What Do You Remember Most About 9/11?

ABCnews.com 2009/09/11 00:46:51
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  • John Wayne 2009/09/11 13:52:12
    The bravery of the firefighters
    John Wayne
    Reading the garbage some people post is disgusting. All of the bravery and patriotism shown on that day really showed America's heart. Now people want to take away from all of those accomplishments by claiming the government was responsible for the mayhem. Ridiculous!

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  • Steve ☆The Ro... 2011/12/26 21:51:02
    WTC 7. I suggest you do a little research on it before you dismiss (without investigation) the claims of those here who have done the research and understand that the laws of physics don't lie.
  • ☆The Ro... Steve 2011/12/27 02:02:21
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    Yes there is a possibility..i know I don't trust the government!
  • Steve ☆The Ro... 2011/12/27 02:09:37
    Well it's nice to know that you are keeping somewhat of an open mind. I would recommend looking at WTC 7 and the science of free fall. Any Google search can give you the details. It will give you something to think about, I can promise you that.
  • Steve ☆The Ro... 2011/12/26 21:50:12
    Nobody is asking you, or anybody else, to "buy into it". The evidence speaks for itself. You don't have to "buy into" the facts.
  • ☆The Ro... Steve 2011/12/27 02:03:40
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    I believe in conspiracy theories but not all!
  • Steve ☆The Ro... 2011/12/27 02:10:50
    I don't believe all conspiracy theories either, until I see the evidence that proves them. I've seen the evidence that proves the official government account (which is also a conspiracy theory they pass off as fact, without evidence to back it up) is a lie.
  • Recipro... Princes... 2009/09/11 15:58:14
    Reciprocity NOW!!
  • Pickles... Recipro... 2009/09/12 21:21:22
    Pickles American Made~
  • Wolfy 2009/09/11 14:31:37
    The stunning images on television
  • oldcavpilot 2009/09/11 14:27:44
    The stunning images on television
    I was watching 'Good Morning America' when Charlie Gibson said 'Something's just happened here; we're staying on the air'.

    There was one smoking tower shown from a TV helicopter, and they were talking about how a suspected 'business jet' had hit the building when the second tower was hit. I watched it live.

    It was the same feeling as watching my wing-man go down; a hole appeared in the pit of my stomach, because I knew the worst was yet to come.
  • Charge 2009/09/11 14:20:17 (edited)
    President Bush speaking from the rubble
    He had the highest job approval rating of any president in history and that record stands today...

  • Terry Charge 2009/09/13 15:15:00
    I only gave the rave because I like the Commercial!
  • Charge Terry 2009/09/13 15:33:42
    That's pretty cold.... but thanks anyway....
  • Steve Charge 2011/12/26 21:48:47
    If the people only knew the truth about his family, and their involvement in what treanspired that day, the record approval rating would be for his incarceration for crimes against humanity.
  • me 2009/09/11 14:16:12
    President Bush speaking from the rubble
    I also remember the first radio report and it sounded like some poor soul had accidentally run into the first tower. I was taking my son to school and we said a prayer for that pilot and those in the building. By the time I dropped him off it had become apparent that this was a terror attack not an accident. I went home and watched tv worrying about my kids and whether to go get them from school and talking to my husband whose whole office was glued to the tv. I called every family member to make sure all were alright. We watched and cried all day....calling people we knew in NYC or those we knew had been traveling.

    And we prayed....

    Now what I most remember is how our country came together...flags were flying , people were burning candles on their porches and everyone was a little kinder and a little more tolerant of everyone else.
  • Мередит Энн 2009/09/11 14:03:55 (edited)
    The stunning images on television
    Мередит Энн
    i remember my dad being fixated on the tv that morning and wondering whats so important that we hadnt left for school yet.
    [i was in like 5th or 6th grade and had no idea what was going on]
  • ShadowWatcher 2009/09/11 13:57:11
    The bravery of the firefighters
    A country coming together. A country putting aside it's differences to unite in the face of adversary. People voluntarily traveling to the city to help search. Flags flying at nearly every house near where I live, in support of the country. Politicians actually working together and listening to each other. Sadly it seems to take tragedy to make us shine.
  • Lanikai 2009/09/11 13:56:05
    The stunning images on television
    Actually I remember everything about that day. IT is burned into my brain forever and I remember calling my birth mother to calm her down (She is a Los Angelino) and we were talking about the second plane, just learning about the pentagon and I told her, The president will ground all flights, he will make them land ASAP and we will have no flights for a few days. She refused to believe that. I clearly remember when they DID ground the planes, the kindness of so many nations, and people who offered food, housing and shelter to stranded travelers from a nations that had just been attacked and I rememebr watching for days, HOPING for any survivors.

    I remember seeing all of the medical personnel lined up outside of hospitals, waiting, just waiting for the injured that never came.

    But most of all, MOST of ALL, I remember the HAND OF GOD, holding those buildings up. I remember how 58,000 people worked in those buildings and by that time of a morning there shoudl have beem well over 75,000 people in there, and we only lost 3000 in all 4 locations. It could have been so much worse, and yet, many, many miracles.
  • RicemanSTM ~POTL~PWCM~JLA~AFCL 2009/09/11 13:54:19
    The stunning images on television
    I remember waking, turning on the tv, stretching and then saying "Holy shit!" I remember the eeriness of the day because there were NO airplanes in the sky. I remember driving by the airport and seeing nothing but a sea of tail fins from all the grounded airliners. I remember the 3 hour wait and the winding lines in front of the blood banks as people waited to donate blood for non-existent survivors.
  • John Wayne 2009/09/11 13:52:12
    The bravery of the firefighters
    John Wayne
    Reading the garbage some people post is disgusting. All of the bravery and patriotism shown on that day really showed America's heart. Now people want to take away from all of those accomplishments by claiming the government was responsible for the mayhem. Ridiculous!
  • jay John Wayne 2009/09/11 17:10:49
    We understand that it is the Obama supporters who are saying that.

    They are saying it to divert attention away from the fact that Democats used 9/11 for politics.
  • jitko jay 2009/09/16 21:22:58
    Who is "We"? I know many "truthers" and not one is an Obama (or Bush) supporter.
  • HipJipC jitko 2011/12/23 01:22:15
  • Peach HipJipC 2012/02/03 01:36:20
    The cowardice of Bush & Cheney that day should not be forgotten; they HID. All I heard was "undisclosed" locations. To admire Bush for allowing us to BE attacked is also sickening.
  • Peanut Peach 2012/02/03 03:24:54
    Are you effing stupid or just ignorant?

    This country was under attack and no one had any idea what may come next and you wanted what? President Bush to tell everyone he would be back at the WH at 12 Noon to make an announcement from the Rose Garden?

    Flight 93 that went down in Shanksville, PA was headed for the White House.
    OF COURSE the leaders of our country were in undisclosed locations. Anything else would have been suicide.

    What is sickening are you damn truthers. IDIOTS!
  • MediaMike Peanut 2012/02/04 17:11:51
    I remember when investigating until the TRUTH was disclosed was honorable, and the only way a thinking people could progress. Now, "truthers" is a bad word. Why would anyone take the word of the U.S. government, when it has violated every treaty it has ever signed, and violates its own Constitution every single day? FIND THE TRUTH, and THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.
  • truther1 Peanut 2012/02/08 00:36:37
    You are The effing moron!!! If the United States was under attack in the fashion that was portrayed, they would have wisked President Bush away from that school immediately!

    I'm not claiming that Bush or Cheney were involved.
    I have no idea whether they knew about it or not.

    I do know that the greatest conspiracy theory ever perpetuated is the "official story."

    So you can get back on your corporate controlled, military indusrial complex issued, soapbox, and go spew your mainstream media propoganda elsewhere. All you've got is the same crap rhetoric the boobtube offers.

    Obviously you haven't done any research on the evolution of the story surrounding that day, and compared it to what eventually became the official conspiracy theory.

    You're probably being paid to troll, and disseminate your crapoganda on these discussion boards aren't you? You unpatriotic, tyrannical dictatorship supporting Bastard!!!
  • true pa... Peanut 2012/03/11 16:55:33
  • Sunny Peach 2012/03/01 04:54:26
    They didn't hide! Gees... they were being protected.... as any leader would be under the circumstances. Bush was on AirForce One which is equivilant to being in the Whitehouse...in charge.
  • Sunny jay 2012/03/01 04:51:31
    WHAT!!!?!!??? I have never heard an Obama supporter say anything like that... How utterly absurd!
  • DonaldG John Wayne 2009/09/11 19:29:47
  • leo John Wayne 2009/09/12 01:51:53
    The bravery of those folks that helped or tried to help that day,had nothing to do with government. knowing or not knowing what was coming. You are mixing apples and oranges
  • anti-li... John Wayne 2009/09/12 02:12:59
    You got it. Charlie Sheen. Will, Patti, Lizard on this site. They and people like them are un American and an embarassment to this nation.
  • MediaMike anti-li... 2012/02/04 17:13:28
    OK. Try to hang in there for a minute. HYPOTHETICALLY - if you lived in a country that violated its own Supreme Laws of the land daily, and someone pointed out those with prima facie evidence, who would be the bad guy?
  • Jamesth... anti-li... 2012/03/04 15:54:39
    Unamerican because they question what the government told us happened? Claiming anyone is unamerican is unamerican on its face.
  • BRADY969 John Wayne 2009/09/12 14:27:00
  • ant0n1us BRADY969 2012/02/15 04:01:15
    WTC 7 was "pulled" just like the two towers. Explosives were placed in the buildings long before any airplane hit. The airplane fuel was insufficient to engage the collapse of either of the large towers: the collapse was engineered using explosives laid into the building long before September 11, 2001. Many NYFD firefighters on the day of the "attack" confirm these facts: explosions were seen in floors far beneath the floors where the airplanes hit. Nobody doubts this, except fools.
  • Victoria John Wayne 2009/09/12 16:21:28
    One nation under 'everybody's' 'God' ... INDIVISABLE, when it matters most ... when the crap really hits the fan ... with liberty and justice FOR ALL ... American citizens.

    Only civilized human beings can call themselves civilized.
  • AnnForT... John Wayne 2009/09/12 16:41:52
    Not ridiculous...true.
  • Twobear... John Wayne 2009/09/12 16:48:30 (edited)
    Twobears Shunke Wakan
    Never be too confidant that you and you alone know what your Government has or will do !!! you may be shocked to find out what certain Governments have been capable of in our past !!! I don't believe that this thread was posted as a place for Politics, but you will not be allowed to go there without being answered

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