WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.. you gotta read this one...

Who REALLY saved Capt Phillips?

Cmdr. Frank Castellano, that's who!

All of us wanted to raise our glasses the highest this week to the Navy
SEALs who popped those three Somali pirates. And I'm sure you want to hear
the real story of what happened.

Why, for example, did it take SEAL Team Six (aka DEVGRU, Navy Special
Warfare Development Group, the Navy's equivalent of Delta Force) over 36
hours to get to the scene? Because Pres. Obama refused to authorize the
SEAL deployment for those 36 hours, during which the OSC - the on scene
commander, Cmdr. Frank Castellano of the USS Bainbridge - repeatedly
requested them.

Once the SEALs arrived - parachuting from a C-17 into the ocean near the
ship - Obama then imposed Rules of Engagement (ROE) specifying the SEALs
could not do anything unless the life of the hostage, Captain Richard
Phillips, was in "imminent" danger. Thus, when Capt. Phillips attempted to
escape by jumping off the lifeboat into the ocean, the SEAL snipers had all
four pirates (one later surrendered) sighted in and could have taken them
out then and there - but they could not fire due to Obama's ROE

When the SEALs approached the lifeboat in a RIB (rigid-hull inflatable boat)
carrying supplies for Capt. Phillips and the pirates, the pirates fired upon
them. Not only was no fire returned due to the ROE, but as the pirates were
shooting at the RIB, SEAL snipers on the Bainbridge had them all dialed in.
No triggers were pulled due to the ROE.

Two specific rescue plans were developed by Cmdr. Castellano and the SEAL
teams. Obama personally refused to authorize them. After the second
refusal and days of dithering, Cmdr. Castellano decided he had the
Operational Area and OSC authority to "solely determine risk to hostage" and
did not require any further approval of the president.

Four hours later, the White House is informed that three pirates are dead
and Capt.. Phillips has been rescued unharmed. A WH press release is
immediately issued, giving credit to the president for his "daring and
decisive" behavior that resulted in such success.

Obama, who has absolutely no military knowledge or experience whatsoever,
demanded decisional control over the entire hostage drama to the last
detail. All actions required his personal approval. He dithered while the
world laughed at our warships flummoxed by four illiterate teenagers with
AKs in a lifeboat.

Only when the Navy Commander decided to ignore his Commander-in Chief and
take action and responsibility himself, were the incredible skills of the
SEALs put into play. That Obama could cynically and opportunistically claim
that his "bold" "calm" "tough" leadership was responsible, should remind
everyone that not a single action, not a single word of this man can be
trusted. He is bereft of honesty and moral character.

Let us raise a glass full of pride and gratitude to Navy Commander Frank
Castellano, to the Navy SEALs for their incredible competence, and to our
brave military. gratitude navy commander frank castellano navy seals competence brave military
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  • suz 2009/05/04 15:35:42
    The Navy Seals "the best of the best" man our troops rock, I just pray that their 'commander in chief' doesn't throw them under the bus. navy seals troops rock pray commander chief throw bus
  • Eppie suz 2009/05/04 18:34:37
    I hope they revolt against this joke of a President.
  • Different ♥ 2009/05/04 15:28:18
    Different  ♥
    He's a damned Muslim. Should we expect more? He doesn't make much effort to conceal it unless it suits his needs at the time. People need to wake the hell up.
  • Greatbear100~support our vets 2009/05/04 15:08:42 (edited)
  • Floe 2009/05/04 14:42:18
    He is wet behind the ears, trouble is on it's way.
  • Mary Philliber 2009/05/04 14:40:41
    Mary Philliber
    If you heard the captain when he got back he thanked the seals but not the President. To me that was very telling.
  • Racefish 2009/05/04 14:16:25
    From my understanding, Obama instructed the Navy not to do anything "unless there was imminent danger to the captain". He actually tied their hands.
    What the Navy should have been able to do as previously, would have been to take the pirates out without having to wait for a PC decision.
    How many more decisions will this joke in the White House going to make that handicaps the military?
  • Lanikai 2009/05/04 14:16:15
    I have read this before. Yes, we all know obie is a weak, america hating piece of limp toast. HOOORRRAYYYY for he SEALS. I wonder if obie will demand they be disbanded now? america hating piece limp toast hooorrrayyyy seals obie demand disbanded
  • hmjtrj-searching for truth 2009/05/04 13:06:04
    hmjtrj-searching for truth
    I recieved a forwarded email with a similar discription of the events. I didn't have a reference to check it out so I didn't post it except for one paragraph that I have no doubt about.

    --♥After receiving MV ALABAMA'S distress call, USS BAINBRIDGE (DDG 96) was dispatched by the ESG commander to respond to ALABAMA's distress call. At best sustainable speed, she arrived on scene the day after-- that is, in the dark of that early Thursday morning. As BAINBRIDGE quietly and slowly, at darkened-ship without any lights to give her away, arrived on scene please consider a recorded interview with the Chief Engineer of MV ALABAMA describing BAINBRIDGE's arrival.
    He said it was something else "... to see the Navy slide in there like a greyhound!" He then said as she slipped
    in closer he could see the "Stars and Stripes" flying from her masthead. He got choked up saying it was the "...proudest moment of my life." ♥--
    Phew! Let that sink in.
    ♥♥♥♥ Love it ! ♥♥♥♥
  • Martha 2009/05/04 12:50:12
    The POTUS is young and inexperienced. This event was far out of the scope of anything he ever had to deal with. He had to converse with military commanders and the string pullers. He had to watch every poll, fret over every scenario. Give the guy a break.
  • Beccy Martha 2009/05/05 00:57:46
    Hope he's in command when you need him
  • Martha Beccy 2009/05/05 00:59:58
    He was in command. We did need him.
  • Extremist Soldier of Christ 2009/05/04 12:47:39
    Extremist Soldier of Christ
    Yeah....go back and look at my comments concerning this subject- and you will see....that is exactly what I said....why not shoot the son of bitches when the captain jumped? Because our precious vain conceited President was too busy fixing his teleprompter for the next photo shot. I say to the men and women of the Navy Seals- G-d bless you- You are our heros- our strength and our protectors!

  • viper4358 2009/05/04 12:21:30 (edited)
    Obama is an idiot with no idea as to what is needed to handle a hostage situation. It is his same lacvkk of leadership that is going to flush our country down the toilet.
    I applaud the "Take Charge" kind of attitude that Commander Castellano took to resolve this conflict. I would have done the same regardless of what a panty waisted President had to say. applaud charge attitude commander castellano resolve conflict panty waisted president
  • hook 2009/05/04 12:00:47
    i heard about this, i hope he does not get some one killed, hes way to weak, lord help us.
  • StarrGazerr 2009/05/04 11:33:07
    I guess expecting a source for this is asking too much, isn't it?
  • SunShine StarrGa... 2009/05/04 13:07:10 (edited)
    this was sent by a usually credible source.. I will ask for a link and get back to you
  • StarrGa... SunShine 2009/05/04 13:20:13
  • SunShine StarrGa... 2009/05/05 05:08:12
    sorry .. it came from a friend whose relative is in the navy seals and knew exactly what was going on.. I would have preferred an authored article but I don't doubt the credibility of the man.. there seems to be other sources with the same information here so that gives it even more backbone. It's not perfect but I tried ..
  • Martha SunShine 2009/05/04 13:22:46
    From the Wall Street Journal
    April 13, 2009

    Vice Adm. William E. Gortney, commander of all naval forces in the Middle East, told a Pentagon news conference that the USS Bainbridge had been towing the lifeboat holding the pirates and Capt. Phillips into calmer waters when Navy Seal sharpshooters, positioned at the tail of the ship, saw the head and shoulders of the three remaining pirates, with one of them pointing an AK-47 machine gun at the head of Capt. Phillips.
    Adm. Gortney said the Navy officer in charge of the operation ordered the pirates to be fired upon.

    Note: Obama did affirm the military's authorization to use force if the captain's life was in danger, but they already would have had that authorization as part of their standard rules of engagement. If there are innocents about to be slaughtered the same reasoning that authorizes self defense also covers an imminent execution unless the ROE specifically forbid it.

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