What Obama didn't tell you about his budget

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By Neal Boortz

Here’s something that appeared in Obama’s budget that he hasn’t mentioned. On page 1,318 of Obama’s budget, he quietly puts an end to the infamous DC voucher program.

For those of you who don’t remember, this was a program established in 2004 which awarded vouchers to children in DC to attend private schools. The results were remarkable. According to the Heritage Foundation, student academic achievement surpassed their peers in government schools and graduation rates increased significantly: “While graduation rates in D.C. Public Schools hover around 55 percent, students who used a voucher to attend private school had a 91 percent graduation rate.” Not to mention the fact that this private education ($8,000) cost less than half of what it costs to educate a child at DC government schools ($18,000)!

There was a problem though. Teacher’s unions didn’t like the voucher program … not one little bit. They got to work and defeated the DC mayor who initiated it, then went to work on Obama. It worked. Now Obama’s budget calls for the end of the program, instead funneling $36 million to DC government schools. According to ObamaNomics, this will save us $20 million. For a man who has played the class warfare card, saying that we need more money to invest in education for our children … it seems that he only means investment in government institutions, run by government bureaucrats and staffed by union members. This has NOTHING to do with the quality of education and everything to do with his re-election and with power.

By the way … Obama’s children go to a private school in Washington, not to one of he government schools to which he has sentenced other DC children.

Read the rest here: http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/2012/feb/16/what-oba...

Read More: http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/2012/feb/...

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