we all become homeless and lose what little we do have?
  • Heurister Judy 2011/04/06 01:04:08
    The government will most likely still send social security checks. Last time this happened they were sent, but no new claims were being processed. If the senate stops being stupid everything should be running again within a week or two.
  • Griggs 2011/04/03 23:30:02
    How is this going to effect the veterans that are on disability and collecting a check from the government. There are alot of veterans that depend on that check due to injuries suffered from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan....
  • MW121 2011/02/15 23:19:54
    Maybe Obama can play a game of basketball on one day and golf on another day..
  • michele... MW121 2011/02/16 13:48:13
    micheleT BN-O
    Isn't that something he does a lot>
  • Heurister MW121 2011/04/06 01:06:16
    Obama has nothing to do with this, it's all about the discord between the democrats and republicans in the senate. The republicans said they would accept a budgets with X,Y, and Z cut, so the democrats reluctantly gave them that, then the republicans came back and said they also wanted A, B, and C cut. The democrats don't want to have to cut more than they already agreed to.
  • MW121 Heurister 2011/04/06 01:35:50
    That's the problem.. They don't want to face the truth.. which is there is no money... They need to cut cut cut..
  • KCole44 Heurister 2011/04/07 17:33:09
    Obama does have something to do with this; "this" is the Federal Budget and it is so out-of-control because Obama and the democrats can't stop spending. The Republicans have every right to demand the democrats STOP spending money that the United States does NOT have!!!!! And you know, thank God they are, otherwise the democrats would continue their enormous and ridiculous “spending spree” and where would that put us a year from now!
  • MW121 2011/02/15 23:17:47
    I hope it does shut down.. I don't honestly think the 2 sides will be able to come up with any compromise.. there shouldn't be one.. just cut all entitlements and let the people figure it out.. Stop relying on the government and we wouldn't have this problem.. Once you give, people think it's automatic and they are entitled to it.. take it away and you're destroying their lives.. We'll wake up becasue there is no more money.. they need to come up with a fair tax as well so everyone pays, go after the 53+% of Americans that don't pay federal taxes..
  • Wolfman 2011/02/14 07:27:34
    Shut it down. Social Security and Medicare would operate just fine.
  • KCole44 Wolfman 2011/04/07 17:13:33
    Yeah, sure they would, but what about the military? My husband has served in the United States military for almost 15 of his 30 year life; that's half of his life, serving to protect you, congress, even the President, and now just because congress can't do their job, my husband and I will not receive a paycheck, and for how long? What are we, the troops and their families suppose to do to pay our bills and feed our children? I guess it doesn't matter; just as long Medicare and SS continue to be dished out....right?
  • Wolfman KCole44 2011/04/07 19:04:11
    I served as well during Vietnam. You should be paid. Thank you for your service.

    Boehner has a bill on the floor to pay the military in case of a government. It will pass the House and the Senate. Hopefully, BHO will not veto the bill.
  • KCole44 Wolfman 2011/04/07 20:00:46
    And thank you for your service as well. I appreciate all you have done fighting for mine, and my family's freedom.
  • Wolfman KCole44 2011/04/08 05:03:50
    Now I believe that Reid refuses to take up the bill because Obama said he would veto it. I cannot understand this. Why would Omama deny the troops pay? These are his wars. This isn't right. I apologize to you. You should be paid.
  • KCole44 Wolfman 2011/04/09 06:27:49
    Well sure do appreciate your support and so do all of the other soldiers out there, so thank you.
  • Wolfman KCole44 2011/04/09 07:12:00
    It's all settled now. Y'all all get paid and Obama got a second term. Good news, bad news.
  • npotter 2011/02/13 19:52:07
    I agree something needs to be done and done now. Cutting back would be better than cutting off completely. Those who live solely on social security would be devastated, and they have "earned" this income, it wasn't just given to them for no reason, whereas entitlements like Welfare, WIC, etc., are just that, entitlements and not one person has "earned" this income. I can see Obama shutting down and waiting till all the seniors cried out in hunger, to make his point to everyone. It's no skin off his back or food off his table! He'd be making an example out of the seniors who helped to build America to what it is today, and the Veterans who risked their lives to keep us free. He would take joy in shutting the government down, it gives him more focus, just what he wants.
  • Rore73 2011/02/13 02:25:47
    Something has to happen - If it takes a government shut down to stop the spending, it's way overdue. Congress should not increase the debt ceiling!

    Pray that the majority in Washington gets some common sense and stops this free fall to ruin!
  • CyanWhispers 2011/02/13 02:09:02
    What will happen if the government shuts down....
    EXACTLY what this country needs!!! They will not be wasting our money (cutting checks) for foreign aid, no welfare recipiants will receive my money for having babies, etc... Churches, charities and comunities will step up to help the welfare mom so her baby doesn't go hungry... The stores will all still be selling their wares and manufacturers producing... Taxes collected at the registers will draw interest at banks in the merchant accounts waiting for the doors to open and to be forwarded...

    I say Shut the Doors and Leave them shut!
  • LTMeadows214 2011/02/12 21:01:34
    we must have law and order, a complete shutdown will lead to anarchy. We could do with 2/3 less government for a start. No one will put themselves out of work, it will take the will of the people to shutdown government.
  • russell... LTMeado... 2011/04/07 15:44:19 (edited)
    russell ball
    We need anarchy. this government doesn't know what it is doing. We need to get rid of money all together because it just cause problems. people should be able to do what they want. People say this country is free but it isn't as soon as people realize that this country will be so much better.
  • KCole44 russell... 2011/04/07 17:24:37
    Anarchy is the very last thing this country needs; and money doesn't cause problems by the way, irresponsible, greedy politicians and those who vote for them do.
  • Nat Turner 2011/02/12 19:53:11
    Nat Turner
    I don't know, but Heaven forbid!!!
  • jjo 2011/02/12 19:12:10
    The people in office will never agree, it is hopeless and this our nation in financial turmoil.
  • ThomasSnouffer 2011/02/12 19:10:30
    Been there/done that SO many times before that I find it LESS believable than SPAM!

    I'm gonna do a Nostradamus here and say that--because of a hard-earned, down-to-the-wire, last-minute, unpartisan AND unprecedented cooperation between our politicians, we of the proletariate will be "saved", yet again, because were were AT LEAST smart enough to elect the right people to.....etc. etc. etc. After a while, folks, all the bull**** gets pretty damned OLD!
  • micheleT BN-O 2011/02/12 19:06:12
    micheleT BN-O
    Obama spends way to much, a lot of it is just for fun and vacations!
  • RTHTGakaRoland 2011/02/12 18:59:41 (edited)
    "the federal government would run out of money between April 5 and May 3 were that to happen"

    If the Democrats will not allow us to moderate their insane spending and they ask the American Taxpayer for ever more to waste right at tax time, I doubt that they will like America's answer.
  • Lord of War 2011/02/12 18:56:38
    Lord of War
    I think it's time to scrap the federal Gvt. Let the states govrn for themselves.
  • Stonecipher 2011/02/12 18:52:45
    Let's hope NOT! If it happens, I think we would have people revolt and that's not a good thing.

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