What do people (?) mean when they say "so and so" will destroy the country if elected? Every single person running for president has been identified as a president who will "destroy the country."

ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/05/06 23:09:17
Now, of course, the partisans are saying if President Obama is re-elected he will "destroy the country," even though the previous 3½ have passed without being destroyed. Every single time a republican runs for or is elected, they opposing party says that person will destroy the country. Of course it's hyperbole. No president has ruined the country. Some political parties have tried to destroy the country with their policies but at no time has the U.S. been in danger of being destroyed. We are the richest nation in the world and we are the most powerful nation. It's funny, when a Democrat wins an election the repuglican will say he/they will destroy the country and when the repuglicans win election, the Democrats say they will destroy the country.
This is a lesson in futility. The country will not be destroyed.
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  • M. 2012/05/31 23:04:44
    Let's face the facts ,under the last republican government this country was not destroyed but close. We were brought to our knees with the worst economic crash since the Great Depression . Let's not forget 911 this also happened under Bush. It is on record that it could of been stopped,now we all have to suffer for for an inept government that let our country go amok. If you want to see our country destroyed than vote in a Republican president that wants to get rid of all government ,no regulations no accountability ,this will be the end.
  • EdVenture 2012/05/07 12:39:52
    Because people have been led to think this is a us against them game by the GOP and not serious enough to really understand and debate the issues seperately for our own good. This election parralells the complacency that prevailed prior to 9/11. More importantly now its global. Wait and see how Europe's economy unfolds and effects us. Oh, thats not supprising, largest corporations record profits, on the news. Did you break a record this past year.
  • Z 2012/05/07 01:07:47
    Well, the Conservatives (and some moderates) fear that Obama will wreck the economy. They think he is passing executive orders that will cripple our economy and place too much power in the hands of the federal government.

    Liberals fear that Romney will help only the rich people and screw over the poor, send us into another war, and won't help the economy, while establishing social totalitarianism.

    Both sides fear Ron Paul because he doesn't want to go to war with Iran on fear and rumors, doesn't want your life controlled by the federal government, understands the economy and would make a lot of changes, and would break up the political duopoly.

    Liberals and conservatives are right about Obama and Romney.
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ Z 2012/05/07 02:25:36
    Ha, ha, too bad Paul doesn't stand a chance. What does he have 98 delegates (with Maine and Nevada)? Willard has 800+? But it's your dream so make it as big as you want.
  • Z ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/05/07 05:52:09
    Romney has 697, Paul has 148, Santorum has 237 and Gingrich has 125, with 274 unknown, and 1081 still up for grabs.


    And a lot of evidence shows that Santorums, Gingrichs and the unknown will be going mostly to Paul.
  • diane RN 2012/05/06 23:37:07
    diane RN
    I agree but per capita we are #7 wealthiest.

  • Cyan9 diane RN 2012/05/07 01:04:12 (edited)
    wealth is accumulated income. So it would probably be true to say we are the wealthiest nation but not true say we have the highest gdp per capita or earn the most or claims related to income/growth.
  • diane RN Cyan9 2012/05/07 01:10:03
    diane RN
    I'm not positive but would have to disagree. I would say that accumulated income would have to be one of the Arab countries. Dubai, Quatar......Will research that a little.
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ diane RN 2012/05/07 02:27:36
    We are the wealthiest. http://fwd4.me/100b
  • diane RN ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/05/07 02:35:08
    diane RN
    Lol, I think the forbes article is a little more credible than "smartlearningmethods.com", no offense, but you stick to your sources and i'll stick to mine:)
  • sockpuppet 2012/05/06 23:35:41
    Americans are well-known for exaggeration and anxiety. That's why Xanax and Valium, etc. sell so well over here.
  • freethinker 2012/05/06 23:26:33
    Sure as hell will with The UnAmerican......
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ freethi... 2012/05/06 23:37:44
    You mean Mexican WILLARD?
  • diane RN ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/05/07 00:42:05
    diane RN
    I think we should all have respect for presidentail candidates. I never did and never would vote for Obama but I prefer not to resort to name calling to try to persuade those that are on the fence. Try to present an intelligent argument, not childish name calling.
  • Z ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/05/07 01:10:21
    Why bring his race into it? Seriously? Why is it that liberals can get away with racism, but if a conservative even so much as mentions something they don't like about a minority democrat, the might as well be the grand Warlock of the Ku Klux Klan.

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