What should we do about the over population of trees in America?

Jezebel 2011/03/20 20:51:58
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There are more trees in America today, than there were 200 years ago. At this rate we could be over run with trees in another 50 years! Does this have something to do with our reckless recycling of paper? Recycling not only costs more money than to make paper from new but recycling also causes more air pollution than making paper from new.

Are liberals trying to kill us all?

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  • Algor. Mortis. - ҎԊǢɬ Physician
    You know that trees and plants provide oxygen right?
  • xcheshirecat 2011/03/22 04:03:33
  • Centurion~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/21 06:04:10
    I recycle.

    I plant trees. More than likely, not enough trees. I also cut my firewood up in the forest so if I cut down 4 trees on a given day, I probably need to plant 6 new trees near where I cut the others. I need to make this clear, I only cut down dead trees with no green on them.

    Recycling just makes sense. I also recycle paper even if it just goes through the shredder to light my fireplace.

    If we find ourselves overun with trees, we can back off on planting for a while. After spending so much time in hot places with very few trees, I really enjoy having them.
  • gray ghost 2011/03/21 01:22:01
    gray ghost
    You should be concerned about the over population of Muslims and not worry about trees.
  • Jezebel gray ghost 2011/03/21 04:51:33
  • Mopvyzo USA 2011/03/20 21:57:50
    Mopvyzo USA
    Let em grow let em grow let em grow
  • flaca BN-0 2011/03/20 21:07:29
    flaca BN-0
    Are you talking about trash, fast growth trees designed for paper mills, or slow growth good trees?
    A friend of mine took a small plane flight over California. He noticed that along the roads all the sequoias were left intact, but a little ways past that there were huge swathes of trees cut down. Very old sequoias decimated. What you see from the road is not the real picture.

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