What material were the Ten Commandments of God written on?

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  • kellyelvis 2009/04/06 14:50:46 (edited)
    They were tables of stone
    at first they were written on stone tabets. Eventuall they were written on early paper called papyrus( think thats how its spelt) Cos in the gospels in mentions Jesus reading the Scroll of Isaiah, in the temple.
    On some Jews doorways u see a little thing on their wall in the shape of a scroll inside this was a copy of the ten commandments. Otherwise known as the Mosaic Law
  • driley 2009/04/06 03:16:27
    They were tables of stone
    By the finger of God.
  • tehbasketcasey 2009/04/05 05:24:30
    None of the above
    The tablets of god are metaphorical. Let me repeat- they are a story created by a person to prove a point. *strangle*

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