What laws do you disagree with?

Samsonite the Ninja Warrior 2012/11/01 20:12:29
US and/or State Laws.

I disagree with many of the criminal justice laws, such as if a man murders 90 people and the cop arrests him without saying the Miranda rights, the murderer is set free, laws that support people's rights rather than justice. I think people have too many rights and it gets in the way of proper justuce and getting rid of violence and drugs on the street.
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  • ehrhornp 2012/11/06 06:52:40
    I disagree with drug laws especially laws against marijuana. just stupid and it is expensive to lock up so many people. We are now number one in the number of citizens behind bars. Not very good for a supposedly free country.

    I prefer a police department that must be discipline and are not free to be judge jury and executioner.

    You cannot have justice without respecting people's rights. If you don't like rights why don't you move to China? Maybe Saudi Arabia?
  • Samsoni... ehrhornp 2012/11/06 07:05:23
    Samsonite the Ninja Warrior
    I'm not saying all our rights should be taken, just many of them. I'm just saying the guilty should be guilty if there is 100% proof of it, no matter how the police did their search. Kids are dying because of drugs and alcohol under age, the only way to stop it is get rid of drugs, and the only way to get rid of drugs is take away a few of our rights. You cant have 100% safety AND 100% rights, it is impossible, and I see your opinion and we all have ours. Some people want more rights than safety, and some want the latter. I am one of those who wants more safety than rights. Also as part of what I mean by rights, if a robber breaks into your house and injures himself, based on cases in the past, the chances are high that the robber will have robbed something from you, by suing you, and winning. Laws like that are stupid, if a criminal hurts himself trying to do a crime, it shouldn't be the victim who has to pay for the criminal's injuries, but because of our rights that's the way it is.
  • ehrhornp Samsoni... 2012/11/06 07:26:18
    Sorry but first of all very few are truly 100% guilty. Second of all police brutality has resulted in a lot of deaths and injuries.

    You are wrong about drugs. Prohibition did not work against alcohol and it sure hasn't worked against drugs. Drugs should be made legal. Prohibition has only led to stronger and stronger drugs.

    Just remember those who are willing to trade freedom for security deserve neither. I have no fear about a burglar injuring himself trying to rob me and then suing me. He won't win.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/11/02 00:01:33
  • Jeremiah Lee 2012/11/01 20:51:01
  • ..::localeye::.. 2012/11/01 20:28:26 (edited)
    The War on Drugs is the biggest embarrassment in this country.
    The Estate Tax is just a legal form of thievery.

    Hopefully Washington and Colorado get it right in the upcoming week...we could hopefully see a new turn for the better in regards to the ancient and unusable marijuana laws in this country.
  • lorenalyssa4 2012/11/01 20:27:08 (edited)
    Same sex marriage laws. No just no.
  • Samsoni... lorenal... 2012/11/01 20:30:14
    Samsonite the Ninja Warrior
  • _love_l... lorenal... 2015/01/03 21:03:42
    amen preach i just think that,that is just so fricken wrong
  • Roger47 2012/11/01 20:19:07
    Drug laws. They don't work, and are bankrupting our nation Portugal once had hte highest rate of drug abuse in Europe. Then they gave up on the "war on drugs" approach. They decriminalized personal use and possession, while keeping it a crime to sell drugs. The money they saved on law enforcement they used to provide free drug treatment for anyone who wanted to quit but needed help. The result? The rates of drug use went down for all drugs, for all age groups.

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