What do you do when your significant other has to move away?

George. 2010/02/23 01:27:07
So, my boyfriend's dad decided to retire after working for quite along time not too far back. Not being from Ohio, my boyfriend's parents told him that they're moving back to their home state of Colorado. They already found a few houses through CO realtor websites.
I mean I get to see him once a month for Drum Corps Camp and get to spend my whole summer with him, and spend the next forever with him once we start OSU in the fall.
But what should I do until then?
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  • ♥MichelleKaulitz♥ 2010/02/23 14:37:03
    well...That was horrible...I missed and omg! I don't wanna remember that :(
  • Cordingly 2010/02/23 06:22:55
    I had a long distance relationship once, it sucked ass George, I'll tell you that. I don't want to be a downer though, just keep your head up. Focus on yourself most, that's what matters.
  • George. Cordingly 2010/02/23 10:06:31
    Yeah, I know it's gonna be bad for the most part.
    But we'll get through it.
    I'll just get through these last few months of senior year and then it should all be fine.
    At least I hope and think it should be.
  • Cordingly George. 2010/02/23 10:19:52
    I'll just say my biggest downfall was working to get back to her, as in, "I'm almost done, It'll be better when I get 'there',". Which just made it worse in the end. Sure it's great to hope for the future, but don't forget about great things now, even if your significant other is away, you can still have great times, and if and when you get back together, it should make you better as a person that you didn't have to rely on someone.

    Still, I wish you two the best of luck.
  • George. Cordingly 2010/02/23 10:57:49
    Thanks. :)
  • Music Freak101 2010/02/23 03:10:08
    Music Freak101
    awwww.... im sorry... u should keep in touch but (i know what your gonna say but im saying it anyway) you probably ARENT going to be able to keep a long distance relationship with him so youre gonna have to tell him goodbye but still keep in touch... sorry :(
  • Shawna 2010/02/23 02:03:26
    write, call, e-mail, skype. I have two binders full of letter my husband and I wrote to each other when we were separated for eight months before we were married. We would write every day and save it up to mail at the end of the week. Very old fashioned and low tech but quite romantic. If you are meant to be together a separation will be difficult but not the end.
  • George. Shawna 2010/02/23 02:16:54
    Thanks. That sounds really sweet.
    I'm going to tell Eric that we must do that.
    I think it's gonna be like one of my new mini-projects that I'll start when he moves.
  • Shawna George. 2010/02/23 02:18:32
    enjoy it:)
  • George. Shawna 2010/02/23 02:22:49
    I will put my full heart and soul to every letter for sure.
  • ☆ K r i s t i n a ☆ 2010/02/23 01:56:03
    ☆ K r i s t i n a ☆
    um he is moving away in one week and i am so sad :-( I want to cry my eyes out! If his parents wouldn't make him always pack and stay home we would've hung out more but we have been hanging out lately but i will miss him SOOO MUCH!
  • George. ☆ K r i... 2010/02/23 01:58:23
    I'm sorry.
    I know how it feels.
  • ☆ K r i... George. 2010/02/23 02:16:06
    ☆ K r i s t i n a ☆
    aww im sorry

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