What the hell is **wrong** with Obama???????

HL 2011/08/27 19:12:56
Doesn't he get it? When a hurricane hits, there's supposed to be partying, birthday cake, and air guitar. I mean, come ON. The repubicans know how to do it, so why not the Dems? And then do a flyover, looking like a clueless ficking ninny. Get with the damned program, Obama. Sheesh.

flyover clueless ficking ninny damned program obama sheesh nbsp nbspflyover clueless ficking ninny damned program obama sheesh nbsp nbspflyover clueless ficking ninny damned program obama sheesh nbsp nbsp

In case it might not have been *totally* obvious, this was satire.

damned program obama sheesh nbsp nbsp case totally obvious satire
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  • ProudProgressive 2011/08/28 03:05:18
    As usual, President Obama is showing the kind of leadership that Presidents are supposed to show. It's a shame that there are still those who think that leadership consists of a giant "Mission Accomplished" banner and month long vacations after being warned of an imminent threat to thousands of American lives.

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  • bigfoot 2011/09/05 23:55:04
    the Answers are: the American Voter,who is poor and thinks they are Republican Rich.and the American Voter,who is a working union member Dem,but thinks and votes for Repugnants.the American Voter,who votes for a Repugnant /Half D/R bought and paid for Congress,who votes against policies in the best interest of working people.Obama is and will be just fine.he is just learning you can never depend upon those,who are too dumb and lazy to vote.and the only colors that matters are green and gold.
  • John® 2011/09/02 20:14:35
    I can still remember Omamba's performance with the oil spill disaster. Complete incompetence. A pathetic show.
    remember omambas performance oil spill disaster incompetence pathetic obama bp disaster
  • Flea 2011/08/31 02:34:34
    mmmmm-mmmm- Dubya loves that bbq...
    mmmmm-mmmm- dubya loves bbq bush eating cat
  • Toots 2011/08/31 00:22:04
    Obama has no idea what to do except keeping his mouth going and saying less!!! He will never know what is going on????????
  • HL 2011/08/30 20:14:12
  • Bastion 2011/08/30 19:12:37
    Because Republicans are the world's greatest hypocrites

    republicans worlds hypocrites i screwed you all thanks for blaming
  • Mr. Bean 2011/08/29 16:45:37
  • moo 2011/08/29 09:34:31
    There nothing wrong with President Obama. He a Democrate and not a Republican.
  • Ron moo 2011/08/29 21:08:28
    That is his problem~
  • moo Ron 2011/08/29 21:57:35
    Democrates and Republicans are different and they act not the same.
  • seattleman 2011/08/29 04:20:54 (edited)
    We need an expert in charge of FEMA. Come on Mr President, why do you not have a failed equestrian judge at the helm? expert charge fema president equestrian judge helm police cheif wiggim   simpsons
  • Flea seattleman 2011/08/31 02:40:12 (edited)
    Uh, Michael Brown is gone--- Obama appointed Craig Fugate as the head of FEMA 2 years ago.

    Maybe it's because Obama has some FKIN COMMON SENSE?!?!
  • seattleman Flea 2011/09/02 22:01:50
    You don't need to bust out the all caps on me. I was making a sarcastic statement. "Brownie" failed to perform his duty as FEMA cheif, but whose fault is that? His? Hardly. I think it's the president who appointed a woefully unqualifiied man to such an important position who should get the blame.

    I posted the pic of Police Cheif Wiggum because President Bush reminds me of him - a clueless idiot in a position of great responsibility....
  • Flea seattleman 2011/09/02 23:43:00
    oh, sorry- mea culpa. I thought you were applauding Bush and Browne as the FEMA head.
    Guess I read the sarcasm wrong.
    Does prove my point tho- that Obama has some FKING COMMON SENSE!
  • seattleman Flea 2011/09/03 00:19:04
    Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, uh..ya can't get fooled again.

    Is our children learning? (I miss Bushisms)
  • Flea seattleman 2011/09/03 03:11:06
    heee- that's the only thing I miss about him- if he didn't make us laugh with his grammar gaffs, we'd be crying from what he did to this country.
  • Mike 2011/08/29 04:07:20
    Yeah, you would have thought, he would have learned from Katrina!
  • Singerar 2011/08/29 02:56:25
    He works his ass off...what's wrong with leaders like that? And God forbid he actually cares? (again, extreme sarcasm!) I love my Pres.
  • Manwé 2011/08/29 01:48:12
    He just can't seem to be able to get into that fiddling while Rome burns mood.
  • Sandy 2011/08/29 00:13:20
    The picture of Obama LISTENING says it all, but some right winger will say that it was a photo op or some such, a way to just look like he was interested in the hurricane. I'm proud of President Obama.
  • chaoskitty123 2011/08/28 23:49:36
    HL... Jimmy Carter personally stopped Three mile Island from going nuclear and it didn't help him get re elected.

    I understand your support for Obama and you guys still like taking pot shots at Bush but everyone pretty much predicted this. Two days ago friends of mine in Italy said "Watch Obama come back from his vacation a day early to give his supporters reason to say he's acting Presidential to attack Bush with".

    Fact... Bush actually was on the ball and the aid came in for New Orleans... the idiot Democrat Governor of Louisiana had the National Guard and State Police out stopping it from coming in and it was Kathleen Blanco who blew it which is why she was voted out of office. None of you went after Blanco about Katrina when you should have been acting like most people asking what kind of idiot blocks aid convoys so that trucks loaded with goods have to go through Alabama and Mississippi searching for the backroads into Louisiana to get aid to people in desperate need.

    Legally, the feds can't do anything where a hurricane is involved until after it hits.

    But HL, can I point something out here to you... if this is satire, then your top commentor's comment looks like a Republican being sarcastic and makes him look like a fool?
  • Houston chaoski... 2011/08/29 01:59:35
    Ummm Blanco didn't run for office again....... US President George W Bush earlier admitted that relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina had been inadequate.....

    On Sunday, Aug. 28, the day before the storm made landfall, Michael Chertoff, the secretary of Homeland Security, and Michael Brown, then the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, were briefed by the Hurricane Center on the possibility that Katrina would overwhelm New Orleans' levees. Although the levees failed on Monday, Chertoff and Brown did not apparently learn of the disaster until Tuesday. By Wednesday, the storm response had become a televised disaster, yet Chertoff, Brown and Bush did not seem to comprehend how badly the federal government had failed until at least Thursday evening or Friday morning (when Bush's aides showed him a homemade DVD of disaster footage so that he could understand what had happened).

    Have you got any links or are you just blowing smoke? All of the statements I provided can be easily found, and I can provide links if you wish...... Where are the links to yours?
  • dave chaoski... 2011/08/29 18:56:42
    Bush didn't respond to Katrina for nearly 3 weeks- he was on vacation for 2 weeks before Katrina and didn't come back until 3 weeks after- I remember people were still stuck on their roofs at that point- by time bush did respond the water had started receding- I'm not sure where you got your info but it is wrong- also the national weather board is a federal agency and they send out the warning- the Feds also can send evacuation notices and ofcourse can send aid once the hurricane hits- bush didn't send in any aid for nearly a month- that is a fact- all the aid that came prior was from agencies that are owned and operated by private citizens- why is it the republicans think they can rewrite history?
  • Lawnmow... dave 2011/08/30 03:56:35
    REPUBLICANS rewriting history?!! Have you seen all the Liberal crap and PC BS that's being put in government school books lately?!
  • dave Lawnmow... 2011/08/30 06:11:02
    Like what?
  • Annie~P... dave 2011/09/03 07:31:34
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    BS! Three weeks?? You are probably thinking of FEMA. To bad it didn't take Obama just three weeks to respond to the BP explosion.
  • dave Annie~P... 2011/09/03 15:11:40
    I know he was working on that right away
  • Annie~P... dave 2011/09/04 05:16:19
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Right away, 4 months?
  • dave Annie~P... 2011/09/04 17:17:20
    I'm sorry but he was making plans for that as soon as I heard about it on the news- that same night he addressed the union- and I recall that it took quite some time for engineers to come up with a solution but that doesn't mean that they weren't working on it- as a matter of fact I recall they attempted one resolution that took a month to develooe and it failed- but he did address it right away- some problems are harder to solve than others
  • harasnicole 2011/08/28 22:34:15
    If you have to explain a joke, it's not very funny.
  • Mark 2011/08/28 20:46:10
    Nothing ...
  • historian 2011/08/28 19:42:28
    I can't believe there are people still falling for this kind of staged propaganda.
  • The_Machine 2011/08/28 18:38:20
    Don't worry he cut his vacation short a day, only cause the hurricane was actually goin to effect him!
  • Che Gue... The_Mac... 2011/08/28 19:48:03
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Says you. lol
  • The_Mac... Che Gue... 2011/08/29 05:16:29
    Yep Cuba is such a awesome place since the che revolution, can't wait for the usa to end up like Cuba!.... That was sarcasm for the record. Lol
  • Che Gue... The_Mac... 2011/08/29 06:11:46
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Well with the corporations and the wealthy treating the poor and the middle class like human garbage you just might get what you wish for. lol
  • The_Mac... Che Gue... 2011/08/29 17:22:42
    Americas poor has the best lifestyle than a majority of this world. Problem is we are to spoiled and nobody wants to work anymore! I've worked for a few corporations and for some reason they gave me a good pay check. Being jealous of the rich will only end up making us all poor... Just like Cuba! If you wanna get rich work your ass off for it.
  • Che Gue... The_Mac... 2011/08/30 04:39:48
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Buy a history book. Once the divide between rich and poor reaches a stage of revolt you have serious problems. There has never been a wider gap between the rich and the poor in our history or world history for that matter.
  • The_Mac... Che Gue... 2011/08/30 15:29:03
    I have read history and I can also see what happened every time the lazy, I mean poor revolt. Cuba happens! Stupid left wing class envy and jealousy is the problem. My parents taught me not to bite the hand that feeds. I've never got a paycheck from a poor person, only rich people. Why the Hell would I not want them to be rich? It's not rocket science, its common sense!
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2011/08/28 17:51:03
    Best guess is he has seen the numbers and has decide he better get to work!

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