What do you think happened to the Malaysian plane?

galaxygirl979 2014/03/17 21:14:54
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I'm sure everyone has heard about this on the news. Now, what do you think?
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  • TKramar 2014/03/18 16:34:34
    in the ocean.
  • Prophet 2014/03/18 11:40:02
    It was hijacked. All the passengers are dead or going to be held for ransom.
  • The New Old School 2014/03/18 00:21:39
    The New Old School
    My hypothesis? It's on the ground, intact somewhere. The whereabouts of the passengers are unknown. If it crashed violently into the ocean, it would have broken up and wreckage would have been found. That much aluminium and material doesn't just vanish. If it soft landed in the ocean, someone would have popped a hatch and tried to get out. There are life rafts, vests, and other things on board. Unless you had an army of terrorists on board, people would not sit there and wait patiently to drown. I think it's being converted into a weapon of some kind, or perhaps even a transport. I fear for the passengers though. How do you control that many people? Even if you have guns, 240 panicked folks is a big crowd to control. This whole thing is strange.
  • galaxyg... The New... 2014/03/18 00:27:02
    That's exactly what me and my dad think. Sure, the whole thing is strange! My dad said there are people putting out the idea of aliens or alternative dimensions being involved. Gosh....
  • dubbie 2014/03/17 23:06:40
    One thing for sure , All these talking heads claims if it was a terrorist group they would come out and dance in the streets , That may be so , But if a Terrorist country with plans on wiping other countries off the face of the earth ,The last thing they are going to do is tell anyone about it, till their intentions are completed .
  • Prophet dubbie 2014/03/18 11:38:03
    your absolutely right. A whole lot of people have to die first before they celebrate.
  • 3DogsBarking 2014/03/17 22:20:01
    It would take a modern navy to disappear a jumbo jet.
  • Denai, The Li't Sasquatch 2014/03/17 21:22:37
    Denai, The Li't Sasquatch
    Think we will see this plane again and more people will die.
  • Aurora 2014/03/17 21:20:17
    it was hijacked and landed somewhere by the terrorist. Sad.
  • galaxyg... Aurora 2014/03/17 21:27:50
  • moshlyfe Aurora 2014/03/17 22:34:48
    I think this is the most likely scenario. Where the actual plane is...that's a good question.
  • Aurora moshlyfe 2014/03/17 22:36:04
    Russia, China, Hezbollah.
  • moshlyfe Aurora 2014/03/17 22:43:19
    Or...somewhere else.

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