What in the hell is going on with this Administration?!

Tasine 2012/08/08 14:47:28
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INS Act clearly states:
An alien who, in the opinion of the consular officer at the time of
application for a visa, or in the opinion of the Attorney General at the
time of application for admission or adjustment of status, is likely at
any time to become a public charge is inadmissible.

But, as in so many other instances, President Obama has simply changed
the law by executive fiat. In this case the administration acted
quietly, so that it took quite a while before others understood how
badly Obama had subverted the immigration laws.

The Obama administration advertises the fact that anyone is welcome to come to the United States to receive food stamps:

Why has no one in authority done anything about this nation destroyer?

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  • PrettieReptar 2012/08/09 03:44:02
    I think Obama is destroying the nation.
    This is why our founders did not give the president, much less the federal government, much power. When power is centralized, it's prone to abuse. Obama thinks he's king--at least he acts like it.
  • Tasine Prettie... 2012/08/09 12:02:36
    But, it would seem that didn't work out so well. There was a weak spot in their planning. A peaceful coup occurred because the citizens were gullible and stupid. The media participated in the coup by avoiding damaging facts, by refusing to demand answers, by salivating at the feet of Obama whom they treated as a messiah - because he was a clean black man who could talk well. Our nation was sold out of sheer ignorance.
  • Prettie... Tasine 2012/08/16 00:58:40
    I think part of the problem is ownership of media. Something changed after the Nixon affair I think.
  • Tasine Prettie... 2012/08/16 01:40:40
    Possible. I know Woodward and Bernstein became enormously famous with their reporting on Richard Nixon. Of course what he did is NOTHING compared to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, but he was the first big fish these regular reporters ever caught. From there media has gone downhill faster than a sled on ice.
  • Striker 2012/08/09 01:36:13
    I think Obama is destroying the nation.
    Obviously your Rulers see $7.4 billion as a paltry sum. It's no skin off Obama's nose, because it's "only money" which he borrows but claims YOU owe. Has anyone here signed a Note agreeing to pay for this?

    So finally you ask, "Why has no one in authority done anything about this nation destroyer?" Might it be because no one in authority is being prosecuted for such misdeeds? If anything is to be done about so many such things, by now the People should realize that no "authority" is going to do one darn thing about any of this. So it's all up to "we the people", who seem to be already resigned and beaten into submission. Who really enjoys being "governed"? Well?
  • unicorn_lady1 2012/08/08 21:20:53
    I think Obama is destroying the nation.
    We are the only authority that will -- in November.

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