What keeps two people together? Compatibility or willingness to compromise?

Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2009/10/08 11:54:58
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  • ~ 2009/10/19 23:34:29
    I think it's a combination of the 2, along with love, respect, communication, and trust among other attributes..

    I read this phrase not too long ago... 'Love doesn't make the world go round, Love is what makes the trip worthwhile'...

    ...when you have love, the rest will fall into place~ ;)
  • hippie 2009/10/16 14:00:51
    i would think both, but a little more a willingness to compromise.
  • Javimendo 2009/10/13 22:00:27
  • California Hippie Chic 2009/10/12 01:10:28
    California Hippie Chic
    It's not just that black and white. You do need compatibility and the ability to compromise, but there are a lot of other factors that go into a successful relationship than just those two traits.
  • mthafka 2009/10/10 22:48:59
    I tried compromise with my ex, didn't work so I find compatibility is always a good thing to have with someone then everything else falls into place
  • Blistful 2009/10/09 21:05:57
    I think that it takes both these things to keep a couple together. If the two already have something in comin, than that would be a good start to a relationship; To compromise on the others situations in a relationship would certainly help...
  • Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2009/10/09 19:29:52
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    It is true.... can't have one without the other. And, if you don't have both, the relationship will more than likely NOT work.
  • FencerCat 2009/10/09 01:48:14
    At least one person's ability to compromise. And there has to be some amount of compatibility.
  • Concerned Citizen 2009/10/09 01:43:05
    Concerned Citizen
    Both,.............Willingness to compromise is a part of compatability!
  • nairam 2009/10/09 00:52:18
    of course there has to be compatibility in order for the couple to get along...but no two people can get along perfectly well all the time so their has to be the willingness to compromise; plus the way two people work together to overcome their differences tells more of the strength of the couple, than if they just agreed with each other on everything.
  • turtledove123 2009/10/08 22:07:05
    Most definitely a willingness to compromise, and the willingness not to notice if you do more of the compromising.
  • kevracer 2009/10/08 21:53:52
    let's compromise- do it my way and I won't shoot you compromise- shoot
  • turtled... kevracer 2009/10/08 22:07:38
    That is rich! I love it.
  • ~ kevracer 2009/10/19 23:35:36
  • ARoomWithAMoose 2009/10/08 21:33:37
    The mortgage now days.
  • hatshepsut123 2009/10/08 21:17:12
    same paths in life, same values, LOVE, trust, compromise
  • QueliKelly 2009/10/08 20:16:37
    i think compatibility is the starting point to everything else.
  • ~ QueliKelly 2009/10/19 23:36:12
    I agree... 100%! :)
  • F-18 IN GOD WE TRUST 2009/10/08 19:19:29
    Willingness to compromise, trust and respect.
    It has worked very well for over 50 years of marriage.
  • stillha... F-18 IN... 2009/10/08 21:43:53
  • The Wife 2009/10/08 18:49:04 (edited)
    The Wife
    Both..however..compatibility is more important in my opinion. When you're compatible, compromise isn't needed very often and issues are easy to agree upon.

    If you have to constantly, or often, compromise though, there comes disappointment too often and the constant discussions of how to agree..or not..gets tiresome. Too much fun is taken out of a relationship with too much necessary compromise from not being compatible enough.

    Now, if one or the other of a relationship is not willing to compromise when necessary, then you have a whole different set of problems.

    The more compatible you are, the more relaxed and fun the relationship can be. Fortunately for us, my husband and I are very compatible and we hardly ever find need for compromise.
  • tazimad The Wife 2009/10/09 19:51:38
    Well said..
  • The Wife tazimad 2009/10/09 22:06:58
    The Wife
    Thank you! :)
  • Razia 2009/10/08 18:43:13
  • slowtramp 2009/10/08 17:47:10
  • riverbeauty™ 2009/10/08 17:42:55
  • Kane Fernau 2009/10/08 17:17:35
    Kane Fernau
    Compromise or total surrender! Which ever is needed.
  • professor71 2009/10/08 17:01:27
    I think a combination of both. A natural, sexual compatibility in the bedroom, followed by a series of healthy compromises outside of it. You need both to have a long, successful relationship.
  • erdo sero 2009/10/08 16:33:31
    erdo sero
    Refusal to admit that they were wrong.
  • dreamwriter12 ✲the libraria... 2009/10/08 16:12:32
    dreamwriter12 ✲the librarian of ρнaεt✲ in grammar I trust
    Definitely both. The relationship will crumble if one or the other is not present.
  • insert name here 2009/10/08 16:02:38
    insert name here
    Debt and bills.....
  • BK 2009/10/08 15:01:02
    The secret to a good marriage is a lousy memory. If neither one of you can remember why you were fighting, you'll be happier.
  • Chrissy592 2009/10/08 14:11:39
    Both!! :D
  • jitko 2009/10/08 13:56:38
    Both. Hopefully more of the former.
  • Fannie 2009/10/08 12:59:25
    Both, and a good luck charm.
  • RamblingVoices. 2009/10/08 12:47:45
    sadly most of the time it is children...which is wrong for all involved
  • ~ Ramblin... 2009/10/19 23:39:29
    ...true- it happens all the time... it's very sad- :(
  • Sam 2009/10/08 12:45:06
    I think it is trust. You have to trust their friendship and loyalty to form that bond that keeps you together. If you like me and don't have a lot of intimate friends you look for that comfort in you mate.
  • Tutboy (oYo) 2009/10/08 12:22:01
    Tutboy (oYo)
    you have to have both, I think
  • Sc ♥ Angel ♥™ -Won't be back for awhile, if at all.
    Both. ya gotta be compatible in order to be together and compromise is a must....along with good communication!

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