What do Mormons think of Black people?

rudeboy 2010/01/03 06:34:59
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i have just finished reading about mormons and black people on wikipedia;


-which lead me to two controversial beliefs, 'the curse of ham' and 'the mark of cain'. Both of these beliefs in summary say black people are cursed and their skin is evidence for the curse.

i know the LDS has disowned its racist doctrines but do they (the white members) still see black people as a 'cursed but now forgiven people'?
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  • newscruzer1 2012/08/23 04:16:43
    they believe black people were cursed but the curse has been lifted
    I find it interesting how a faith based religion can change it's views when ever such a view is found to be un popular, as with the issue on blacks being a cursed people.
    It has long been an established fact that Mormons held this belief and used scriptures to prove this point of view.
    Now their saying this view is no longer held.
    So, please explain how this came to be so!
    I always believed that a truth is a truth and is so because it was proved to be an established fact.This is precisely what's wrong with people not having a a firm belief in a creator these days do to the fact they see just how hypacritical they are.
  • monte newscru... 2012/10/06 00:27:38
    if they belived it once there are those who belive it still ... all there lilly white leaders do prove a point just by being thier leaders , either people who defend Mormonism dont know thier own history of they choose to lie about it ...Mormonism is rotten at the core and there is no good in it , any good you see is for show ! cults never show their dark side
  • KR811 2011/01/07 23:32:18
    they believe black people were cursed but the curse has been lifted
    and they could go f#ck themselves for that.
  • Element 2010/01/21 04:59:43
    they do not believe in the curse at all
    nope, no way bro.
  • B.S. Detector 2010/01/04 18:38:30
    they do not believe in the curse at all
    B.S. Detector
    Tell that to all the Mormons that root on the Utah Jazz.
  • Jenamarial 2010/01/04 01:46:47
    they believe black people were cursed but the curse has been lifted
    Yeah I don't really get it either, but that's what everyone I've asked says. I am LDS and can tell you *sigh* "the curse" doesn't matter to anyone LDS I've met excluding one hick-testosterone-filled-jerk, yeah he punched me a couple times for calling him that and a racist. Me! A girl....anyway I think black people are the most beautiful people in the world! The Curse to me is just an interesting background story.
  • Boris Badinov 2010/01/03 11:15:21
    they believe black people were cursed but the curse has been lifted
    Boris Badinov
    I've never been LDS but have some outsider knowledge. This is only one of Many prophetic LDS statements that is twisted, unloving, unsupported and wrongheaded. The prophecy included the plain statement that those bearing the 'Mark of Cain' could become 'white and delightsome' by practicing Mormonism. The LDS is chameleon-like and will take on whatever society expects. Like Islam it expects to become politically powerful following cataclysm and will then enforce it's founding prophecies. - It is not legitimate as a type of Christianity.
  • monte Boris B... 2012/10/06 00:32:17
    so true !anything that starts with a false profit with no proof his ( book of mormon was not just written by himself) isentgoing to produce any lasting good ! mormons arent christian even if they say they are the bible is the one true word of God !
  • MrNirom 2010/01/03 08:24:11
    they do not believe in the curse at all
    Here is a talk that was given by by Renee Olson who is a black member in the church.. See what she has to say:


    Here are some more places you can go to read:


  • monte MrNirom 2012/10/06 00:34:51
    ► 6:12► 6:12
    or you could try a place that is truthful
  • Jester 2010/01/03 06:38:43
    they do not believe in the curse at all
    My advice? Don't read wikipedia.
  • rudeboy Jester 2010/01/03 06:44:38
    worst advice ever......its ok to read wikipedia for introductory knowledge before going to more reliable sources.
  • Jester rudeboy 2010/01/03 06:46:13
    Why base introductory knowledge on BS when anybody with a library card can use peer reviewed databases?

  • rudeboy Jester 2010/01/03 06:53:07
    i hope you do realise wikipedia uses simple language to describe its topics. its easier to grasp a concept by reading from wikipedia--but check reliable sources on the topic after.

    by the way, are u a mormon and what do you think about the LDS and black people (honestly)
  • Captain... Jester 2010/01/03 13:43:01
    Captain Sticky
    A very good point. Entries there can be highly biased.
  • mavericky Captain... 2010/01/03 17:09:43
    True, but I do agree with rudeboy that wiki's can be a good jumping off point for research. You obviously would never site wiki as a source, but in many of the areas I've had to research, it has provided useful links to credible sources.
  • Captain... mavericky 2010/01/03 17:38:09
    Captain Sticky
    I must concur. A good tool after all. Very well thought out.
  • Robin B Jester 2010/02/05 00:56:34
    Robin B
    Good advice! Anyone can go on the site and change information and make false statements that go unchecked!
  • Lee B B... Robin B 2013/12/19 00:47:19

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