What does they mean when they say : karma's a bitch ??

ayo 2009/07/17 16:40:42
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  • samantha 2011/08/17 19:39:55
    omg diz is wat happened 2 mi i cursed out my ex boyfriend becuz i thought he was cheating on me but de i noticed dat my boyfriend was da 1 cheating on me thx 4 da answer
  • Little Sweetie 2011/08/11 07:17:54
    Little Sweetie
    Ok I do believe in karma ... Good & bad ... But what if this person ( let's say me ) had their home vandalized last night after midnight & this person left a hand written note on my door saying KARMA'S A BITCH when I know I did nothing wrong to them ? When I get some answers , I will tell more
  • Little ... Little ... 2011/08/19 18:21:00
    Little Sweetie
    Ok I haven't been on here for awhile but I did say I tell more ... Well I was this persons friend ... Was always true & honest to that person .... Always there when they needed me .... But this so called friend got to close to my hubby & he almost left me for her .... I did nothing wrong to either of them so do u honestly believe that I deserved this ? No I didn't .... So I get bad karma even though I did nothing wrong
  • samira Little ... 2012/06/16 21:47:19
    Karma's a bitch means It is another way of saying "What goes around comes around."
  • ms_pinkett Little ... 2013/09/30 21:30:13
    probably that what comes around goes around in a unpleasent manner maybe you wrngd them and you aint aware.
  • Raymondo Montiel 2010/12/21 20:56:28
    Raymondo Montiel
    hell yeahh wat they all said i should know i didnt treat my ex rite n she wanted me back n the girl i wanted ended up cheating on me n left
  • ayo 2009/07/20 13:53:19
    thanks alot for ur answers !!! and shaiane urine whatever u call urself this is not a way to talk to people !!! so yea i tell u now that karma is a mf bitch !!!
  • medarlin~xanax goddess~ 2009/07/17 18:22:54
    medarlin~xanax goddess~
    You get what you give. If you do good things, good things will come back to you. If you're an asshole, expect to have a lousy life.
  • mrs awesome face 2009/07/17 17:27:36
    mrs awesome face
    if you do soemthign say like make fun of someones hair.....then the next day you may have a bad hair day,
    thats karma. and it wont always happen in your favor
    what countrygirl said.what goes around comes around
  • deleted 404 2009/07/17 17:23:38
    deleted 404
    What goes around, comes around--
  • Jamerjam 2009/07/17 17:00:49
    Karma is a belief that the effects of your actions will determine your destiny.

    If you make bad decisions, they may come back to haunt you later.
    ...Now isn't that a bitch!?!
  • Andy 2009/07/17 16:58:54
    if you belive in karma it would only be a bitch to you if you were a bitch to some one else
  • Raymond... Andy 2010/12/21 21:00:20
    Raymondo Montiel
    i agree
  • Smokinlois 2009/07/17 16:49:54
    Are you stupid?

    Go back to school. It means karma is a evil spirit in the form of someone being bitchy coming into your home, eating your food, burning our crops, raping the churches, burning the women, without asking
  • Kevin Pham Smokinlois 2011/05/27 01:41:07
    Kevin Pham
    Those are examples of Karma. No need to add the disrespect, he was just asking a question.

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