What do you think about The Tea Party.net's support of Newt Gingrich for the Republican Party's nomination for president of the U.S.A. ?

ruru 2011/10/16 04:28:57
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  • rdmatheny 2011/12/10 23:16:22
    Totally Disgusting.

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  • Maynard 2011/10/16 11:53:54
    Newt was the


    Too bad the media HATES PEOPLE WHO DO SUCH THINGS.

  • Wolf 2011/10/16 10:32:23
    Gingrich is an absolute idiot and something we cannot afford today...this insider has no ethics or concept of doing what is right and absolutely no common sense...
  • Jenna~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/10/16 08:21:03
    He could be a good bet, but I need to look him up more to be sure.
  • AL 2011/10/16 07:52:15
    Newt believes in green energy and Global Climate change as well. So no I could never support him in fact!
  • Alien Ramone 2011/10/16 06:50:25
    Alien Ramone
    Gingrich is a member of the CFR, which I view as an organization, which promotes globalism and the breaking down of the sovereignty of nations including the United States. Gingrich can be impressive in his knowledge and presentation, but when he and most of the Republicans went back on much of what he promoted in the Contract with America after they got a majority in Congress and the Presidency, I realized that his attentions weren't really to get term limits and stop the out of control government spending. When a prominent Tea Party member endorses someone like him, I question their intentions also.
  • Farnsworth 2011/10/16 05:30:31
    If he's gotten rid of his RINOism, then I have no problem with him. Newts a smart guy and can match wits with anyone
  • Alien R... Farnsworth 2011/10/16 06:56:13
    Alien Ramone
    I agree that Newt is a smart guy and can match wits with anyone, but after he has shown his true colors, I think people should be wary of accepting and especially supporting him just because he changes what he says to get elected.
  • Luca Alien R... 2011/10/16 07:14:18
    he has been totally consistent the last 5 years that I can see...before that, I dont know
  • Alien R... Luca 2011/10/16 07:22:09
  • Luca Alien R... 2011/10/16 07:23:45
    that was far more than 5 years ago...that was back in teh 80's as i recall...times change..
  • Alien R... Luca 2011/10/16 07:37:49
    Alien Ramone
    It will be a matter of perception for each person. I don't believe Gingrich's intentions are what he currently says. When he recently started talking about auditing the Federal Reserve and going to a gold standard it seemed obvious to me that he was just saying what he thought would go over well with some Tea Partiers. If anyone really wants those things and really wants a fiscally responsible President who will veto a lot of spending, I think they are going to need to vote for a candidate who has consistently promoted those things.

    It was a real wake up call for me when Newt pushed for the Contract with America and the Republicans had the numbers to stop the out of control spending and pass legislation for term limits which were included in the Contract with America, but then they didn't pursue those things.
  • Luca Alien R... 2011/10/16 08:03:45
    I dont trust Newt, he IS a classical politician...i do believe he would "play ball", only because he knows it would be in his best interest to do so...but again...he wil never get the nomination anyways, so it is kind of a mote point.
  • Farnsworth Alien R... 2011/10/16 12:24:41
  • Luca 2011/10/16 05:04:59
    I do not see a single Tea Party organization that has given the nod to anyone as yet. Where do you get this information?
  • ruru Luca 2011/10/16 05:21:30
    From The Tea Party.net. I was suprised.
  • Luca ruru 2011/10/16 05:30:47
    i went to that link...teaparty.net It is some guys blogpage...give a proper link please..
  • ruru Luca 2011/10/16 05:50:33
    Not teaparty.net, The Tea Party.net ( official Tea Party site).
  • Luca ruru 2011/10/16 05:52:00
    i went there..i could find nothing..give the link please...(and the Tea Party Express is the biggest organziation of all) links do not have spaces in them,...
  • Alien R... Luca 2011/10/16 06:35:14
    Alien Ramone
    This article might explain what she's referring to:
  • Luca Alien R... 2011/10/16 07:12:46
    ah...well, Newt IS the smartest of the bunch, and he COULD get the most accomplished...too bad he is unelectable..

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