What do you think of the "solar storms" that are apparently coming?

MrsLeviathan 2013/02/07 12:41:45
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  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2013/02/07 13:31:28
    Scary stuff!
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    They could disrupt anything from satellites and communications to power grids depending on how powerful they are.

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  • schjaz 2013/02/27 16:33:59
    Scary stuff!
    This can explain satellite interruption as well as crazy weather and global warming trends.
  • Drageona 2013/02/16 00:46:52
    Scary stuff!
    if they come, they come what will be able to due about them, Look at what happened to Russia
  • Dandydon 2013/02/10 01:13:43
    Other (explain)
    They'll come the go and we'll carry on as usual...
  • Starman - Guru of Reason 2013/02/09 22:35:12
    Other (explain)
    Starman - Guru of Reason

    Shields up! Thank goodness we have the magnetosphere. Of course if a CME should hit us while the poles are switching, we can say goodbye to our electrical grid for many many years.
  • Neilapam 2013/02/09 20:04:52
    Scary stuff!
    the world will be hotter, look, i already live in place that is very hot! ill not stand higher temperatures....
  • Daniel O'Hern 2013/02/08 13:11:20
    Scary stuff!
    Daniel O'Hern
    these can be potentially lethal and a real threat. Hope we keep our magnet fields up which shield us
  • Masaca 2013/02/08 08:05:09
    Scary stuff!
    Gotta watch out for those solar blasts

    Incredible Melting Man
  • santa6642 2013/02/08 04:02:28
    I really don't care
    happens every now and then, Nothing we can do about them.
  • Chitta Brick 2013/02/08 01:28:53
    Other (explain)
    Chitta Brick
    solar storms have been going for billions of years, just more "panic" to whip the dullards up in a frenzy.
  • Cat 2013/02/08 00:13:50
    Scary stuff!
    I never heard of a good solar storm that is "coming".
  • JonDeniro 2013/02/07 22:43:51
    Scary stuff!
    Considering how dependent we have become on electricity, the defense budget would be better spent on preparing the power grid for this very real threat, as opposed to the entirely fictional "war on terror."
  • RicardoCabeza 2013/02/07 21:15:02
    Other (explain)
    There is nothing like the idea of having your credit profile scraped clean and being the only person with a working automobile because you resisted all of the new fangled contraptions since 1974!... I just hope Sodahead works after the X 100 flare.
  • Mark 2013/02/07 20:03:27
    Other (explain)
    I heard about this on the radio this morning. My first thought was "It's Y2K mark 2"
  • skowcog 2013/02/07 20:02:39
    Other (explain)
    It is happening and yet the global warmist don't think this plays any role in global warming. I wonder why? Is it that there can be no money made to stop this natural occurance? hmmm
  • gogleer 2013/02/07 19:28:01
    *Facepalm* Not this bullcr*p again...
    Dam, Obama has another excuse for all his failures.
  • AJ 2013/02/07 18:32:54
    Scary stuff!
    Who knows what will happen.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2013/02/07 18:29:36
    I really don't care
    Lerro DeHazel
    We had some 37,000 Years ago that would make these look like wet-candles . . . .
  • Huki68 2013/02/07 18:18:39
    Scary stuff!
    I would take this quite seriously...

    Have your old days essencials at home.

    Things that are not that technology and can be use without electric

    I know we the new generation doesn't like the old stuff, but the old stuff could safe your life.

    days essencials home technology electric generation safe life
  • Ricardo... Huki68 2013/02/07 21:17:24
    Hey! mechanical wristwatches will not work unless they have jewel pinions and gold mechanisms...
  • Huki68 Ricardo... 2013/02/07 21:19:18
    That is just an exemple
  • Ricardo... Huki68 2013/02/07 21:30:54
    A can of Ravioli and a P-38 can opener attached to a light weight copy of the Bible would be better idea... I also do not see any underwear in that kit, what will happen if you have to go to the Hospital?
  • Huki68 Ricardo... 2013/02/08 00:20:06
    I guess the Ravioli and a P-38 can opener will be in the hospital for a long time
  • Ricardo... Huki68 2013/02/12 02:41:37
    Nope, I would give it a week or two before the hospitals are looted...
  • Huki68 Ricardo... 2013/02/12 04:27:31
  • stranger 2013/02/07 17:54:20
    *Facepalm* Not this bullcr*p again...
    you mean the flares that where supposed to hit every year for a decade now?

    get a life people! control freak tactics is all this is,

    just like global warming or global cooling.
  • Ricardo... stranger 2013/02/07 21:18:22
    No it is a real risk, just not very common...
  • stranger Ricardo... 2013/02/07 21:46:17
    well prove it, your fear mongering scientists have been paranoied about it for years, yet it never happens!

    unless you call all the normal ones that create aurora borealis as being bad, they cause no damage and they are beautiful to watch.

    but we are at no risk of it! scientists today are money hoarding sellout fear mongers! anything to earn a dirty dollar
  • Ricardo... stranger 2013/02/12 03:16:10
    Just like the 869 A.D. and the 2011 A.D. Sunriki Tsunami...time will tell.... Maybe for some it will just seem to be a whacky Rave with a wild lime green "Big Sky" light show followed up with feverishly quick run on the grocery store... Have you ever thought of the requirements of starting up a Grub Farm?...
  • stranger Ricardo... 2013/02/12 14:20:58
    my family is much more prepared then most.

    again prove that those tsunami's occured because of solar flares, last i checked solar flares create beautiful orora borealis.
  • Ricardo... stranger 2013/02/21 00:42:50
    There are some very sharp physicists that believe earthquakes can be tied to certain types of solar phenomenon, but even so I figure that most of our examined world is still half immersed in the misconception of non related phenomena, but it sure is fun to peruse the perspectives of their endeavor.
  • stranger Ricardo... 2013/02/21 05:17:47
    HAARP is the name. chemtrail is the name, as well as weather warfare, you should look into it, its something the governments very much want to do
  • Ricardo... stranger 2013/02/24 02:41:38
    I like the ideas of manipulated weather phenomenon, in consideration of everything from from Tesla's formulas to the 6,000 year old legend of the two Chinese brothers who could summon thunder and lightning from a small box they carried. Most of this stuff is pretty esoteric but I think the entire concept of HAARP owes its inception to Mr. Tesla...
  • stranger Ricardo... 2013/02/24 04:00:34
    yeah, when your dead from poison that they spray you won't enjoy ti so much
  • Ricardo... stranger 2013/02/25 03:35:04
    I am 92, so forgive me if I display a short timers attitude but, I know for a fact that unlike Mr. Edison Mr. Tesla was a Philanthropist at heart, His inventions and intent were specifically directed at allowing Humanity to expand far beyond the 500 million or so that the Malthusian circles envisioned as the upper ranges of supportable population. I would bet that Chemtrails will soon be an expensive Pork project whose support will wilt under rapidly approaching monetary concerns... Diethelene Bromide, Aluminum oxide and barium gets mighty expensive when there is not a tax base to support it's liberal use as a method for seeding clouds.
  • stranger Ricardo... 2013/02/25 16:08:53
    dude, weather control is illuminati wanting to rid earth of 90% population.

    earth as it is now is plenty supportable for us all. you have the illuminati lies that say we are overpopulated, then we have real math that says we can all live on north america comfortably, that gives LOTS of land for food growth,

    besides we have 7 billion people on earth today!
    chemtrails expensive? sure, but the taxes we pay don't go for our benefit, they go for war and other stuff the government won't tell us about. as long as people pay up tot the government like sheeple the government will have money for whatever they want
  • Ricardo... stranger 2013/02/27 21:54:59 (edited)
    Dude!, I have good news, the Illuminati never wanted to do anything but allow the Human race the ability to enjoy life liberty and the pursuit of happiness through the expansion of the esoteric sciences and technology... Sadly however the Bankers and the Elites that have been mislabeled as the enlightened ones have really missed the mark as to how many of us can comfortably fit on this little planet, an anointed Friend of mine recently said that We could fit the entire population of the earth in Texas with room to spare... Blame the greedy not the Illuminati, I promise you the Sons of the Light are on our side.
  • Tordgaard 2013/02/07 17:42:01
    Other (explain)
    Solar storms are not at all uncommon.
    If you live far enough to the north, go out and look for an aurora.
  • Savious 2013/02/07 17:23:55
    *Facepalm* Not this bullcr*p again...
    Some electronics will go a bit haywire, until they get fixed; the global temp will kick up a couple .0001 degrees, and life will continue; just as it has over the past few million years.
  • stranger Savious 2013/02/07 17:56:04
    yeah but city people will have no food, as stores will shut down, ad all their food will go bad, (no freezers) and people wil lturn to violence. and police state! oh man, that is very possible, but it won't be solar flares that cause it it will be the government who does it then put the blame on an event that didn't happen.
  • 4570GOVT 2013/02/07 16:50:12
    *Facepalm* Not this bullcr*p again...
    We " HAVE " Solar Storms all the time ! - No Big Deal . They rarely disrupt anything and when they do , it is quickly fixed . Everything has a Backup in place .

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