What Is The Worst Thing Obama Has Done To The USA? Or Maybe Best?

micheleT BN-O 2011/04/28 16:25:05
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Just wondering what people think about him now, after the birth ceritificate issue.

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  • John "BN 0" 2011/04/28 16:45:22
    John   "BN 0"
    The worst thing he did was getting elected, the best thing lets see.......sorry I can't think of anything good he did.

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  • Hsingh 2015/05/18 16:45:19
    Bad: Left Kenya
    Worse: Came to US
    Worst: Was Born (We can't blame that entirely on him, though)
  • kenzie 2012/10/03 00:46:26
    the best thing he has done was take away our jobs, lie to us and take away our nuclear explosions leaving us almost helpless, he does NOT think about what he's doing or signing, and that is only the best things and oh yea he also took probably more than half OUR money away from us and use it for his secrete purpose
  • Nat Turner 2012/07/20 19:27:30
    Nat Turner
    Obama passed that stupid test, it was found he is a citzen!
  • Jonathan Missman 2012/02/23 01:46:46
    Jonathan Missman
    What is going on with this economy?
  • bakabakabaka 2012/01/21 02:03:51
    Hey guys ive got a great idea! lets sell a bunch of guns and ammo to the mexican drug cartel and see what they do with it!!!(General applause)...2 weeks later...What do you mean they shot people with the guns? oh well(continues life as if nothing happened).---sound familiar? personally this is one of the things i feel people should be in jail for.
  • Chronicko 2011/11/26 07:01:49
  • chuck 2011/05/19 16:56:19
  • Idiot repubs 2011/05/18 21:21:45 (edited)
    Idiot repubs
    Made the birthers a public laughingstock. (That's under best)
  • Greywolf 2011/05/18 20:41:07
    I dare suggest allowing through executive orders the funding to bring possible hamas terrorists onto our soil and their supporters from gaza also right up their would be the constant, steady decline in our rule of law.
  • \V/ 2011/05/18 19:26:16
  • Old Timer 2011/05/18 17:01:18
    Old Timer
    Put more people on foodstamps and unemployment. Lied and is still lying about the certificate. Headed the country toward bankrupsy with national debt of 13+Trillion, More?
  • Idiot r... Old Timer 2011/05/18 21:22:55
    Idiot repubs
    That's bush, 11.4 trillion of it is bush x2 and reagan
  • HL 2011/05/18 15:37:28
    He has shown that not responding to morons is the best way to deal with morons. I shiver the thought if McCain and Palin would have won we would be in deeper sh!t than we are today. Also he has shown that you do not have to be white to have the support of the rest of the non judgmental people in America.
  • Pet Rock Whisperer 2011/05/18 14:45:53 (edited)
    Pet Rock Whisperer

    He's given the right minority an opportunity/excuse to demonstrate to the rest of us what a bunch of dumb f*** idiots they really are!
  • Meako Pet Roc... 2011/05/18 15:03:36
  • Pet Roc... Meako 2011/05/18 16:10:40
    Pet Rock Whisperer
    LOL Thank you Meako!
  • Patric 2011/05/18 11:52:13
    health care and the stimulus packages are 2 of the worst things our gov;t has done to us citizens in the past 40 years..

    obomma, tax and spend, tax and spend...
  • aneed2know Patric 2011/05/19 05:18:39
    did your Taxes go up?
  • Patric aneed2know 2011/05/19 16:18:53
    Yes, my taxes have gone up ...
  • aneed2know Patric 2011/05/20 07:04:22
    Bullcrap, no one's Taxes have gone up. good by lier.
  • Patric aneed2know 2011/05/20 09:53:03
    hmm,,, " no one's taxes gone up "

    well, since I have not interviewed every person to , in fact , verify your statement ..

    how about MY TAXES WENT UP LAST YEAR..

    so, that sorta defeats your all inclusive statement... and I doubt if I am the only person in the USA that had paid more in taxes .... ( well, there are 47 % that pay no taxes ) so that only leaves the 53 % of us that actually pay the taxes for everyone...

    ?? since you are so adament about your " no one's taxes have gone up " statement , just how many tax returns do you view each and every year ?

    do you pay federa taxes , or are you one of the 47 % of the free loaders that do not pay federal tax and complain to get the gov't to raise the tax on corporations and on the 53% of the people that are already paying ALL the taxes ???????
  • aneed2know Patric 2011/05/20 10:22:25
    yeah i pay Taxes why would you think i am not, hmmm lets see its either that i am a democrat and we all know that only conservatives can be good Tax paying citizens and they are the only ones who work right, or could it be that i am a black male and there for i am just living off you. you are a lier no ones Taxes went up, that was the deal that republicans blacked mailed the American people with so the richest 2 percent could keep theirs.

    You are a lier, no ones Taxes went up.

    Lier says ................................
  • Patric aneed2know 2011/05/20 10:34:36
    hmm,, and just makes you think ( other than maybe some guilt ) that I know that you do not pay taxes, I did not , nor do I really know now, if you do in fact pay.
    since I did not a fact , I asked the question,,, or I could have made rash, bigoted , racist statements ,, which I did not,,

    in this conversation, the rash, bigoted racism is left to you my man.. and you did not let me down in showing your true colors...

    and just why in the hell does you color matter ? YOU BROUGHT IT UP, it was / is a non factor to me..

    racism lives on becase of people like you and your actions..

    my taxes went up, .
    you say you have a job, is it in the IRS and you took a look at my tax return ?

    you are a joke in print...
  • bakabak... Patric 2012/01/21 01:59:38
    oo no response! neway 86% of america is "middle class" apparently and 50% roughly pay taxes, of the remaining 14%, 5% are "upper class" but those 5% pay 50% of all taxes... food for thought.
  • Patric bakabak... 2012/01/23 12:28:28
    aprox 47 % of American taxpayers ( how they got that name ??) do
    NOT pay any federal taxes..

    all this msnbc, abc , cnn etc. all in a hussy fit about Mitt paying the maximum tax required by law ... and it is in the millions , and not a peep of the dreegs that do not pay one cent ..

    so, Mitt pays MILLIONS . the 47 % pay nothing, zip, nada ... and MItt is the bad guy ???

    wonder where all the federal $$$ for entitlements are going ?
    to Mitt or to the dreegs that pay nothing ??

    so , pay nothing, zero $$ federal income tax, and get all the free obomma entitlements and you are a good American ,

    pay millions and receive nothing and you are the bad guy ??

    the bad part of this ??

    the dreegs can elect obomma, nancy pelusi, reid, frank ,etc . by the mass number of votes they cast , and for that they get all the free
    obomma entitlements and the rest of us pay for it..

  • readyai... Patric 2012/07/20 03:19:49
    http://www.usatoday.com/money... Half of American citizens don't pay their fair share of income tax. Shame on them.
  • Boshemia Patric 2012/08/22 14:59:02
    Communication skills are a dying art... all of that talk and nobody said anything. Take out all of the insults, finger pointing, name calling, and conjecture and the point of this conversation is? A simple use of different words and a bit of respect would have made all the difference. No taxes have been RAISED but perhaps some have GONE UP. You can both be right at the same time as neither idea is mutually inclusive. I realize that this is typical American political "discussion" but has anybody ever thought that this is the problem? That we have forgotten that two people can be right at the same time and the real answer is somewhere in the middle?
  • Jake aneed2know 2012/09/05 02:35:25
    It's LIAR you idiot, you brought up the race card, as you usually do when you begin to realize your an idiot and making sh@t up. My taxes went up, yours didn't because you are a freeloader, you gave that up when you said your taxes didn't go up, every single Americans taxes went up if the work for a living. Y'all will be back in chains if Biden has his way! Ha. Idiot.
  • Jake Jake 2012/09/05 02:38:56
    Whether or not you protected your income determined whether you paid more or not, but taxes were increased for everyone state federal sales property gas alcohol or whatever tax, they all went up LIER, that's historical, because this app has spell check!! Hahaha!
  • Michael... aneed2know 2012/09/21 20:39:20
  • Khaldani aneed2know 2012/11/06 19:10:08
    Maybe we think you're uneducated by the way you spell "Lier" it's spelled Liar. I also have seen my net pay decline because of a hike in taxes (I'm ONLY 17) my father also saw a tax hike and because he is in the medical field a benefit decline... So before you get on the internet and bash on people calling them "liars", do some research.
  • Michael... aneed2know 2012/09/21 20:34:21
  • Little Angel 2011/05/18 09:15:03
    Little Angel
    He has done too many things that are so wrong,
    that it is difficult to name just one. The best thing
    he could do is to resign before he does anything
    else to destroy our Constitution & Country.
  • \V/ 2011/05/18 06:57:51
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2011/05/05 02:58:16
    Made alot of Americans smile when he was elected and startrd the road to changing healthcare.
  • goinpostal 2011/05/04 18:54:26
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2011/05/04 16:58:27
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    The best thing is that he's undoing a lot of failures created before he took office. The worst thing as that he's still doing some of the things I don't like. Getting Osama under his watch is certainly a plus.
  • Jazzyji... Captain... 2011/05/18 20:27:11
    What failures would that be? Don't tell me, let me guess, Bush left him a mess, right? This is so typical, you take what the media feeds you and regurgitate it. Here are the FACTS if you are interested:
    Unemployment 4.7%
    Bush increased overall economy by 19%
    Economy started to tank, Nov. 3rd 2007 the day after Obummer was elected. This happened because Obummer did not instill any confidence in major business investors and owners. They basically understood his left leaning agenda, which doesn't work well with any form of business ventures. They knew his agenda would cost them money in the form of more and higher taxes, and more regulation.
    You don't have to buy into all the crap the media spew out, they are on the side of Obama, they will and do whatever they can to make the other side look bad, this is so blatantly obvious to most people.
  • #Justic... Jazzyji... 2011/05/19 05:06:13
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    Excuse me but President Obama was elected November 3, 2008. Have you forgotten that during the campaign McCain put his campaign on hold because Hank Paulsen & President Bush pleaded that if the banks weren't bailed in IMMEDIATELY we'd be in a world of trouble?
  • bakabak... Jazzyji... 2012/01/21 02:13:28
    we cant forget that anything good bush wanted passed was shut down by a democratic congress not wanting rep. to look good. and even with a majority in congress osama oops i mean obama hasnt helped anything.

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