What percentage of Americans voted for Obama?

Watchman 2009/08/19 03:28:48
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There are 307,211,755 legal people in America and Obama received 63.7 million votes. According to my math that's only about 22% of the population. Isn't it a scary thing that he has been given so much power because so few care?
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  • BystroffC 2009/08/21 02:57:38
    Still that's a record. GW Bush recieved 62,040,610 votes in 2004, just 50.7%. Fewer than Obama, who actually got 69,456,897 votes, or 52.9%. The population is currently about 304,059,724, so it's closer to 23%.
  • Watchman BystroffC 2009/08/23 16:42:54
    Your right. I was just thinking how such a small number are controlling this Nation. Then on top of that now the politicians aren't even listening anymore.
  • RhinoRT 2009/08/19 05:48:24
    and what is sad is a large percentage of minorities who never voted before in their life showed up to vote for obama, had the majority of conservatives showed up to vote it wouldn't have even been close
  • Watchman RhinoRT 2009/08/19 05:55:50
    Good point!
  • Lauren RhinoRT 2011/02/08 04:52:19
    Terrible point! Did you really just draw a distinction between minorities and conservatives? Do you think all liberals are minorities or no minorities are conservative?
  • RhinoRT Lauren 2011/02/08 05:43:37
    Not very comprehensive are you?.... I did not do anything of the sort, but what I did say is a FACT.
    And Conservatives include Male, female, black, red, yellow, brown, young, old, straight, gay, short, tall, fat, skinny, poor, rich, soldiers, farmers, mechanics, doctors, lawyers, janitors, athletes, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles. And we live from sea to shining sea in every state in America.
  • Zuggi 2009/08/19 05:43:46 (edited)

    The voting eligible population is around 200m. Around 130m votes were cast for President. Those aren't terrible numbers, though there is certainly room for improvement.
  • Watchman Zuggi 2009/08/19 06:03:41
    Ok if there are only about 200 million eligible to vote then his percentage goes up to about 34% that still sucks.
  • lazarous1967 2009/08/19 04:25:05 (edited)
    What a disgusting number. Not the number of people who voted for Obama, not the number of people who voted for McCain, but the number of people who didn't vote at all.
    How can so many people be so DAMN IGNORANT?
    I can`t stand Obama, or the people who support him, but i have more respect for them then i do those fools who didn't vote.
    In my honest opinion i feel that if you didn't vote, then you have no right to bitch about anything.
    So many people today say "well politics don`t effect me why should i care?" these ignorant little creatures need to know that politics effect everyone of us.
    I myself try to get younger people involved, or try to educate them about politics, so at least they know something.
    Hell my twelve year old son knows more about politics then most college grads. I think that political science should be mandatory in college.
    I loved my poli sci class, it was hard for me personally, but i had a lot of fun.
  • Watchman lazarou... 2009/08/19 04:31:57
    Man you hit it right on! When I figured this out I was flabbergasted just as you are. I too believe as you do and am angry that these people don't give a crap about MY NATION! These are OUR United States and they have been entrusted to us. It's sad/angering that so many treat it with contempt.
  • screami... lazarou... 2013/04/03 05:16:48
    We are not ignorant, and it's not that we don't give a damn about OUR Country, it maybe that we are smart enough to know that it is a waste of time( because politicians don't do what they are told, what is best for this country, or even what they say they will do), and our time is better spent planning and preparing for a revolution that will rid us of the baboons that the "voters" keep re-electing that sell out "Our Country" to every foreigner with a wooden nickel, take away our rights, and spend the rest of their time dreaming up new ways to screw us. While "voters keep 'em distracted with politicking, we're getting ready to put 'em where they belong--OUT TO PASTURE!
  • ~*~Sare-Bear~*~<3 2009/08/19 03:37:43
    A LOT
  • Watchman ~*~Sare... 2009/08/19 03:43:41
    Yes 67 million people are a lot, but when you think of it in population size then things change. He only received 22% votes from the population. I only thought about it when I remembered Hitler was elected with 4% of the population voting for him. So I decided to do the math myself on Obama.
  • ~*~Sare... Watchman 2009/08/19 03:45:33
    Hold on...... If only 22% of America voted for him, how did he win??
  • Watchman ~*~Sare... 2009/08/19 03:53:53
    He received the majority of votes from those who DID vote.
  • ~*~Sare... Watchman 2009/08/19 03:55:15 (edited)
    Ohhhh...... Ok. Well, what % of the votes did McCain get?
  • Watchman ~*~Sare... 2009/08/19 04:06:10
    He received just under 19%
  • ~*~Sare... Watchman 2009/08/19 04:07:57
    Ohh.. So it was pretty close....
  • Watchman ~*~Sare... 2009/08/19 04:12:55 (edited)
    Yea, I just don't get it. Why do so many not care about their country? Why do so many refuse to vote? If 4% more of the population were to vote things could look very different now. However if 20% more had voted, this nation could have changed overnight. I'm not sure if that would be a good thing or not.
  • ~*~Sare... Watchman 2009/08/19 05:00:12
    U r right.

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