What if we just refuse to sign up for Obamacare?

ruralntex 2013/11/19 03:01:15
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They can play with the dates, and fix the hell out of that web site. But, if we don't want what they got, what if we just refuse to sign up for the thing until they get us something that is more palatable? I have been hard against the government in my health care since before Nancy did the "pass it so we can find out what's in it speech." But I can't deny that there are indeed some people who would go to the poor house just to pay the premiums because of their pre-existing conditions. Contrary to what you may have heard from the media and the "free shyt democrats," we conservatives do indeed have a heart. SO how about it. Lets just put off signing up for the damned thing until they are selling something we feel comfortable with buying. Negotiate with that DC!
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  • Mr-Video 2013/11/19 14:55:27
    Not signing up isn't the best protest - the tax penalties, plus unclaimed tax credits, simply go toward funding Obamacare - an estimate I saw said they are planning for these penalties and unclaimed tax credits to be the second largest funding source for Obamacare.

    If too few healthy people sign up, your taxes simply reimburse the insurance companies for the extra unplanned risk.

    Here's a better protest - sign up, get every dollar of your tax credit, but then buy a catastrophic-only policy. These plans are available on the exchange, they cost very little, and cover almost nothing (aside from dire emergencies.)

    This way you get as much of your tax money as you can out of the system, while putting as little as possible back in.
  • ruralntex Mr-Video 2013/11/19 15:15:23
    I am wondering if such policies are available from outside the exchanges. If not, I may shop for such a thing in Mexico. It irks the living hell out of me to tell the federal government one damned thing about my health. Considering the NSA meta library and the IRS financial data, they already know more than I want. My health aint none of their GD business.
  • Mr-Video ruralntex 2013/11/19 15:27:02
    I think you can contact insurance companies directly if you prefer, off the exchange. But an ACA signup is probably still necessary (you can download a form to do it by mail, no website needed.)

    The ACA sign-up actually doesn't ask any health questions, aside from smoker/non-smoker. It's still the insurance companies who collect this data. Also I noticed during my own online sign-up that it said "optional" next to social security number, which surprised me.
  • Cal 2013/11/19 13:11:46
    Yep, let's vote with our wallets!
    Is America not already doing this? I mean have you seen the sign up numbers?
  • ruralntex Cal 2013/11/19 14:20:17
    I think you are right, but all the cancellations are just starting. 15 million with NO insurance probably isn't going to be the case for long. What we need is a hospitalization policy with an accident rider and then a medical savings account. Call it a kill Obamacare policy. How bout you insurance folks. What is available given the current legal environment?
  • Kaleokualoha 2013/11/19 03:41:32
    You can sign up through state exchanges, the federal exchange, or directly with an insurance company, but you will be fined if you refuse to obtain insurance.
  • ruralntex Kaleoku... 2013/11/19 07:12:34
    Change withholding on your W2. Minimize the risk.
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2013/11/19 03:33:34
    Yep, let's vote with our wallets!
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    May be wrong but think the IRS will deduct HC funds from your tax refund. Those federal employee criminals have every angle figured out.
  • ruralntex Annie~P... 2013/11/19 07:01:05
    Change your W2 and minimize withholding.
  • Zombie Saddam 2013/11/19 03:31:42
    Zombie Saddam
    Many people seem the think there is some sort of "moral protest" by not signing up for Obamacare if their insurance gets cancelled. My advice: Pray you don't need to see a doctor, if that's your grand strategy!
  • Luca Zombie ... 2013/11/19 05:01:35
    conversely..pray you don't need to see a doctor if you are covered by the ACA..(kinda a catch-22 here). #1..YOUR doctor might be nowhere to be found...#2...even if he is, the chances that the specialists he relies upon may be gone...#3...his hands are tied, so not much he can do anyways..("here's your 2 aspirin, thats it..so suck it up little buckaroo")
  • ruralntex Zombie ... 2013/11/19 06:59:51
    Yes, yes. The government is the only entity to consider that insurance might be needed. In fact, Nancy Pelosi dreamed up the whole concept. It is truley a miracle that Americans have made it as far as we have without the grand poobah and peanut gallery.
  • ruralntex Zombie ... 2013/11/19 07:14:24
    How in the world did America ever make it to 310 million citizens without the grand poobah and the compassion committee powdering our @$$?
  • Evil=Zionist Terrorist Isra... 2013/11/19 03:26:28
    You can't do that, you racist!
    Evil=Zionist Terrorist Israel/US
    Reported for biased Hateful Spam against Obama.
  • Annie~P... Evil=Zi... 2013/11/19 03:34:01
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    That's ridiculous.
  • Evil=Zi... Annie~P... 2013/11/19 03:36:03 (edited)
    Evil=Zionist Terrorist Israel/US
    What's ridiculous is the amount of neo-conservative propaganda filth, including Hate, Islamophobia, Xenophobic, Racist etc., speech, littering this site.
  • Jesse-T... Annie~P... 2013/11/19 03:44:11 (edited)
    Jesse-Tired of Liberal Lunacy
    Thank you. He just made that threat on one of my threads and they took HIS post off. LOL http://www.sodahead.com/unite...
    He seems to think they censor free speech here if it says something negative about the leftists' Fuhrer
  • ☆ Queen... Jesse-T... 2013/11/19 04:04:03
    ☆ QueenAline
    they need to get rid of this troll...he's been reported on my polls too...a real mental case
  • ruralntex Evil=Zi... 2013/11/19 07:09:24
    Will Obamacare cover your Thorazine?
  • ken Evil=Zi... 2013/11/19 12:26:42
    You forget to take your meds again this morning?
  • mighty mouse ~PWCM~JLA 2013/11/19 03:19:36
    Yep, let's vote with our wallets!
    mighty mouse ~PWCM~JLA
    If we don't sign up for obamacare then it will fail. And we will finally get our voices heard.
  • Kent Ha... mighty ... 2013/11/19 03:30:22
    Kent Harper
    Yes because affordable healthcare for all Americans is a terrible idea! Am I doing it right?
  • mighty ... Kent Ha... 2013/11/19 03:40:48
    mighty mouse ~PWCM~JLA
    First, it's not affordable.
    Second, it's not about healthcare.
  • Jesse-T... mighty ... 2013/11/19 03:46:31
  • Luca 2013/11/19 03:14:13 (edited)
    #1. You have no insurance, you self insure..which is fine

    #2. You have to pay penalities, even though you are self-insured. You are penalized for NOT buying their product.

    #3. Penalty starts at $95 for year one, and by year 3 goes up to $694. ON year 4 the penalty is $2,083 or 3% of your income, whichever is highest. (while you are still paying for your own healthcare)
  • ruralntex Luca 2013/11/19 03:25:45
    I need to change my W-2 to have barely anything withheld then. The penalty can only be deducted from a refund, as the law is written now. There isn't enough advantage in congress to change that either way just now.
  • Luca ruralntex 2013/11/19 03:36:47
    Yes, that is how it stands as of now. But Obama, the DOJ, and HHS are playing with this bill daily; their goal to ensnare everyone in one way or another..
  • ruralntex Luca 2013/11/19 07:11:35
    If he pisses off the young folks this dude is DOA!
  • Luca ruralntex 2013/11/19 07:38:38
    He will! They will be REAL pissed...that's why they are scrambling to cover their asses and the lies are flying
  • ruralntex Luca 2013/11/19 14:24:48
    I don't think Obama supporters had Obamacare in mind and those premiums are cutting into the tattoo and beer money. AND just wait till those pemalties get deducted from those Earned Income Credit "refunds."
  • Luca ruralntex 2013/11/19 16:06:39
    Well..the "sneaky" thing he did is made the parents responsible for their children up to age 26....so if the kids refuse to pay, the parents are legally responsible
  • ruralntex Luca 2013/11/20 00:10:01
    ACA needs to go. Too much government.
  • Luca ruralntex 2013/11/20 00:17:21
    ...and then some! It is much more insidious than most people realize...even more so than the Patriot Act (that Obama promised to repeal, but instead simply intensified)

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