What type of funeral would you like to have when you die (people of all ages welcome to answer)?

diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2008/07/22 15:25:30
Classic funneral: coffin, church, tombstone, da works.
I want to me imbaled.
I think I'll donate my body to science.
I like your idea, Dia...
My Chemical Romance-style
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I would like to ask my fellow sodaheads this question. You don't have to be serious, just think about what you'd like your funeral to be like. Even if you don't care for funerals, make up something.

When I die, I want to be buried under a fruit tree, no coffin or body bag. Just the plain body (with some clothes on). That way my body could decompose more quickly and the nutrients would be used by the tree to produce fruit. Biological Recycling. I've never been into the idea of preservation. It just seems pointless. Your body's going to decompose eventualy, coffin or no coffin. Even if you do find a way to remain preserved, you can't take your body with you when you die.

Anyway, along with the tree, I would have a small tombstone placed infont of the tree, with my name, date of birth, and date of death, right under the engravings "YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN".
Also, during the funeral, I wan't a death wish playlist for all the guests to listen to (whether they like it or not).

Death Wish Playlist:
Dead!-My Chemical Romance
Wake me up when september ends-Green Day
The Black Parade-MCR
In the End-Linkin Park
Hands Held High-Linkin Park
Give It All-Rise Against
Chronicles of Life and Death-Good Charlotte
and maybe a few others.

So that's my will. If you're wondering why i asked this, don't worry, i'm not going to die (well, then again, you never know).
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  • Nozzghoull 2009/04/17 10:22:04
    Have an Irish wake. Cremation then dump my ashes off of of Highway 101 into the Pacific ocean.
  • James 2009/04/17 10:19:28
    This is how i wanna go out...
    Put me in the ground or a pine box is okay with me. I'll be resurrected in a glorified body away. Praise the Lord!
  • =]jackylin3[= 2008/08/21 15:10:44
    I don't care for funerals.
  • diaverd... =]jacky... 2008/08/21 19:46:55
  • Crisp Winter Kill 2008/07/25 23:43:07
    Crisp Winter Kill
    Depends on how I died.
    If it was just of old age, then I want to be cremated, and then have my ashes scattered in the sea. If I do get a funeral, I want them to play Good Riddance by Green Day.

    I agree with you on the body-preservation thing though. Coffins just slow the inevitable; a buried body is gonna decompose one way of another.
  • cronewinter 2008/07/23 06:14:38
    then take the ashes on a camping trip and scatter some where ever you think i would have found beauty or inspiration. thanks kids..laugh alot on the camp out.
  • Jess 2008/07/23 00:28:40
    I just want it to be like any other funeral..........I just don't want it to be sad...
  • Indigo 2008/07/22 22:35:12
    Personally i don now.
  • .::Gangstress::. 2008/07/22 17:45:51
    I like your idea, Dia...
    But for mine, I want to be a organ donor so I'll be cremated. And with my ashes I want them to be spread on all four corners of the earth. North, South, East and West. So no matter what I could say i've been all over the world=]
  • R 2008/07/22 17:41:12
    ...my ash goes at the North Sea.
  • Not Einstein 2008/07/22 16:35:46
    Not Einstein
    I want my ashes put into fireworks, so I can really go out with a bang!
  • diaverd... Not Ein... 2008/07/22 16:43:41
    Now that's a cool idea. That's the kind of imagination i'm looking for with this poll.
  • JIQUISCHICK 2008/07/22 15:52:01
    Classic funneral: coffin, church, tombstone, da works.
    a regular funeral is fine..

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