What do you think of the new All American Rejects album "When the World Comes Down"?

All American Rejects 2008/12/16 22:02:49
I got mine and...
I'm getting mine soon
I'm not getting it because...
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All American Rejects new album "When the World Comes Down" came out today! We want to know who got it and what you think! Didn't get it yet? Click here to buy!
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  • Beverly 2009/06/16 19:43:54
    I'm getting mine soon
    I LOVE IT! It was awesome! ;)
  • AnnexAside 2009/02/19 14:41:59
    I got mine and...
    I LOVE IT!!
    Youre music is fantastic :)
    I dont know how many times I have listen to it :)
    My 2 fav songs are Another Heart Calls and Breakin'
  • krys 2009/01/24 00:19:01
    I got mine and...
    its awesome i love it.u guys keep rocking and i hope u come to Chicago cuz i really wanna see u perform. : ] love you. xoxo krissy.
  • Er 2009/01/23 01:18:43
    I got mine and...
    I LOVE IT!!!! All the songs are amazing, I am hooked on the album! My favorites are Real World, Gives You Hell, and Another Heart Calls. LOVE U AAR!!
  • Theresa 2009/01/19 07:01:22
    I'm not getting it because...
    i downloaded the songs on itunes, and i love them so much!!!! gives u hell is mi favoreit on the album and it reminds me of mi dads wife (aka, my STEPMONSTER!)
  • JJs 2009/01/16 17:41:16
    I got mine and...
    love it but not as much as your first.
  • andrea018 2009/01/16 00:32:54
    I got mine and...
  • lala31 2009/01/15 21:58:40
    I'm getting mine soon
    i'm getting mine as soon it comes to my country!!!
    <3 but i'have heard all of their songs... and WOW!!! wonderful!!!!!!
  • dan 2009/01/14 17:59:12
    I'm getting mine soon
    Just havent had the time to get it yet... I have their 2 previous albums which are great... and Ive heard a few songs on the new one and I liked what I heard.
  • shan 2009/01/10 16:30:55
    I got mine and...
    it is awesome
  • annie(: 2009/01/08 23:37:59
    I got mine and...
    Amazing. End of story
  • Danielle 2009/01/06 20:38:47
    I got mine and...
    I think it is amazazing. I love all the songs on the album. i just listen to the album on repeat.
  • angela6579 2009/01/05 07:01:02
    I got mine and...
    I think it's amaizing. it feels more relaxed. it's a fantastic album as always the boys hit it out of the park once again.
  • garfield 2009/01/04 07:40:41
    I got mine and...
    Soooo different !!!
    And awesome XD!!!
  • Bea 2009/01/03 22:12:46
    I got mine and...
    I love it!!! It's different but it's worth it! I actually bought two copies!!!
  • clare. 2009/01/03 11:32:31
    I'm getting mine soon
    its goooood
  • huskeyluv25 2009/01/02 22:01:51
    I got mine and...
    Loved it!!! best album yet!!
  • kayla 2009/01/01 08:53:33
    I got mine and...
    i love it ofcourse, its aar. i liked how the last album was a bit harder, but it is still AMAIZING!!!
  • Olivia 2008/12/31 23:20:58
    I got mine and...
    it's soooo amazing! i listen to all the songs 24/7. i cannot wait for another one! keep on rockin' out and i'll be waitin'!
  • Victoria Vengeance 2008/12/31 18:36:13
    I'm getting mine soon
    Victoria Vengeance
    I love The AAR
  • katykate 2008/12/30 22:28:42
    I got mine and...
    IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!
  • aarluvr 2008/12/30 20:23:59
    I got mine and...
    it is the best music in the past, present, and future of mankind
  • Shannon 2008/12/30 14:42:41
    I got mine and...
    i love ittt! i havent listened to much else since i put it on my ipod<3
    best album by far.
  • Tinamelina 2008/12/29 22:37:12
    I got mine and...
    I LOVE IT!!:D
  • Taffy 2008/12/29 16:06:41
    I'm getting mine soon
    I love the songs! They're really awesome, and I can really have fun with them. xD I hope I get the CD soon.
  • Melody 2008/12/28 23:45:11
    I'm getting mine soon
    but I've been listening to my friend's copy of it and we both love it! Gives You Hell is my new fav song :)
  • krodgers22 2008/12/28 21:10:01
    I got mine and...
    ITs completely amazing!
  • nick 2008/12/28 18:03:51
    I got mine and...
    it rocks and i love it!!
  • Eternal Sunshine 2008/12/28 04:31:41
    I got mine and...
    Eternal Sunshine
    and its completely amazing its the best album i have ever heard and its original and just amazing in every way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • Christian Eternal... 2009/01/22 05:54:39
    yea its awsome i went to the conceert in hollywood and got their autograph
  • IAmDreamingAbout 2008/12/28 03:24:00
    I got mine and...
    it's pretty much amazing
  • solina 2008/12/28 03:17:21
    I got mine and...
    i think its pretty freakin awesome :)
  • glenn 2008/12/27 20:47:10
    I got mine and...
    its the best. I cant wait til u come 2 phoenix az. u guys rock!!!!!!!!
  • olivia24 2008/12/27 20:07:59
    I got mine and...
    My friend burned me a copy. It's pretty good.
  • zac 2008/12/27 20:05:37
    I got mine and...
    i have it on my Mp3 and i totally LOVE the songs!!!
  • Bella [MCR ♥ TWILIGHT] 2008/12/26 00:15:43
    I'm getting mine soon
    Bella [MCR ♥ TWILIGHT]
    I'm getting mine soon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the AAR. My fave song from the album is Gives You Hell and many others...
    love love love aar fave song album And I love Tyson Ritter!
  • sarah 2008/12/25 23:56:55
    I'm getting mine soon
    and i can't wait!!...
  • Youcangivemehelltyson 2008/12/25 23:46:11
    I got mine and...
    I Laahlaahhhlave it! ;)
    It's definately more pop than the last album, but different is ok.
    My favorites are, Fallin' Apart, Gives You Hell, and my ultimate favorite is Breakin'!
  • Olivia Youcang... 2008/12/31 23:26:13
    a. laahhlooaaahhhhlave your name.
    b. laahhlooaaahhlave <<THAT
    c. completely agree with your favorites.. and sunshine [the 13th one.]
  • britters 2008/12/25 23:44:28
    I'm not getting it because...
    me haves no money rite now :(

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