What Do You Remember Most About 9/11?

ABCnews.com 2009/09/11 00:46:51
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  • John Wayne 2009/09/11 13:52:12
    The bravery of the firefighters
    John Wayne
    Reading the garbage some people post is disgusting. All of the bravery and patriotism shown on that day really showed America's heart. Now people want to take away from all of those accomplishments by claiming the government was responsible for the mayhem. Ridiculous!

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  • kate 2012/02/16 01:39:29
    The stunning images on television
    My heart broke. It was so hard to believe this was reality.
  • jurisdiva 2012/02/16 01:04:08
    The stunning images on television
    It was inexplicable to me how buildings that size could crumble. It was similar to how it just didn't compute when I saw the Challenger disappear into thin air
  • boatus 2012/02/15 21:56:37
    President Bush speaking from the rubble
    Hard to imagine a more incompetent handling of a national tragedy
  • Dave boatus 2012/02/22 01:04:59
    Just look at the current occupant of the White house. Incompetence has become his signature.
  • Becky 2012/02/15 20:40:17
    The stunning images on television
    My daughter and I were on the phone.....my son-in-law had a meeting at the Pentagon that day and we were sitting on pins and needles needing to know if he was okay.
  • sajaylu 2012/02/15 18:48:02
    The bravery of the firefighters
    I remember the dust and smoke blocking out the sun... the sky was the color of orange clay.
  • Mark Twain 2012/02/15 16:29:50
    The stunning images on television
    Mark Twain
    Looking back I remember Tom leppert's Construction company had done repair work in both buildings. He subsequently became the Mayor of Dallas and Now is running for the Senate.
  • ADRIA 2012/02/15 15:45:47
    The stunning images on television
    I remember Giovanni...NOT Bush. Giovanni was a rock and got right out there. I remember being very scared and not sending my kids to school or going to work that day. I thought we were at war and this was it!
  • jurisdiva ADRIA 2012/02/16 01:05:29
    You mean Giuliani, right?
  • ADRIA jurisdiva 2012/02/22 15:44:17
    Oops sorry
  • rreaction jurisdiva 2012/02/24 13:14:34
    Giovanni sounds cool, though.
  • freespirit jurisdiva 2012/02/27 16:06:00
    thanks for clarifying that! I was thinking who the hell is Giovanni - some rock star or something?
  • Dave ADRIA 2012/02/22 01:07:01
    Gosh...I remember Rudy Giuliani. Are you so blinded by your hatred of Bush that you could not remember that ?
  • ADRIA Dave 2012/02/22 15:43:53
  • G-MAN 2012/02/15 15:39:07
    The stunning images on television
    The devistation. And me wanting retribution.
  • comet 2012/02/15 08:18:02
    The stunning images on television
    and my jehovah wittness neighbors thinking there might be an attack on the san fernando valley ... I simply said "even terriorist's know not to attack the porn capital of the world" ... then he said "what are you going to do ?" ... I said "I'm going to finish sanding the side of the house" ...
  • tom 2012/02/15 06:37:36
    The stunning images on television
    I remember thinking that Dick Cheney doesn't bluff!!
  • true patriot 2012/02/15 06:01:11
    The stunning images on television
    true patriot
    Yes the 1st responders are the hero's BUT... The evidence is pointing to a controlled demolition , there is no dispute , the only way to show our respect is to have a REAL Investigation of the matter , Not done by the govt, as JFK's Investigation shows , the 3 building that fell that day should be cause to find out why , not just because the 1st responders , but for all americans who doubt the fire story , AE911.org over 1500 demand a new investigation , they are true patriots , they have put their licenses on the line KNOWING full well the "STORY" doesn't add up , research before you speak
  • Dave true pa... 2012/02/22 01:08:16
    Controlled demolition ? What kind of twisted mind can even consider such a ridiculous claim ?
  • Mitchel... Dave 2012/02/22 05:00:03
    Mitchell McAleer
    what kind of twistede mind? how about experts with experience in controlled demolition like Danny Jowenko , Tom Sullivan, Torin Wolf, Dennis A Thompson, Tim Erney, John Suffoletta, and a long list of credentialed, experienced experts in demolition, what's your experience Dave? watching TV a lot?
  • Torchma... Mitchel... 2012/02/29 03:43:55
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    A handful of partisan leftwing nuts that were debunked. I'm an expert on it, in architecture and metalurgy. This building collapsed from fire as well:
  • rreaction Dave 2012/02/24 13:18:00
    Don't bother talking to this jackass. He is the twisted mind and he is looking more and more like a plant. Screw you "Dave"
  • true pa... Dave 2012/03/11 16:36:11
    true patriot
    ae911truth.org what kind of twisted mind can NOT consider 9-11 was an inside Job ?
  • Larry M 2012/02/15 05:54:25
    The stunning images on television
    Larry M
    I remember the outrage of the whole nation. Most everybody getting behind President Bush and uniting in one cause. To bad that disappeared so quickly.
  • shelby 2012/02/15 05:09:34
    The bravery of the firefighters
    Totally agree with the last post
  • paulvick2002 2012/02/15 04:45:27
    The stunning images on television
    You freaking morons make me almost ashamed to be an American....National Geographic, The BBC, the History Channel, Structural Engineers and others all have explained how the steel melted and building #7 collapsed......Put down the PlayStation controller and watch those programs you dope smoking conspiracy nuts. My GOD. Common sense is dead in this country, look who we voted in for president for more proof of that.... a guy who put Communist Chairman Mao ornaments on the White House X-mas tree...You people make me sick.
  • true pa... paulvic... 2012/02/15 06:09:22
    true patriot
    Steel melted , Oh I see , national geo, the BBC , History channel , all corporate media , And you believe them , THAT is the reason they knew they could get away with it , SHEEP like you , Dope smoking , is that the best you can do? steel melts at what temp? an ordinary office fire burns at ? a building falls straight down into it's own footprint done by fire , the 1st time in steel framed building history and you believe it , you sir are naive , it's ok to be scared , you can admit it , have you read the fema report , regarding the melting of the beams , they can't explain the fire theory , so how can YOU? but you are an expert because the corporate media said so, YOU MAKE ME SICK !
  • paulvic... true pa... 2012/02/15 21:03:59
    Yeah it's a worldwide conspiracy perpetrated by the Jews or the NWO or the Illuminate or the Shape shifting lizard people....What a dope. And check your facts....Steel loses 1/2 of it's integral strength at much lower tempertures then it takes to melt steel. so when that happens the weight of the building causes the collapse of the building....Quit getting your info from YOUTUBE moron.
  • boatus paulvic... 2012/02/15 22:01:17
    It is sad to think that someone could swallow the junk that you have. If the wieght of the building caused the collapse, how do you explain the fact that bldg's 1 and 2 disintegrated from top to bottom? What weight?
  • paulvic... boatus 2012/02/15 23:03:59
    What? The planes didn't hit the top floor...Jeesh. they hit about 1/3 way down, the steel weakened and the weight of the floors above cause the collapse and chain reaction. Here's the Popular Mechanics COMPLETE debunking of 911 conspiracy nuts like those 20 year olds who made Loose change and live in a cult like atmosphere in NY. (Maybe you can room with them) http://www.popularmechanics.c...
  • true pa... paulvic... 2012/02/18 06:14:04
  • Dave paulvic... 2012/02/22 01:10:21
    You can't cure stupid !
  • true pa... paulvic... 2012/02/18 06:17:48
  • Dave true pa... 2012/02/22 01:10:57
    I will NEVER vote for Obama, but you truthers are complete idiots.
  • Lana true pa... 2012/02/17 04:18:54
    Don't waste your time on this very dumb moron, he is nuts ! Loved your reply, thanks
  • Dave true pa... 2012/02/22 01:09:52
    Have you ever listened to the late Mr. bin Laden boasting of the event and his role in causing it ? Go put on your tinfoil hat and be quiet.
  • rreaction Dave 2012/02/24 13:22:23
    I like the way you cherry pick what and who to believe, so now you're an Osama believer? Nice. Oh and did you ever take one look at the pictures of the chubby ass fake who purported to be bin Laden? Of course you did. NOT.
  • true pa... Dave 2012/03/11 16:40:15
    true patriot
    Did He , or did you take the main stream media's word for it , oh yeah thats right you took the main stream media's word for it , Investigate the real truth , sorry that official story don't hold water
  • nighttr... true pa... 2012/02/22 01:20:33
  • true pa... paulvic... 2012/02/15 06:12:19
    true patriot

    choke on this , you puke

    Yeah I said it

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