What does "Nobama" mean?

Zipart 2009/01/19 07:20:21
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  • cantomagica 2009/02/26 07:17:35
    It means......
    In polite terms it means we didn't and still don't want Obama as our President.

    As for someone sharing your personal emails (which were given to them by a spy) in a public forum, it's unacceptable by any decent human beings standards. I guess that's not what we're dealing with here.

    spy public forum unacceptable decent human beings standards guess dealing

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  • DoseOf Reality 2011/08/19 15:25:45 (edited)
    It means......
    DoseOf Reality
  • Zipart 2009/03/13 05:32:55
    It means......
    What no RAVES?
  • Gir 2009/03/04 04:25:19
    It means......
    ..."No Obama"?

    Or Republicans potent disapproval of getting a grip and realizing that a nickname's not going to change anything.

    If they REALLY want to become the leading party again, then maybe they should stop living in denial and come back to reality...'cause the way their playing...Democrats will be leading for a very long time.
  • nomorerepukes 2009/03/02 17:27:35
  • Nat™ 2009/03/02 17:23:02
    It means......
    what cantomagica says
  • MJ 2009/03/01 23:08:57
    I don't know....
  • johnny2bad 2009/03/01 18:04:55
    It means......
    That the person saying it is a right wing creep.....
  • Rah 2009/03/01 17:06:50
    It means......
    It means NO BRAINS on the part of right wing embarassments to the GOP.
  • Kara 2009/03/01 16:15:02
    It means......
    It means that Obama cannot be trusted. Obama is a fraud. obama trusted obama fraud
  • RanceCo... Kara 2009/03/01 20:37:00
    RanceCo R.I.P. MJ
    Uh, a little too late to vote no. HE WON! Aren't you tired of ingesting sour grapes yet?

    uh late vote won tired ingesting sour grapes
  • Forum Cruiser 2009/03/01 15:51:51
    It means......
    Forum Cruiser
    Pretty obvious:

    pretty obvious

    Message will stay the same only the date will change over the next four years!!
  • Moderate - Whatever!!! Smil... 2009/03/01 15:04:19
  • NPC Moderat... 2009/03/01 17:01:05
    Nobama is not 47% of this country's voters POTUS, EVER ! You will see the error of the dumocrats welfare SCAMULUS Program sooner than later. There is no way we can tax and MASSIVE spend our way out of any of this mess. Time is the only way to handle this and fear is not about to work. NOBAMA, BARK BARK NOBAMA AND NODRAMA !
  • Faith ~... Moderat... 2009/03/01 23:52:34
    Faith ~American Patriot~
    So, because he is "president" we should just fall to our knees and worship the fool like you people have done? I don't think so.
  • Moderat... Faith ~... 2009/03/02 00:07:52
  • momrules316 2009/03/01 14:55:36
    It means......
    It means: I don't believe in Democracy and I want to cry and whine for weeks and months until I get my way!! OH yeah, it means I will cry for a revolution and won't be happy till I elect a moron who can take us all to hell in a hand basket. Republicans had their way and you ruined the country with your horrible decision........it's time for the Democratic Party to pick up the pieces and make this country what it once was!!!
  • NPC momrule... 2009/03/01 17:01:54
    You are obviusly very stupid and do not know anything about economics or POLITICS !
  • ☆Hitler... momrule... 2009/03/01 17:02:30
    ☆Hitler was a community organiz☆
    I agreee that this nation needs to put aright but the commicrats have no clue as to what it use to be

    The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.
    John Quincy Adams
  • Faith ~... momrule... 2009/03/01 23:53:31
    Faith ~American Patriot~
    Educate yourself, it is clear that you have no idea what is going on.
  • momrule... Faith ~... 2009/03/01 23:59:10
    Who's going to educate me? People who backed GWB or Sarah Palin............now that's funny!!!
  • Moderat... momrule... 2009/03/02 00:03:21
  • Gorky 2009/03/01 14:30:37
    It means......
  • Differe... Gorky 2009/03/01 15:18:21
  • NPC Gorky 2009/03/01 17:03:13
    Beware of those liberals that use the media to front their agenda of tax and spend with someone else's PRINTED AND BORROWED MONEY !
  • Constitutionalist/Conservat... 2009/03/01 11:53:38 (edited)
  • Differe... Constit... 2009/03/01 15:21:45
  • Different ♥ 2009/03/01 07:37:20
    None of the above
    Different  ♥
    Nobama Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Gorky Differe... 2009/03/01 14:32:01
  • Differe... Gorky 2009/03/01 15:15:18
  • 519378 2009/03/01 06:44:31
    It means......
    I don't want to accept responsibility for Republican Borrow-and-Spend economics.
    In the two hundred years B.R. (before Ronald Reagan) the entire accumulated debt of all of our previous presidents amounted to 909.1 Billion dollars.
    By the time that Ronald Reagan left office in 1988 the National Debt was 2,601.3 Billion or 2.6 Trillion
    By the time Number Forty-One left office in 1992 after four years in office, the National Debt was 4,002.1 Billion or approx. 4.0 Trillion dollars.
    So Clinton came into office in 1992 and by the time that he left eight years later, the National Debt was 5,606.1 Billion or 5.6 Trillion dollars.
    Number Forty-Three left office with the National Debt at 11 Trillion dollars.


    No Obama! Don't take the blame for the bill coming due while you are in office!
  • Kara 519378 2009/03/01 16:21:54 (edited)
    You have convinced yourself that you are right.. What about the newly passed Stimulus Package that has at least 8,000 earmarks which is to be paid by money that Americans have not even made yet. Our childrens' children will stil be paying for the unnecessary multi-trillion dollar spending package of the Democrats.
  • 519378 Kara 2009/03/01 16:52:23
    I find it ironic that the only times Republicans desire a Fiscally Responsible Government is when the Democrats are in office.
    Such as when Clinton got America to the point where America could start paying down the National Debt run up by Reagan and Forty-One.
    When Forty-Three took office, he took the Budget Surplus and gave it to his rich friends and ran up the biggest debt in the world's history.
    Talk about unnecessary spending! Just look at the last eight years!
    Forty-Three ran up six times as much debt as America ran up in the first 200 years!
  • Kara 519378 2009/03/01 17:18:13
    I voted for Bill Clinton both times. President Clinton raised taxes when the people where in a better position to pay higher taxes. Although, I did not understand during the Clinton administration that supporting NAFTA and exporting jobs across sea was what I was voting for. In reality, Bush inherited Clintons' mistakes.
  • 519378 Kara 2009/03/01 17:59:11
    I voted for Clinton the second time he ran because I was impressed by how he was getting deficit spending under control.
    I agree that we need to create American jobs.
    Having lower prices in the stores does not help when people do not have jobs.
  • NPC 519378 2009/03/01 17:19:48
    You always use Bush as as excuse ! Why dwell on the past now that the Nobama-Pelousy Scamulus Bill is in effect ? Who is responsible and accountable now ? Is Bush to blame for every single thing from now ? Get into some reality. I have resisted responding to you because there is a pattern here. Are you for or against Socialism or Communism ? Tell us how you also feel about The Constitution or The Bill of Rights, Professor !?
  • 519378 NPC 2009/03/01 18:09:43
    No, Bush is not responsible for the actions of the current administration.
    Bush does remain responsible for the Bush Deficit and National Debt as well as the Bush Depression and the Iraq war.
    I was appalled at how Bush ignored the 4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
    The US Constitution is the highest law of the land and should be respected as such.
    I feel it is fortunate that the current President that is such a highly respected Constitutional Scholar that he could be considered a candidate for a Supreme Court Justice appointment. It has been a long time since America had a respected Constitutional Scholar in the White House!
    I feel that the smaller a community is, the better chance that communism will work.
    When everybody knows everybody else in the community, the more likely it is that everybody shares everything and lives in an identical manner. Small tribal bands use this form of living frequently. I do not feel that it is effective in Nation States because sharing with unknown people is not a basic human trait. What works well for a community of 150 people in the Amazonian jungle (as an example) does not translate into working well for a group of 150,000 or more people.
  • Robert 2009/03/01 06:08:33
    It means......
    ...it means there is NO WAY America should EVER have a Marxist, anti-America, racist who worked feverishly to CAUSE the current economic crisis and who dishonors America, its honorable President George Bush, and those who serve in our great military as POTUS. NO WAY we need a POTUS who's answer to our problems is to give hand outs in return for votes... and NO WAY we can stand for a POTUS who has Nancy Pelosi jumping up and down and applauding like a crazed rabbit during his speeches...which are full of fear mongering, and insidious Marxist ideology...blaming his predecessor Bush for the economic crisis which he himself contributed to as a communiity organizer and assoc. lawyer for ACORN, forcing banks to give bad loans (handouts) to the poor who cannot afford to make their payments, ending up with mass foreclosures...
  • Action ... Robert 2009/03/01 06:15:57
  • Gorky Action ... 2009/03/01 14:39:25
  • Moderat... Action ... 2009/03/01 14:59:02
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