What keeps this failed president above water?

Tasine 2012/07/23 12:49:22

Surprise is the beginning of wisdom, and
President Obama and his campaign so far are deeply surprising. His
presidency is a basket case, a failure with a capital F, and yet he is
neck-and-neck with Romney. The only comparable failure since World War
II was Jimmy Carter’s—and Carter, it’s true, gave Reagan a tough race in
1980. But Carter at least attracted a stiff primary challenge from
Edward Kennedy. And voters were scared of Carter’s opponent (the
terrifying extremist Ronald Reagan); they might not be inspired by
Romney, but they are comfortable with him. Obama’s showing this year is a
surprise from many angles.

The utter failure of this president is rank.
History’s most expensive plan ever for buying your way out of recession
barely propelled the economy uphill, and now, in a squeal and stench of
smoking tires, the Obama Special (sweating, straining, roaring, leaking
dollars) is slipping back down again. The president’s signature approach
to governing is to ram through some wildly-unpopular measure and then
take a bow as the audience hoots. He did it with his famous unreform of
healthcare, and again with the blocked Keystone pipeline. His attorney
general would be a joke if he weren’t so dangerous, but Obama likes him.
The president did give up such unpopular ideas as closing Guantanamo,
card-check, a criminal trial for KSM in Manhattan à la P.T. Barnum,
cap-and-trade–but only because there was no way to push these things
through. (Although when Obama can govern by decree instead of by
legislation, he is only too happy. Legislation has always struck him as a
monumental bore.)

Obama perfectly fits the personal profile of the Culture Machine that runs so much of the American elite nowadays.

The Machine is run by
PORGIs, who are just like Obama: post-religious, globalist,
intellectuals or at least intellectualizers (who talk and act like
intellectuals even if they don’t quite qualify themselves). And his
being black, with an African father, an African name (icing on the cake)
and a childhood spent in a Muslim nation (the cherry on top!) makes him
beyond perfect–makes him nearly divine. We’re unlikely to hear anyone
say so during this campaign as frankly as Evan Thomas of Newsweek did in
2009: reviewing the president’s recent speech in Cairo, Thomas
explained to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, “I mean in a way Obama’s standing
above the country, above—above the world, he’s sort of God.” But we all
get the idea.

If conservatives were serious, they would think much harder about the
Culture Machine (aka the Establishment) and the ways in which Obama is
typical instead of exceptional—typical of a new type of Establishment
leader, the new Machine Man. We’re used to old-fashioned political
(usually Democratic) machines. But those political machines compare to
the modern Culture Machine like a stick of dynamite to an H-bomb. While
conservatives worry about debt and taxes and huge problems abroad, the
left is busy pulling the whole country out from under them. While
conservatives fiddle around on the roof, robbers are rifling the house
and stealing the children. Conservatives might consider climbing down
and having a look. Obama is only the first of a new breed.

The author of this article is David Gelernter , professor of computer science at Yale and the author, most recently, of America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered in the Obamacrats)
There is much more in the article itself and I hope many will read the entire article. I posed a question just a few days ago about it's time to start investigating the major political parties, specifically the Democrat Party - and I feel this article could serve as a validation of my post. We need to look at what our culture is becoming (worse by the day), and try to counteract it. AND I believe we should start with the Democrat Party, then the Republican Party. And I don't think identifying problems is the answer as much as ACTING ON the problems we identify.
Obama treading water elite culture America s schools

Read More: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2012/07/davi...

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  • OneOfTheAmericanPeople 2012/08/05 05:42:51
  • Tasine OneOfTh... 2012/08/05 10:27:21
    Glad you can laugh as our nation crumbles around our feet. Personally, I see nothing humorous about it.
  • OneOfTh... Tasine 2012/08/05 13:24:41
    Well I laugh becuase I fought for this country for WHAT so a president can apologize to the people we are at war with and then rub SH~T in our eyes, GOD help us, I was ready to die, but not to be bankrupt die to this economy and see it crumble
  • Tasine OneOfTh... 2012/08/05 15:47:47
    I see, and I humbly beg your pardon. I thought you were laughing about my calling him a failed President. I am most grateful for your service to our country. Our military people do not get anywhere near what they deserve in the way of pay, perks, retirement, etc. I have a special attachment to military people - I was in the Army Nurse Corps and I married a Marine. I feel exactly the same way you do about what is happening - so needless. Until Barry entered our lives, I had no idea how vulnerable our government was to coup. I think I know now that with every election we may be seeing a theft of our form of government.
  • OneOfTh... Tasine 2012/08/05 16:38:56
    Well I was a marine now medically retired after 10 drastic years but I can't say it's just a job anymore, God help us for the way America is being handled right now
  • shaltov72 2012/07/24 19:00:07
    obama is owned and operated by the foreign banking one world order elitists, and they want like hillary clinton to take away guns so they can put us under more government control!
  • Tasine shaltov72 2012/07/25 00:53:24
    I tend to lean in that direction re the OWO owning Obama.
  • shaltov72 2012/07/24 18:58:25
    As long as "WE THE PEOPLE" allow the liberal-socialistic-lefties demorats like harry ried, barbara boxer, jerry moon beam brown, mayor bloomberg, obama, nancy pelosi, and a Senate and those in the Congress that hate the people and the US Constitution and are owned by the one world order elitists like david rockefeller, george soros, henry kessinger, the foreign banks which own the federal reserve which is not federal, and the united nations which is nothing but a bunch of communists!
    It is the govenment that should fear "WE THE PEOPLE" should be feared and we are the sovereingn, that is what are Framers put in the US Conswtitution!
  • Tasine shaltov72 2012/07/25 00:54:59
    And I believe it is time to start prosecuting those who swear to uphold the US Constitution, but deliberately do NOT! It could be called subversion, treason, sedition, etc.
  • Striker 2012/07/23 16:02:09 (edited)
    We no longer have Democrat and Republican parties anymore; they would be better renamed to the Prog-Comm and RINO Parties. Conservative/Libertarian views can thus be safely ignored; how insulting! Also we are stuck with a Dem-Rep monopoly which requires runoff voting and more, or the Perot syndrome will continue ad nauseum. Best as I can tell, for most of our 234 years we've been saddled with choosing between the lesser of evils; that must end soon, as otherwise "voting" is far less than meaningful.

    America has come to having almost totally discarding Principle and Individual Sanctity today, and is about to pay the gawdawful price for that. Roughly half this country has somehow become convinced that Marx' "greater good" must replace our Right to Life, and that is the underwater crowd of ObamaLand. They must be Fish, as they seem not to drown.
  • Striker Striker 2012/07/23 16:20:51
    I like this bit: "...they might not be inspired by Romney...";
    and this: "His attorney general would be a joke if he weren’t so dangerous"
  • Tasine Striker 2012/07/23 17:17:08
    Prog-Comm and RINO would be more correct. What about Freedom Party and Controller Party?
  • Striker Tasine 2012/07/23 17:18:51
    Either or Both would be okay with me!
  • Patriot Unit 2012/07/23 15:55:16
    Patriot Unit
    The fact that his careless supporters, see nothing but a black man. And they don't give a damn about his failures or his lies. And that is the truth of the matter. His skin color should have nothing to do with his being President. His record while in office does. And that is also the truth of the matter.
  • Tasine Patriot... 2012/07/23 16:09:28
    Obama is a tragedy in American history - but the REAL blame lies with all of those who overlooked his history and who defied logic and voted him into office and continue to enable him to get away with treasonous behavior. Every money supporter of this treasonous administration should be carefully investigated, leaving no rock unturned, as I have no doubt they are worms.

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