What fun God must have had the day he designed these.

millermedia 2013/05/28 02:04:10
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Instead of the usual news types of postings, I had to share these pictures of very rare birds.

Himalayan Monal
news types postings share pictures rarenbspbirds nbsp 1 himalayan monal

2. Formosan Magpie
share pictures rarenbspbirds nbsp 1 himalayan monal 2 formosan magpie

3. Flamecrest
rarenbspbirds nbsp 1 himalayan monal 2 formosan magpie 3 flamecrest

4. Golden Pheasant
himalayan monal 2 formosan magpie 3 flamecrest 4 golden pheasant

5. Green Jay
formosan magpie 3 flamecrest 4 golden pheasant 5 green jay

6. Kingfisher
3 flamecrest 4 golden pheasant 5 green jay 6 kingfisher

7. Lady Amherst's Pheasant
pheasant 5 green jay 6 kingfisher 7 lady amhersts pheasant

8. Bleeding Heart Pigeons
6 kingfisher 7 lady amhersts pheasant 8 bleeding heart pigeons

9. Nicobar Pigeon
lady amhersts pheasant 8 bleeding heart pigeons 9 nicobar pigeon

10. Quetzal
pheasant 8 bleeding heart pigeons 9 nicobar pigeon 10 quetzal

11. Winson's Bird Of Paradise
pigeons 9 nicobar pigeon 10 quetzal 11 winsons bird paradise

Bird of

pigeon 10 quetzal 11 winsons bird paradise 12 bird paradise

13. Peacock
quetzal 11 winsons bird paradise 12 bird paradise 13 peacock

14. Sup, Polish Chicken
bird paradise 12 bird paradise 13 peacock 14 polish chicken
I Can see how it might be
possible for a man
to look down upon the earth
and be an atheist,
but I cannot conceive how
he could look up into the
and say there is no God
Abraham Lincoln
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  • dlsofsetx 2013/06/19 21:27:47
    I appreciate nature
    Both are true.
  • Major Mel 2013/05/30 19:53:13 (edited)
    God's beautiful creation
    Major Mel
    The top bird pic you posted looks like some sort of Kingfisher. Maybe from Australia? Gorgeous colors anyhow. Here in Israel we have a small blackish bird (smaller than a sparrow) with blue & green iridescent colors that at times might be taken for an insect. My wife told me that the locals call it a Colibri (spelling, unsure)! If I can find a picture of it I'll add it. I'd call it a hummingbird. pretty little guy
  • SK-pro ... Major Mel 2013/05/30 20:47:32
    SK-pro impeachment
    it's a Hummingbird.
  • Major Mel SK-pro ... 2013/06/08 17:29:37
    Major Mel
    Yup! It IS a hummingbird. In Russia and here in Israel they call it a Colibri however.
  • God's beautiful creation
    Catnip "Guru" ◊◊◊∞◊◊◊
    I love God for creating these.
    Tigers Lion Leopard Cats
  • reaper Catnip ... 2013/05/29 03:07:33
    you mean the worst terrestrial predator? can kill and even all kinds of stuff, even people (for the big cats)? yeah, i need to get myself another cat. I miss having one.
  • Catnip ... reaper 2013/05/30 06:17:40
    Catnip "Guru" ◊◊◊∞◊◊◊
    Unfortunately the worst terrestrial predator is us. We're hunting these beautiful creatures into extinction.
  • JJ 2013/05/28 21:32:14
    God's beautiful creation
    Yes, his creation is wonderous...beautiful to behold.
  • wildcat 2013/05/28 20:25:46
    I appreciate nature
  • firelooker 2013/05/28 16:19:35
    God's beautiful creation
    Very nice.
  • G.J. the time has come!!! 2013/05/28 15:44:29
    God's beautiful creation
    G.J. the time has come!!!
    from the smallest birds to the universe; God has given us a beautiful environment for us to live in and enjoy JUST OPEN YOUR EYES GOD IS GREAT
  • Billy the kid 2013/05/28 13:26:48
    God's beautiful creation
    Billy the kid
    “Earth is crammed with heaven,
    And every bush is aflame with God
    But only those who see, take off their shoes
    The rest sit around it and pluck blackberries.” – Elizabeth Browning
  • Mrs.B 2013/05/28 10:09:03
    God's beautiful creation
    what a beautiful bird.
  • goatman112003 2013/05/28 09:05:37
    God's beautiful creation
    While these birds are beautiful just looking at my outside birdfeeders and seeing gold finches and bluebirds and cardinals is like looking a real rainbow of colors..
  • BUCCANEER BTO- t -BCRA-F 2013/05/28 07:40:59
  • Knight of sunlight 2013/05/28 06:49:41
    I appreciate nature
    Knight of sunlight
    kakapo, the flightless bird.

    kakapo flightless bird
  • reaper Knight ... 2013/05/28 09:29:09
    another flightless bird, but long dead. i'm sure they would of killed and ate humans.

    flightless bird dead killed ate humans
  • FrancheskahMae:) 2013/05/28 06:40:31
    God's beautiful creation
    My thoughts exactly.
  • nicesteve 2013/05/28 06:39:30
    God's beautiful creation
    God created birds. And the devil's responsible for what birds do on you.
  • millerm... nicesteve 2013/05/28 11:11:40
    Good response!
  • John "By God" American 2013/05/28 06:28:01
    I appreciate nature
    John "By God" American
    Which IS the Lord's beautiful creation!!!
  • Woof 2013/05/28 05:49:39 (edited)
    God's beautiful creation
    Yes! To both! I too appreciate gods creative side!who needs drugs when we have nature and her abundance of color and breathtaking design! A hummingbird, a dragonfly . Perfection. I loved to bird watch in Europe, the seasons changing would bring birds through from Africa! Their brilliant colors would stop me in my tracks'! What a gift'
  • THE BEACH 2013/05/28 05:40:56
    I appreciate nature
  • illinoyed 2013/05/28 05:36:29
    God's beautiful creation
    your pictures aren't showing
  • millerm... illinoyed 2013/05/28 11:13:13
    I understand. They were when I posted them and now I don't see them this morning. Evidently many others on here are seeing them according to their responses.
  • duke59@juno.com 2013/05/28 05:02:57
    God's beautiful creation
    Elohim (God) likes variety. Be it plants, animals, birds and yes, Human kind. While I don't believe the adage, "variety is the spice of life" is Biblical, the saying I would guess be a "broad-brush" description of His Creation.
  • sglmom 2013/05/28 04:37:38
    I appreciate nature
    beautiful birds
    I always admired the vast array of LIFE upon this earth ..
  • THE BEACH sglmom 2013/05/28 05:41:53
    I love Puffins.saw them up on the Maine coast.
  • reaper sglmom 2013/05/29 03:05:12
    i've always wanted to see some of those guys for myself. and maybe pet one.
  • SK-pro impeachment 2013/05/28 04:11:25
    God's beautiful creation
    SK-pro impeachment
    He sure had fun with colors. I wonder if He painted by numbers.
  • Major Mel SK-pro ... 2013/05/30 19:57:36
    Major Mel
    No! By the letters...via The Hebrew alphabet, or so some say!
  • SK-pro ... Major Mel 2013/05/30 20:00:50 (edited)
    SK-pro impeachment
    But Hebrew letters have numeric value assigned to them, don't they? but i get what you are saying.
  • Major Mel SK-pro ... 2013/05/30 20:41:07
    Major Mel
    Yes they do have numbers associated with them. In any case, God spoke and the world came into being. Amen.
  • Major Mel SK-pro ... 2013/05/30 20:42:58
    Major Mel
    Yes the Hebrew letters (all 22 of them) do have specific numerical value(s). In any case, God spoke, and the world came into being!. Amen.
  • SK-pro ... Major Mel 2013/05/30 20:48:34
    SK-pro impeachment
    Amen amen.
  • Jiorgia 2013/05/28 03:38:02
    I appreciate nature
    But I dont accredit its beauty and diversity with that of a creator, I would never try to take your beliefs away from you, but I personally do not share your faith.
  • Pedalpusher 2013/05/28 03:15:42 (edited)
    God's beautiful creation
    God's beautiful creations are all around us, and I thank him for them daily.
  • reaper Pedalpu... 2013/05/28 03:36:17
  • Pedalpu... reaper 2013/05/28 03:40:35
    You mean some of those things aren't nightmares by themselves? ;-)
  • stevmackey 2013/05/28 02:55:33
    God's beautiful creation
    Is hiding for me

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