What is with the glitter attacks? Was no-one on the left taught anything about decency and respect and self-control?

donedunn 2011/06/19 05:02:22

What is it about people on the left that believe they have a right to assualt someone in such a way? I understand that up to now it has been "harmless", but that is not the point.

The point is simple human decency and regardless of what is being thrown it is an assault. And it is not just glitter. If you look at all vadalism I believe that you will find that 99.99% of it is caused by those on the left.

Why? Because conservatives are taught to respect other peoples property. My father would be horrified if I had done anything like that and I would be horrified if my kids attacked anyone in such a way or vandalized someone else property.

These infantile people make my blood boil.
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  • Grabitz 2011/06/19 06:01:53
    I do not condone any violence what so ever . If you think its OK to stomp on heads Vs glitter then don't know what to tell you. Your just your looking at it one sided and your going to be right in your mind no mater what anyone points out to you . Me i am disgusted with both sides and their ignorance to see whats wrong and going wrong in this country . No one can be that blind .
  • Grabitz 2011/06/19 05:30:42
    Better to just stomp on their heads .
  • donedunn Grabitz 2011/06/19 05:35:40 (edited)
    Do you hear the voice saying "no no no no, come on" and the guy putting his hand out when the overzealous a-hole stomps on his/her shoulder? You see there is the difference. This was someone bent on an altercation and there were concerned citizens stopping it.

    Look at the tape of gingrich or pawlenty or bachman. They are just standing or sitting there doing there thing when they are attacked.

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